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Discipleship in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - L.F.U.
August 1946


I do not find as I approach you today that there is a great deal that I have to say to you. You are now accurately self-directing (like you not that phrase?) and your direction is right. The various suggestions which I have made to you, and which were of major importance, you have carefully [542] followed, and I believe would testify to the good results attained. That occult obedience which signifies freedom, spiritual freedom, within a world of natural law, has garnered for you sound results. You have moved forward from the periphery of the Ashram to a position nearer the center. See that you hold that position; it will give you a wider field of service, a greater spiritual influence and an understanding which grasps essentials and sees life in a truer perspective.

The disbanding of the outer Ashram need in no way disturb the rhythm you are achieving and many of your group brothers and fellow students will look to you for aid and comprehension. Say not always the nice or loving thing, but learn to say the hard things with unalterable love. This is not easy for you.

Being now the sannyasin and free, I would ask of you something practical and needed. The Arcane School stands at a point of real expansion; it is adequately staffed at its key points. I would ask you undeviatingly to stand by A.A.B. (as you do), and also by F.B., when need arises. The work in the world will grow in every land, and behind all the various activities stands the Arcane School. The Triangles and the Goodwill work will spread. But the Arcane School must continue as the heart of all the other activities. The staff is sound and can do much, but all of us need the cooperation, the co-inspiration and the use of a sustaining mind other than our own. Will you act in that capacity with them?

This will require on your part extended vision, for that has been somewhat lacking in your general attitude, as I think you would be the first to admit; you have prided yourself (and rightly) on being realistic and factual, but your realism must extend also to the inner realities and to the subjective, which are more important than the objective. You need to live more subjectively. It is this blended realism which I would ask you to cultivate, for it creates - when achieved - the understanding work with vision, a capacity for long-range planning, and yet withal the feet are truly planted on the earth.

I would suggest to you, my brother, a less intense consideration [543] of the way you go and of the "demonstration" you make. That way is now established; you will not be deflected and you have wrought into the garment of your nature many new qualities and have rid yourself of many handicaps. Let that suffice, and for your remaining years be the worker, the guide, the serene watcher, and a strength to your co-workers - without fear, with confidence in the law, but - above all - with a much more inclusive vision than heretofore. Learn to think in wide terms and world planning, aiding F.B., when due time comes, in formulating the policies and the blueprints for the expansion of the work.

Make yourself accessible, my brother, and more and more people will seek you out. Your work in the future, as you well realize, lies with the Arcane School, and your field of service is unlimited.

As regards your meditation work, I would like it to center more definitely on the Ashram and be less occupied with yourself and the formation of your own character or with your own development. As I said above, that is now stabilized.

Meditation on the Ashram - having dealt with the suggested theme as the soul, functioning through the mind - will deal practically with the effects of ashramic contact on the emotional nature and on the daily life on the physical plane. I give you the following themes, covering a year's work which, if diligently considered for several years, will produce a factual life of real value.

Themes for Meditation

  1. The fact of the Ashram. You like facts, brother of mine, so apply this factual consciousness of yours to this subject.
  2. The Ashram as a center of life. This will involve the use of the antahkarana.
  3. The Ashram. as a center of love, wisely expressed.
  4. The Ashram as a center of perfected intelligence.
  5. The Master of the Ashram.
  6. The Ashram as a center of living energy. [544]
  7. The relationship of the Ashram to world affairs.
  8. The responsibilities shouldered by members of the Ashram.
  9. The eventual externalization of the Ashram and how it is achieved.
  10. The qualities fostered by ashramic life.
  11. The service rendered by the Ashram.
  12. The Ashram and the Arcane School.

I am pleased with the progress you have made during the past few years. Failure has not deterred you and appreciation will not hurt you. My strength and understanding are ever at your service on just demand.

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