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Discipleship in the New Age II - Teachings on Initiation - Part X
Points of Revelation

You will have noted from the previous instructions that these points of revelation are essentially planetary in nature, even if they may have - at first reading and consideration - an [424] individual connotation. These points of revelation concern the Hierarchy and its intelligent appreciation of the second or love aspect; they embody the fundamental realizations which the united group of Masters of the Wisdom bring definitely and consciously into the radius of their awareness. As this phase of their great work is carried forward, it frequently coincides with the initiatory processes which are being applied to initiates and disciples; they then become - if they are capable of the necessary understanding - participators in this great hierarchical activity. You will also note that each of these points of revelation can be phrased in such a manner that awareness of basic and fundamental law is conveyed to the student.

We have, therefore, in these five points of revelation, the expression of five hierarchical laws; it is interesting to realize that only the first point of revelation has been formulated into a law capable of ordinary human comprehension; this is the law that "energy follows thought" and that "the eye directs that energy." Mankind has reached the stage where comprehension of this first point of revelation is becoming possible and two factors have made this possible:

  1. The formulation of this law related to energy coincided with modern scientific discovery, for today it is recognized that everything that exists is essentially energy in some form or another.
  2. The enormous number of aspirants who have taken or who were in process of taking the first initiation.

Again, if you pause to think, you can see the processes of invocation and evocation in action.

The second, third and fourth points of revelation are (symbolically speaking) still retained within the Halls of Initiation, and their expression upon the physical plane - as an understandable law - still lies ahead and is subject to future elucidation. The second point will soon be capable of expression in the three worlds, because men are slowly coming to the realization of the nature of the will and the right place [425] and proper reality of sacrifice in the divine scheme of revelation.

The fifth point of revelation is worded as follows:

"When the light of the seven Rays is blended with that of the seventh Ray, then light supernal can be known."

The implications attendant upon this fifth point are amazing at the first glance, and they demand an immediate recognition of the two factors of time and space. The significances which are implicit in this point may be clearer if I paraphrase the statement and thus give you a sense of significance which will give you understanding. When the energy of the light of all the rays can express themselves through the medium of the seventh ray, then the highest aspect of the divine light can penetrate down into the physical plane. This must be obviously a most difficult statement for you to grasp, but it is also a statement of fundamental truth.

In an earlier instruction I pointed out that three ideas were involved in grasping the significance of these points of revelation and - once you have grasped them - they are beautifully clear and simple. The Procedure required for the manifestation of "light supernal" takes place when a transitory point of synthesis is reached and the seven energies are blended into one great energetic Light. These seven energies have ever, untidely, created the "light supernal" upon the highest levels of divine expression, but that revealing light only finds Location when the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order is active and in process of manifestation in the three worlds, and necessarily, therefore, upon the seventh plane, the physical plane. Such a manifestation inevitably takes place in moments of planetary crisis, when the seventh ray is active and when the Sun is in Aquarius. Such a combination of relationships is being established now, for the seventh ray is rapidly coming into manifestation and the Sun is in Aquarius, for the Aquarian Age is just beginning. The Objective of this combination (which has occurred six times during [426] the period of the fifth root-race) is to bring about illumination and the establishment of order upon the Earth. The first indication of the possibility of the effectiveness of these divine proposals was the giving out of the New Invocation; its potency was so great that right conditions had to be considered before its enunciation was possible. That was the first step in the planned precipitation of the "light supernal"; the second step will be the reappearance of the Great Lord, who will act as the lens through which the light can be focused and adapted to human need. Conditions are rapidly being brought about whereby this great event of light distribution will be possible. The Christ can and does function now upon the atmic plane and embodies within himself the great Point of Revelation which has been expressed by me in the words: "The Will is an expression of the Law of Sacrifice." The invocation now mounting from humanity to that high Place where dwells the Christ is, at this time, focused in or originates upon the plane of the emotions; because of this, we find the words in the Scriptures that at the end of the age "the Desire of all Nations" will come forth. The movement to bring him - from the angle of the masses - emanates, therefore, from the astral plane. The plans for his coming are being laid in the higher correspondence of that plane, the buddhic plane, or the plane of pure reason.

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