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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part VIII
The Formulas

All that I have done hitherto in connection with the presented formulas has been to give you five of them and to indicate the nature of the sixth, which is not to be given. It is all that I can at this time do. I would, however, like to summarize here what I have already given, because of the major importance of the theme.

I gave you certain definitions of a formula which it is necessary to repeat. They are not many, but they indicate a phase of hierarchical working and of training in a certain definite esoteric technique which is essential for every worker in an Ashram to grasp. This, therefore, concerns you.

I also covered their description and significance in two ways: the first concerned their application to the disciple and to his ashramic life and service, and the second had reference to the more universal and general meaning. We can therefore sum up what has been given in a threefold manner and provide a closely integrated yet widely useful approach to these fundamental formulas. I am thus provided with the background of what I feel the need of saying to you on these formulas:

I. The Formulas Defined

  1. They are second ray presentations of soul ideas. Essentially, they are geometrical forms, lying behind all exoteric manifestations; even when presented as words or phrases they are susceptible of being reduced to definite forms. They are building patterns.
  2. They express significance and intention. To the disciple and the initiate who employs them correctly and with understanding, they indicate energy direction as a definite part of the creative work which emanates constantly from the world of souls, from the Kingdom of God and from the Hierarchy. They are rightly oriented energy patterns.
  3. They are related to the world of meaning and are the esoteric symbols to be found behind all exoteric [364] forms. They veil that which is in process of being revealed. They are revealing patterns.
  4. They contain or veil the six prerequisites for initiation, and are therefore six in number. They indicate the six relationships or the six intermediate stages of consciousness to be found between initiations. They have unique reference to the pattern of the initiate-consciousness.
  5. They are definitely formulas of integration, both universal and individual. They present certain great creative patterns connected with the integration of lesser forms into a greater whole.
  6. They are related to the entire process of death. Death - from the angle of the formulas - is the integration of the essential being in all forms with the pattern which produced its exoteric manifestation. They concern the discovery of the pattern.
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