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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part V
Points of Revelation

Little as you may realize it, these words "Points of Revelation" summarize a most definite technique in the training of disciples for initiation. All life is intended to take the form of a progressive series of awakenings. Progress, movement, awakening, expansion, enlightenment, evolution, growth - these words are but a few of those applied to the effects, both within and without, of the creative process. What is this creative process but the working out into progressive demonstration of the divine intention as it assumes form? This intention is a fully comprehended scheme in the Universal Mind; we call it Purpose when considering the grasp by Shamballa of the synthesis of this comprehensive intention, [307] and we call it the Plan when considering the work of the Hierarchy in bringing this Purpose as fully as possible into expression.

In our studies over the years and in the books which I have put before the public with the help of A.A.B. and of F.B. and of all of you who have cooperated with them, we have primarily considered the effect of this divine Intention, Purpose and Plan upon Humanity, and this because the Plan - emanating from the Hierarchy - has to be implemented by mankind. Hence the importance of their grasp and their understanding of the entire proposed program. What, therefore, will be the quality of their reaction to what their developed understanding will reveal? What can they expect and what aspects or forms can the revelation be expected to take? Are they to look for a sudden blaze of light, or should they expect a gradual and progressive series of lesser lights? What is the relation of these revelations to the life of the occultist, and must he first of all register and accept what is conveyed to him as inexplicable but to be admitted, and to be viewed as incontrovertible though beyond comprehension? Or what?

Let me reiterate to you the well-known truth that no man is an initiate apart from understanding, that the life of the initiate is one of constant registration of new knowledge which must be transmuted into practical wisdom, of occult facts which must take intelligent place in the life-service of the initiate, and of new inclusions of areas of consciousness; these latter must become the normal field of experience and of expression; they then become the ground for further expansion. Every revelation has to be mastered from four angles:

  1. The mental, occult, spiritual, hierarchical and triadal facts it embodies. Every revelation has its own format, for all our planes - so steadily being revealed - are the subplanes of the cosmic physical plane.
  2. The meaning which the facts and the format veil and hide and for which the one who is being enlightened must search. [308]
  3. The effect which the revelation is intended to make in the daily life and service and the ashramic relationships of the disciple or initiate.
  4. The germ, seed thought, key form and invocative potency of that which has been revealed. Every revelation has its place in a great series of revelations and enlightenments; the disciple has to find, within the form of the revelation, that which he must use in order to achieve the next destined point of attained revelation.

I have here given you, in a very brief form, one of the new techniques for disciples in the New Age and one of the modes of meditation whereby the processes of revelation can be hastened. Hitherto in the past, revelation has come unexpectedly, as it did to Saul of Tarsus in the Biblical narrative. In sincerity, the disciple struggles and works and serves; blindly he goes forward, and oft in much bewilderment he seeks knowledge and receives it at unexpected moments, and these frequently increase, at least temporarily, his bewilderment. But during the coming New Age, disciples will be taught how to work consciously and knowingly for light; they will be shown how to realize what will happen to them before they take the needed steps and follow initiation. This will save much time and "focus the light in the desired place" far more rapidly than hitherto.

You will see, therefore, why I have included this teaching upon the Points of Revelation in what I have to give you anent the processes of preparing for initiation. It is essential that the modern disciple no longer goes forward blindly but that he cooperates intelligently in the new systems of training. You will note the relation (if you call it no more than that) between the two phrases "points of revelation" and "mountain of initiation." In the Old Commentary, these are brought together in a very illumined statement - illuminating if duly reflected upon:

"The disciple climbs the mountain, its five peaks illumined by the Sun and hiding the other two. [309]

From point to point he goes and the Way moves upward all the time - out of the dark into the light, from the jungle to the open space, from night to dawn.

From point to point he moves and at each point he gets new revelation. Five are the mountain peaks, and as he mounts towards each peak he receives five times the light. Five to the five and so from five to five till five fives have brought him light. Ten lie ahead, but these concern him not as yet."

What is meant here (to bring it down to the bare factual outline) is that there are five initiations ahead of the disciple, with two more ahead of the Master, making in all seven initiations, and that prior to each initiation - symbolically or factually speaking - there are five great revelations, making a total of twenty-five, with ten later to be registered by the Master.

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