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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part IX
You will note, therefore, how this information - by pointing out the attitude of the third eye during this initiatory process and its new function in relation to the Monad - throws fresh light upon the work of the Monad. This third eye is now receptive to light from the highest source, is arresting in its outward-going activity and functions like a lens for the reflection of light and for the attaining of the highest possible inner vision for the particular point in evolution reached. All this embodies an activity which (except in the case of the highest initiates) remains very mysterious. However, a study of the use of the third eye at the third initiation will bring illumination of the teaching that the Monad is to the planetary Logos what the third eye (in its initiatory function) is to the disciple of the third degree of initiation.

The Monad is the source of light, not only to the human family, but it is the receiver of light from the threefold Sun; it is the lens through which the light of the solar Logos can flow to the planetary Logos, preserving and holding steady in that light the vision, the purpose, the will and the creative intention of the planetary Logos.

More along this line I may not convey to you. I can only give veiled suggestions and formulate for you certain phrases or seed thoughts which (if duly considered and reflected upon) will begin to train your perception and develop the third eye, enabling it to reorient itself and change its function when the right time and the correct emergency come.

I have told you that these points of revelation are the germ or seed of a certain invocative potency; this is especially true and correct where the teaching anent the third eye is concerned. Initiation is not an abstract, mystical process to [401] which the disciple is subjected upon some one or other of the subtler planes, the knowledge of which must gradually seep through into his consciousness. This may be partially true of the first two initiations (the Sirian initiations of the threshold), but all the remaining initiations involve the whole man and "three periodical vehicles," producing a steady fusion of these three, an increasing reaction to the Light of the World, and an ability to register in the physical brain (if the initiate is functioning through karma, decision or service in the physical body) that which is undergone; in this registration process the third eye is acutely involved. From the time of the third initiation this third eye is subjected to training and begins to function in the two following ways:

  1. It is (in a measure) a correspondence to the concrete mind, with its capacity to interpret environment and experience.
  2. It can also act as a lens or a light-gatherer from the inner and higher worlds.

You will note, therefore, the fresh significance that these ideas give to the three stages which accompany the points of revelation: the Stage of Penetration, the Stage of Polarization, and the Stage of Precipitation. The inferences to be drawn I shall leave you to work out for yourselves after due study of the teaching.

Passing on to the fourth Point of Revelation, we find it covered in the following words:

"Purpose itself is only an energy, released within the Council Chamber at Shamballa. There it must take shape."

This point of revelation carries the initiate to one of the highest points of contemplation; we are here concerned with his sudden apprehension - at the fourth Initiation of Renunciation - of another phase of the divine, conditioning Will. He has begun to recognize and to interpret - even though in [402] an elementary fashion compared to what he will recognize at the ninth initiation - the destroying aspect of the Will as it expresses itself through the Law of Sacrifice. Now, for the first time (as a result of destruction), he can begin to grasp the essential building aspect of this same Will and to appreciate his future function as a creative Builder. The building here to be carried forward, I would remind you, is not the building which is distinctive of the second divine aspect - that of Love-Wisdom. It is strictly connected with that of the first aspect of Purpose, Power or Will; it deals with the processes which precede the actual creative building, the drawing up of the blueprints (if I may use such a term) "within the confines of Shamballa," where high spiritual Beings must lay their plans. This is a different process to the creative building process, and is related to a mysterious undertaking which is carried forward under the "Law of Assembly."

The energy which is employed and with which the initiate at this time makes his first and very temporary contact is that which the planetary Logos employs as he gathers into his ring-pass-not that extra-planetary substance which must progressively be used, as the world of being and of forms makes progress under the Law of Evolution. It must be remembered, for instance, that the planetary forms are now composed of a much higher substance than in primeval days. It must also be remembered that a great process of elimination is forever going on, accompanied by a paralleling process of substitution. That which is rejected and which is occultly thrown out as no longer serving the purpose of the planetary Logos is replaced by that which "will measure up to the purpose of the Father." It is this concept which has been travestied and distorted by the Christian teaching anent the "vicarious at-one-ment." This grew out of a basic confusion between the Law of Sacrifice and the Law of Assembly, and took place when any understanding of the nature of the Father remained a supreme mystery; the whole process was then interpreted in terms of the first and highest Aspect of the essential Trinity, of which man knew nothing, instead of in terms of the second Aspect, the building, magnetic [403] aspect of Love. We are - if it could be but realized - in process of reinterpreting and rearranging what can be called "the doctrinal structure underlying the relation between knowledge and wisdom." This involves the destruction of old concepts such as the trinity of manifestation, and the assembly of those new and more correct ideas which must inevitably be substituted for the old, as the unfoldment of the first aspect is presented to the initiate upon the Path. This, through certain later activities, will gradually seep downwards into the consciousness of humanity, and the new world religion will be founded upon a deeper spiritual perception of the Father or Life Aspect, in place of the rapidly crystallizing vision of the Son or consciousness aspect.

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