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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part V
What we are dealing with here, in connection with initiate training, is the impending realization for which any opening cycle attests its waiting, and for the new truths and the expanded spiritual presentations which it is the destiny of the initiate to bring to the people. You will note that I choose the word "destiny" in preference to the word "karma" because in this type of work the initiate is working and practicing and progressing under a Law of Destiny. This law affects the Ashram and the Hierarchy as a whole, and neither [312] is under the Law of Karma, as usually understood. This Law of Destiny has been brought into being since the foundation of the Hierarchy on Earth; it is the result of the pledged and united dedication to service which is the outstanding note of the united Ashrams. It is therefore a sevenfold law, for it takes on the seven colors of the seven rays, the seven qualities, modes and methods, techniques and energy expressions of all the seven rays. It is therefore, as far as humanity is concerned, free from all evil, because it is selflessly motivated and is - in a measure - a difficult law for you to comprehend. Pure destiny, devoid of all evil intent, is an enigma to the average disciple. It appears to contravene other laws with which he is familiar. As the race of men achieves increasing purity in the three worlds, this pure destiny will become correspondingly effective. This is an important point upon which to reflect.

This penetration makes an event in the life of the initiate. It is indicative of success and of contact and present - the opening up of a new opportunity. The two succeeding words indicate effects of this penetration; they are then inevitable and cannot be arrested. By that you may infer that once the initiate has penetrated to the point where revelation becomes possible he automatically attains the needed fixation, concentration, poise, polarization and focus which will enable him to translate what has been revealed to him in terms and symbols which will convey significance to the intelligentsia with whom all initiates principally work. I wanted to make this clear because students almost inevitably think in terms of sequence. The effects of penetration (in this case two in number) are simultaneous and not sequential. The polarization of the consciousness of the initiate, and the consequent condensation of truth, produce an unavoidable precipitation which occurs in a flash of time; it results in an instantaneous intuitive perception, and this is one of the early aspects of this dual process. Think this out and remember in this connection that the initiate - in process of receiving revelation - is working outside of time and space, as you understand it.

His consciousness is free, as compared with that of the [313] average man, and the most urgent and the most difficult part of his task is correctly to apprehend the precipitating truth, information or revelation, and then to give it an equally correct format so that it can meet the immediate human need. You will see, consequently, that the initiate learns to penetrate into the realm of pure reason from the realm of mind, and there he polarizes himself, and truth precipitates. He has learnt thus to penetrate, and the three stages preceding penetration have been necessarily sequential, until he has gained such facility that they can instantaneously be transcended. He has learnt through life in the three worlds, to penetrate into the world of mind and the lower concrete mind has become his instrument, integrating his personality, opening up to him the world of thought, and putting into his power the processes of thought-form creation; he has learnt through meditation to make contact with the soul, the Son of Mind, who is himself, and has in time identified himself with that soul; he becomes the soul in fact, and can create in the world of thought those living forms which bring light and help and truth to others; thus he serves; he learns also, through unfolding perception, to penetrate into the levels of abstract thought, the antechamber to the world of pure reason, and through these three aspects of mind he discovers that he possesses the "three keys" which will permit him to delve into the knowledge, wisdom and reason of the Universal Mind. This is what is revealed to him as he penetrates deeper into what is called the Arcana of Wisdom, the Mind of God, the third divine Aspect. This is essentially what is covered by the symbolic and pictorial phrase "the raincloud of knowable things." The raincloud is a symbol of that area of the as yet unrevealed purposes of God which can be immediately revealed if the world disciples and initiates care to "penetrate to the point of precipitation."

This idea should in the future lie behind all you do in your meditation work. Your meditation should now be regarded by you as a process of penetration, carried forward as an act of service, with the intent to bring enlightenment to others. I have been dealing with these Points of Revelation today from the angle of vision of the initiate. Process and [314] techniques do their work, and these are followed by the recognition which the disciple accords within himself to that which has been accomplished.

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