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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part VII
The Formulas

I do not intend to give you a formula in this instruction. The five which you have already received still remain unexplored [344] and unexplained by any of you. You have - with only one or two exceptions - omitted to give much thought or study to these important creative processes. To grasp the meaning of these mysterious presentations, the creative imagination must be brought into play; it must be remembered that these words, symbols and forms have relation (a progressive relation) to the initiation for which the disciple is being prepared. They are in the nature of keys to a door and - when properly grasped, understood and used - they render the disciple capable of demanding entrance on the basis of demonstrated, effective, creative work. They show also (and I would like you to note this with care) that each initiation is the evidence in the disciple's life that he has succeeded in grasping some great divine idea.

In the five formulas with which you were presented, five divine ideas were given to you. They were apparently familiar on the surface, but each of them veiled a deep and hidden significance. Each of these five ideas controls one or other of the five initiations, but they have not been given to you by me in their right order. That order is for you to determine. I have no intention to give it to you, and you have no need to receive any more of these formulas. I will however, in later instructions, take up each of these supreme, governing ideas and endeavor to give you initiatory insight into their esoteric significance.

You will have noticed that the formulas, as given to you by me, have been arranged into two different groupings. I mention this because these groupings emerge out of the general text and may not have been discriminatory seen by you. In one group, you have five formulas indicated, each of them dealing with a major governing concept. These concepts are divine ideas, brought down into human thought-forms, and each of them conditions the work of our planetary Logos. They are so all-inclusive that there is little that the disciple can do about them, except feel himself as an integral part of them - from which he may not and cannot differentiate himself.

The second grouping is of not nearly so great importance, but it is probably of greater practical usefulness; it will, if [345] subjected to deep meditation and concentrated thought, prepare the disciple for a deeper understanding of the first grouping of divine ideas. These five formulas hold within themselves a sixth, which I am not going to give you though I am here referring to it. The second grouping of the formulas is as follows:

  • Formula I... Concerns integration into an Ashram. Group feeling. Dissipation of glamor through light.
  • Formula II... Deals with alignment. Revelation of the group antahkarana. Reality revealed by an aspect of the mind.
  • Formula III... Deals with changes in the soul nature. Time and space. The Eternal Now or immortality.
  • Formula IV... Deals with the Life aspect. Concerns the circulation of energy, and therefore the mode of the creative process.
  • Formula V... Deals with the first aspect, with the Will. Relates to divine Purpose. Shamballa.
  • Formula VI... Concerns Death. The constructive work of the Destroyer aspect. The "passing" of zodiacal and other cycles.

This sixth Formula is a deduction from the other five. I have been dealing in these instructions with the larger formulations. The lesser might be regarded as the subjecting of the formulas to the first and third methods of interpretation, whilst the larger group of ideas concerns the second and the fourth interpretive methods. This is something which it is important for you to bear in mind.

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