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Discipleship in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - J.W.K-P.
September 1943


Have you lately read the statement which I gave you in my previous instruction? It carries for you your instructions for the future and gives you - as you now read it - far more of teaching value than it did a year ago. These instructions still hold good. You have had a most difficult year, my brother, and those of us who are working with all of you on the inner side are not unmindful of it... [592]

The work, planned and outlined by me during past years, has been largely at a standstill. But what did you expect, my brother? There is one point which you have perhaps failed to grasp, but which is to me a source of continual joy and satisfaction. The work of the Goodwill movement has been so eminently and essentially successful that today it demonstrates in the form of a myriad plans for postwar helpfulness, in the form of thousands of groups and of millions of well-intentioned people, forward-looking and kind, of all races and nationalities, who are preparing to do their share in salvaging humanity and in re-establishing (on sounder and better lines) the needed security and happiness. I refer not here to the work done by all of you since I published my first pamphlet, The New Group of World Servers, in 1932. That was only a part of the larger effort. I refer to the outpouring of the Christ consciousness and the spirit of love upon the world. This was initiated in 1825, and brought about the major welfare movements, led to the organization of the groups which wrought for human betterment, aided in the founding of the labor movements which were founded on right motive, inspired educational processes, philanthropic enterprises and the great medical expansions, and which today is seeping into world government and beginning to condition all the plans for world peace and international relations. Success is assured, though movements may progress slowly...

It is the massed endeavor which will release humanity in the coming cycle. You have worked better than you know or care; you are and can increasingly be a channel, for the simplicity of the first ray type of person is a terrific potency. Use it, my brother, free from isolation. It is ever easier for a first ray worker to proceed alone upon the way of his decision, but I would suggest that you work in closer cooperation with your fellow disciples. It is essential now that the projected work receive an intensification of vitality, that it should expand through the potency of its innate life, and that there should be a strengthening of the integral parts already built. It is of immediate importance that each cooperating server should be fired with a new and fresh enthusiasm, [593] and should get the Picture of the worldwide scope of the desired plan.

I suggest that the emphasis during the coming year be laid upon the objective aspect. The subjective quality has been presented, and this has been right because the subjective aspect of any form of expression must be living and expanding if the objective form is to take its place in world phenomena with power and usefulness. The potentialities of organized services for the spiritual strengthening of the world of men, the technique of their growth and the processes of their development - individual, group, and eventually a veritable network of interrelated groups - should now be elaborated. The more subjective work, emphasizing the spiritual growth of humanity along the lines of the new approach to divinity has, as you can see, a definite relation to the new world religion and can eventually be focused around the various full moons.

In the coming year let "joy be your strength." This is only possible when power, will and strength are blended with love, wisdom and skill in action and speech. My strength is yours, and the over-shadowing care of your own Master rests ever on you.

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