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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part VIII

Hint One. As I have given this hint to you, the wording is as follows: "The changes brought about in the Hierarchy have been the result of the work of the disciples of the world."

Here you have a very simple statement but one which is distinctly bewildering in its implications. Its ancient formulation in the Archives consists of an injunction to the Master and runs as follows:

"Regard and recognize the changes in the hearts of men, and change the rules as men in time and cyclic change [357] approach the Ashram. The Ashram stands not still. New life pours in from either side."

This will perhaps throw light upon the interpretation which I originally gave to you. One of the most difficult tasks which confronts the Master is to teach the disciple to think of the Ashram and to act and serve, think and invoke, as a member of the Ashram would normally do. Two thoughts, therefore, emerge from a study of the two versions of this hint:

  1. That the Law of Change governs the Hierarchy just as it governs Humanity.
  2. That the disciple who functions under this law has the following things to do:
    1. Deal with the constantly transforming changes in his own personality.
    2. Adapt himself to the rapidly developing and changing events which are taking place within the Hierarchy.
    3. Contribute to the wise circulation and direction of the new energies which are pouring into and through the Ashram. This he does by realizing himself as a center of changing energies. This is the way the Hierarchy works.

You who read and study the ways of the Ashrams at this time are witnessing a period of extreme change and adjustment and of a far-reaching reorganization. For ever the occult law holds good: "as above, so below," and the reorganization of planetary affairs which is taking place at this time is partially the effect of the changes produced in the Hierarchy by two major factors, to both of which I have frequently referred:

  1. The higher and more intelligent type of disciple who is now affiliating with the Ashram and his instinctive demand for group work and recognition.
  2. The new energies pouring through Shamballa into the Hierarchy; these are of an extra-planetary nature [358] and have their source largely in the Aquarian quality of the present cycle; these energies are steadily eliminating the energies of the Piscean Age.

Therefore, my brother, from the angle of the searching disciple, this first hint (in one of its deeper meanings) provides you with three lines of thought or of meditative reflection: Evolutionary Change, Reorganization, Group Responsibility.

The concept of service rendered by the Hierarchy is consistently present. The way to world change is also given. The Hierarchy as a meeting-place of energies is emphasized and - in the disciple's consciousness - these factors begin to emerge as a vital vortex of force, receiving, distributing and under order - that order being the directed focused will of the many Ashrams within the one Ashram. In those Ashrams, groups of disciples are working, blindly and ignorantly at first, but with a growing sense of responsibility, of relation and of direction. As they work for the Plan on the physical plane, they carry with them to the Ashram the registered sense and the acute realization of the basic changes in the human consciousness which are the immediate results of world affairs; from their reaction, from the quality of their recognition of immediate need, and from their efforts to present the truth in terms of the "newest mind" - as it is occultly called - the Master in the Ashram can change his techniques, use new ideas upon receptive minds, and thus keep pace with the rapidly developing humanity with which he has to deal.

One of the ideas which a disciple should learn from his reflection upon this problem is that he is already a part of the Hierarchy whilst at the same time he is a part of struggling, unhappy humanity. Therefore, he is not alone or isolated; he is a part of the Hierarchy because he has "entered with his group"; this is a fact, even if he fails to comprehend the full implications of that phrase. At the same time, he learns that only in so far as he has developed group consciousness and is beginning to function as "one absorbed within the group" can he truly pass into a closer and more [359] vitally contributory relation to the Ashram to which he belongs.

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