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Discipleship in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - L.F.U.
To  L. F. U.

August 1940


I scarce know what to say to you for the body is tired, the mind is bewildered, the emotional nature is striving to assert itself whilst the soul is pouring in a stimulating, energy which is responsible for a very definite crisis in your life. It is of interest to me to know how many members of the group are now being tested - a thing which was foreseen by me but refused consideration by several of you. Several members of the group are undergoing the painful test of war, with its inevitable nervous effects upon the constitution, its strain upon the astral body as well as the physical, and the reactions to noise, suspense on behalf of others and the general psychic atmosphere in which they are forced to dwell. P.D.W., D.E.I., and L.D.O. are thus situated and the test is great.

You, my brother, and W.O.I. are likewise being tested in [530] the world of ideas, and you particularly are faced with an acute problem in discrimination.

Earlier - years ago - I gave you three words which were to be the keynotes of your life - Love, Fearlessness and Understanding. The first two have preoccupied you much. You have worked hard to express love and have materially sweetened and broadened your nature. As a result you are aware today, as never before, how lack of love betrayed you and brought untold suffering to three people in your life. This is known only to you. Fearlessness is now a glamor in your mind for your sixth ray brain and astral body have suddenly betrayed you. Your earlier freedom from glamor led to carelessness - and as you well know we are oft betrayed at the point where we judged ourselves the strongest. Nevertheless, the past few years have seen real progress, pronounced liberation and true development.

Have you, my brother, reached your high water mark for this life? Can you go further still along the Way? That is your problem. It will be solved and wisely determined and you will enter upon a new cycle of spiritual life if understanding and a search for meaning begins to parallel your reaction to love and fearlessness.

Your understanding is not deep enough. That which is academic and the result of reading, listening, and of your response to the work of the Arcane School is apt to take the place of true understanding. True understanding involves identification with humanity.

Your theories, your ideals, your fixed beliefs come between you and humanity as a whole, and the good of the form side of life looms unduly large in your attitude to service. You are, under the glamor of idealism, apt to sacrifice the spirit of love in order to preserve the form of your ideal. Ponder on this for it is basic in its teaching value for you if you grasp rightly the implications. May I ask you to reflect upon the esoteric significance of a truth which as yet seems to you most questionable: Ideals must go as they are now formulated because we are entering into a new age wherein all things will become new. They can safely be relinquished when their place is taken by a real soul love for humanity - inclusive, [531] sane and practical. Ideals are formulations by the human mind. The Hierarchy has no ideals. The Hierarchy is simply the channel for pure love and where love exists there is no danger of harshness, of cruelty, of misunderstanding, of evasion of facts or of harmfulness. Much also that many regard as harmless is definitely harmful in its general effects. Ideals, as usually held, feed pride, lead to stubbornness, and engender a separate superiority; they produce impractical attitudes and negative activities. The one who thus holds them frequently serves only in the limited field, conditioned by his chosen work and colored by his idealism. He excludes the Whole and thinks in terms of the past and as he wants to think. There is no real understanding of an opposing idealism and often no real attempt to comprehend its basis. His emphasis upon his own ideals (in his own consciousness even when not imposed on others) prevents understanding, and he is so busy upholding them and defending them (oft again to himself) and being conditioned by them that the larger human issues escape his attention. He settles down within the limits of his own beliefs. This makes him immediately a theologian and his usefulness then rapidly evaporates, except in the intimate circle of his fellow idealists. As time goes on, crystallization takes place. A "crystal barrier" is set up between the personality and the soul. The soul is seen but its influence is insulated. But - because there is a vision of the soul still persisting - the disciple is deeply dissatisfied. The crystallization eventually affects all aspects of the nature. Emotions settle into "grooves of crystal"; the mind becomes set and brittle. The physical body crystallizes also and gets old rapidly because there is no free flow of life.

One thing only will prevent this happening: Loving understanding and a consequent sacrifice of the life to humanity as a whole. The greatest good of the greatest number becomes his life theme and to this the whole man is subordinated.

Can you grasp this vision and let everything go? Only two types of ray energy are expressing themselves through your lower nature: intellect and idealism. Ponder a little on the effects of this unbalanced condition and consider what it [532] will engender. Be not satisfied with your mental activity and your dedicated idealism. Reach beyond them to the soul whose nature is love and whose identification is with humanity and not with a school of thought or a group of ideals.

You stand at the parting of the ways, my brother. Will you come on to renewed service, to new ideals, and to a fresh cycle of creative living? Or will you settle down into a crystallized condition and to an ardent struggle to become creative and to express ideals which are perhaps already superseded in order to make room for higher and better ones. Thus you might stand still within the aura of that which is old and make no further progress, waking up later to the realization that creative living is a spontaneous happening and that your ideals have been superseded by greater and more spiritual ones.

I give you no personal meditation. The one assigned to the group in the group instruction is peculiarly adapted to bring about in you the needed changes, provided you follow the meditation with regularity.

I would, however, ask you to take two points of reflection every day when it suits you best and for your reflective theme I would suggest "Understanding of the New Age Ideals," remembering that the new ideals concern the life and not the form.

My blessing rests ever on you for I have much for you to do. I would remind you that in your last instruction I asked you if you were strong enough to participate in the world distress with no barriers up. I asked this because I saw in you a glamor and a weakness (based on your true ideals) and a negativity which hid itself behind a fearless idealism. I pointed then - if you will recall - to the need for "active understanding." I reiterate again this call.

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