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Discipleship in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - P.G.C.
November 1944


Ever since my last communication to you, you have worked assiduously and earnestly at the task assigned and have laid a good foundation for future work. You have, I know, realized within yourself the value and the nature of what you have accomplished. I would ask you to read with care the instructions given as regards the work in connection with the Triangles; I need not, therefore, duplicate. The creative work of bringing these Networks of Light and of Goodwill into being is well upon its way. It might be said that the form (esoterically understood to be the vital body) is now strong enough to warrant an organized body upon the physical plane. I have consequently suggested that the emphasis of all your effort should now shift to the networks per se and away from a constant consideration of the quality aspect. You should now find it easier to promote the growth of the networks than to educate people in the nature of light and its uses, or even to bring them to an understanding of goodwill - though the latter is far easier than the former. The growth of a network (through organized enterprise) is something that the average man can understand.

The work has hitherto been complicated by the attitude of those who have sought to help but who have regarded it as a seriously difficult matter to form Triangles. What a man feels subconsciously conditions the success or the non-success of his endeavor; this effort of mine started handicapped by the complexities which the concrete minds of my disciples [581] wrought around it, by their failure to grasp its basic importance, and by much initial criticism. It is a very simple plan and can be "put over" (to use a familiar phrase) with simplicity. I hope to make this clear in a statement shortly to be written by me anent this work.

I would call your attention to the fact that statements emanating from any member of the Hierarchy, such as myself, have in them a potency which may not be arrested. This has oft been noted. Let me give you an illustration. The very first communication I gave to A.A.B., asking her to send it out to the public, was entitled The New Group of World Servers. This was followed by one called The Next Three Years. These were sent out exactly as dictated by me, without any deletions, with their occult implications intact, and with little or no editing. They immediately reached thousands of minds and were received with simplicity everywhere; their influence culminated in the highly successful campaign of 1936. The tendency to adapt such writings to what you and others conceive to be the capacity of the public mind detracts from the magnetism inherent in - if I may so express it - the unadulterated article. That, however, is the responsibility of all who seek to spread this phase of the Ageless Wisdom which I have been instrumental in revealing, and this A.A.B. has always understood. She has therefore been unresponsive to all suggestions to cut down or to simplify the writings. She will, I know, insist that the article or paper I propose writing goes out to the general public exactly as I dictate it, without Christianizing it or rendering it innocuous by the deletion of all occult reference. I know that you also will cooperate. In the last analysis, the responsibility for the article is mine and that of A.A.B., and past history justifies the belief that the sensitive response of the public mind to esoteric truth is dependable.

Coming back from a consideration of the work to you yourself, my brother and my disciple, what can I bring to your attention that will give you strength and understanding? For those are two qualities which disciples need at this time above all else. You have an interesting combination of ray energies with the ray of order, permitting of the physical [582] establishment of relationship between soul and form strongly controlling you. This dominant energy should render your outer work effective upon the physical plane, if you will remember that esoterically the form nature is the vital etheric body, and this automatically and easily conditions the physical organized vehicle. When your work is not effective, brother of mine, what is the reason? Note that this seventh ray potency is concentrated in your personality, and when your second ray soul energy sweeps into prominence, the initial effect is oft to negate the activity of the personality. This is oft forgotten and is most confusing to the neophyte in its earlier manifestations. Later, the disciple learns from experiment and experience that all the rays are subray of the great second ray. This you know theoretically, but that is different from the wisdom which comes from understanding as the result of action. Once this fact is grasped, you can begin to use all the forces in your equipment as the implements of loving service. Here lies your major technical lesson. Your line of least resistance is that of establishing relationship with the end in view of building a form. This is also the line of pure magic and - as you know - it can be either black or white. There are two modes of creative work: One mode is that which is implemented by seventh ray potency. This builds and creates within matter and within the periphery of the three worlds; it is exceedingly forceful when it is wielded through the medium of a seventh ray personality and a seventh ray physical body, as is the case with you. The other mode is that of the second ray, which is applied from without the three worlds and from soul levels; it works through radiation, magnetic appeal and coherent energy. Ponder on these two modes.

Through your ray energies, you are in a position to use both methods under the inspiration of the Ashram. The result should be most effective service and the steady growth of any work you may undertake for me and for the Ashram. You would find it useful to make a study of the relation of the second ray to the seventh, for there is a close creative reaction or impulsive interplay between the two, and one which you need to employ consciously. [583]

It is not for nothing that eleven of the particular group of disciples with which you are associated in my Ashram have the seventh ray as the controlling agent of the physical vehicle, whilst thirteen are upon the second ray or have the second ray powerfully present in their equipment. The entire group has, therefore, within its ring-pass-not all that is required to make it effectively creative; this divine creativity will express itself when all of you in the group begin to study your rays from the angle of group service, and not so much from the angle of your own individual conditioning. Which of you investigates his ray equipment of energy from this standpoint? Do not the majority of you regard the subject much along the following lines: This ray in my equipment enables me to be and do thus, and so this ray complicates my life; this ray needs stronger emphasis in my life; such and such a ray gives me this or that quality or capacity. Disciples must learn to study the group equipment as a whole, and discover where a potency of which they may be the custodian can enrich the group life, enhance its effort and round out its presentation as a serving unit in the world of men. The responsibility of wielding force is a fact to be emphasized in the consciousness of all disciples; it will lead to a more deeply conscious and intelligent use of ray energy.

It is needless for me to outline for you any set meditation work. All in this group (unless expressly forbidden by me) are in a position, as a result of years of teaching and of practice, to control and regulate their meditative thought and reflection. For you, certain phrases should condition such thinking, and I will give you four which can be revolutionary in their effect upon you and of major importance in the molding processes of your life:

  1. Loving relationship.
  2. Conformity to the idea (not the ideal, my brother, for that is incidental).
  3. Perception of reality.
  4. Creative manipulation.

These four phrases have in them the seed of all right service [584] and can be applied to your individual life theme in the home, in your business, in your work with the service of the Triangles, and in all your group undertakings. They govern, if you study them with care, the life of the Ashram - of all Ashrams. That life is one of inner and outer relationship, of sensitivity to the impression of the Hierarchy and the hierarchical idea at any given time, of correct perception of truth as it underlies relationship and impression, and of a true creative activity in the world of forces.

You are definitely penetrating closer to the heart of the Ashram and are now known there and recognized by the senior workers. This you have accomplished through the dynamic one-pointed energy of your emotional nature, which - fortunately for you - is balanced by your concrete mind. This is good and necessary, except when your mind wanders into the realm of criticism; this, however, happens far less than in years gone by. You have every cause for encouragement, my brother, and my blessing rests upon you. This thought of blessing has in it the idea of the transfer of spiritual energy.

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