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Discipleship in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - F.C.D.
November 1944

It is not my intention, my beloved brother, to give you any personal instructions at this time. Those given you during the past three years still need consideration, assimilation and factual demonstration. I simply take, at this time, those needed inner steps which are permitted to the Master of any Ashram in order to draw you into a very close relation to myself and to the group. Such a definite and close relation [467] produces healing and strengthening; it also permits of such a clear vision that the picture unfolds as a unity and the past is seen freed from karma. This sentence may mean much to you, if subjected to the inner insight, or it may mean little. It is, however, of major significance to you personally, and to no one else in this group.

In your question, my brother (about the nature and the function of the counterparts in the head of the various chakras, and how to bring about a better adjustment between the heart center and its counterpart in the head), you have voiced an exceedingly esoteric inquiry, and one that will warrant the most careful consideration and phrasing on my part. The reason for this is that as yet little is known (even in the esoterically instructed East) in regard to the head center. This profound ignorance has not been realized, even by advanced students. The thousand-petalled lotus remains a secret, or closed mystery. Though much has been given out in connection with the heart center, little has been communicated in connection with the head center. The reason that more is known about the heart center is due to its being the center awakened by the highest initiation in Atlantean times. In our Aryan race the head center is the objective of all stimulation - even the stimulation of the other centers being noted in relation to the effect upon the head center. The race as a whole, however, is only just beginning to be ready for this awakening. Hence the complete silence hitherto held upon this subject.

Adeptship was achieved in the Atlantean race when the heart center was alive and its twelve petals unfolded. The fourth initiation, which confers the status of adeptship, produced the mystic realization, the unfoldment of the lotus of the heart and the deep conviction of the pairs of opposites, yet at the same time the knowledge that the phenomenal reality and the spiritual reality were one and the same reality. Thus the Atlantean attainment established in the consciousness of its adepts, through initiation, the duality of all creation.

The Aryan unfoldment will produce occult identification, the development of the head center, and the realization of [468] unity. "I and the Father are One." This constituted the real achievement of the Christ, who was the first of our humanity to achieve the complete realization. This point is of vital interest. Our present Masters of the Wisdom have also entered into this same recognition. The distinction between them and the Christ is that he added to this realization the capacity to be a channel, pure and undefiled by any form of self identification, for a cosmic principle - that of Love. Only those Masters, however, who reached adeptship in Atlantean times are dowered with this occult unfoldment. Disciples are apt to forget that the Masters themselves are at various stages upon the path of their peculiar evolution.

You will see, therefore, that the establishing of the significance of the counterparts in the head to the heart center, for instance, involves one of the great mysteries to be revealed at a certain high initiation. In the next great race, which succeeds upon this one, the goal will be - above everything else - a dual one. It will be:

  1. The conscious unity of the lower centers by means of a great awakening of the solar plexus center. This next race will be buddhic or intuitional, and therefore will embody, as a higher expression upon the turning spiral, the higher mystery of the astral unfoldment in ancient Atlantis. It will vision forth the higher correspondence of that achievement. This consummating development will mark its fourth initiation, and will demonstrate the transmutation of the astral life into the buddhic consciousness.
  2. The carrying of all this mobilized energy to the heart center at the fifth initiation for group purposes, and the achieving of this in full waking consciousness.

In the final race the process will be repeated on a still higher spiral, and all that concerns the higher center will be unfolded and occultly consummated, again through the medium of two stages:

  1. Wherein the massed energies of the solar plexus (the [469] great clearing house) and the heart and throat will be carried - at the third initiation - to the ajna center, and the complete racial "transfiguration" will take place.
  2. The process will then be carried forward and at the fourth initiation the energies will be centralized in the head center.

This will lead to a happening of such esoteric significance that I cannot express even its dimmest meaning to you because I myself do not know. It lies too far ahead, even for all who are the Masters of the Wisdom at this time. Only the Christ and the Buddha begin dimly to sense its meaning.

Therefore I cannot answer your question because until the head center is somewhat more awakened my explanation would be meaningless. All I dare say is that by the use of creative imagination, by a constant application to the way of the head, and constant group activity, with an increasing capacity to be detached, and therefore not so potently identified with the individual consciousness, you yourself can perhaps get a faint glimmer of light as to that vibrant reality of which the heart is the reflection.

One thing I can add. As I told you before, the activity of the heart center never demonstrates in connection with individuals. This is a basic fact. What devastates most disciples is the solar plexus ability (when purified and consecrated) to identify itself with individuals. The heart center cannot react, except under group impetus, group happiness or unhappiness, and other group relations. This may give you a needed hint. It is a subject which you will do well deeply to consider, and to discuss with A.A.B. who - like yourself - is also on the difficult path of teaching and of world salvage.

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