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Discipleship in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - J.W.K-P.
November 1948


Today in the ordinary course of events and as part of my final planning in relation to the work preparatory to the coming of the Christ, I have certain items of information to impart. The keynote of the next few years of your work is - as well you know - the making known and the steady and intelligent preparation of the human consciousness for his reappearance. With the subject of that reappearance I deal not here, but there is somewhat which I seek to say anent that which may be done by all of you upon whom I have kept a supervisory eye during the past few years.

There are five Masters and five Ashrams involved in this preparatory work. First of all, there is the Ashram of the Master K.H.; this is the presiding Ashram in this work owing to the fact that it is a second ray Ashram and, therefore, upon the same line of energy as that of the Christ himself; another reason is that the Master K.H. will assume the role of World Teacher in the distant future when the Christ moves on to higher and more important work. Next comes the Ashram of the Master Morya; the reason for this is that the whole procedure is projected from Shamballa and the Ashram of the Master Morya is ever in close touch with that dynamic center. The Master R. - as the Lord of Civilization - is also closely involved; he is also - and this is of major importance - Regent of Europe.

I have also at times referred to the Master who is responsible for the reorganization of Labor; this work he began to do in the latter part of the nineteenth century but left it to [597] carry forward on its own momentum when Russia entered the field and laid its emphasis upon the proletariat or the workers, to the exclusion of all other members of national groups. This produced what we might call the workers' revolution in the latter years of the first quarter of the twentieth century. I myself am the fifth Master concerned in this work and am - as it were - the liaison officer between those disciples who are working in the field of the world and those Masters who are directly responsible to the Christ for the needed work of preparation.

Certain picked disciples from all these five Ashrams have been or will be trained for the work of contacting the public. Many of them (perhaps the majority) are totally unknown to you. Some of them you know. I refer not here to A.A.B. whose exoteric work is known to you whilst her esoteric work is well known to us. Her exoteric work is drawing to a close and this also is an idea to which you are well accustomed.

You, my brother, have ahead of you the consolidating of all the work which A.A.B. has started for us. I refer specifically to the new teaching, embodied in the books which she has published, to the work of the Triangles and the work of Goodwill. I refer also to the counsel and help which you will give to the younger key people, as they endeavor to adapt the Arcane School to the pattern of the new teaching which I have given and which will eventually sweep the world (if the work is properly handled) and thus prepare the people for the new world religion. R.S.U. has also been designated for this work of preparation and - in my instruction to her - I shall indicate certain basic attitudes which she must develop and hold as she stands steadily with you and with the younger key people. I particularly want her to work with them because she is a true esotericist and the Arcane School is fundamentally an esoteric school. Another disciple, D.H.B., is also entrusted with a share in this special field of preparatory work; he is not, however, to be concerned with the Goodwill work, but in another field which I will indicate to him in his own instruction. I am not doing much more than mentioning W.W. because this is his first [598] cycle as an accepted disciple; the service which he has to do is already recognized by him and will provide a serious and important life work. It is my intention to give him a word of encouragement and of advice. I am mentioning all these disciples to you as they should all work in the closest cooperation with you and that lays upon you much responsibility. R.S.U. has for years worked side by side with you; she has come through her test triumphantly, and in the task of serving as a channel for esoteric light and information she is competent and likewise humble in her attitude.

There is little else that I can say to you, brother of mine, save to tell you that you are trusted and that you will increasingly demonstrate the strength which comes to you from Shamballa, via your own Master. On that strength you may now draw. A.A.B. is quite correct when she says that your major hour of opportunity is now upon you as slowly she withdraws into that service which will (within the Ashram) enable K.H. to do more deeply spiritual work in collaboration with the Christ. It was to train her and thus enable her to do this that she undertook - alone and without my help - to found and organize the Arcane School; it gave her much needed training and experience and enabled her to demonstrate the quality of the teaching and that esoteric psychology which is the major task in each Ashram and particularly in the second ray Ashram.

You ask if there is aught that you can do. There is above everything else, the handling of the energy which is now streaming forth - the energy of Love in its dynamic or electric form. It is the Will aspect of Love which the Christ will of necessity use this time when he comes; when he earlier came he employed the teaching aspect of the second ray and not the Will aspect. First ray disciples are peculiarly susceptible to the Will aspect of Love, and for these reactions you must watch and endeavor always to lay your emphasis not upon the Will - of this latter quality you have (for this incarnation) an adequate and full supply. Let your fellow workers catch from you the radiance of Love. That, my brother, will release the financial supply so sorely needed; it will be the harmlessness which you and your fellow servers [599] can demonstrate which will prove the needed agent. Proceed as usual, my tried and trusted brother.

This instruction may perhaps disappoint you. I asked A.A.B. what she believed conditioned my response to your question. She replied: "You trust in his understanding, self-discipline and consecration." She was right. I have no distrust in you at all. So, my brother, I can advise naught, for you need not my advice; I - your friend and companion - can only suggest that you proceed as usual upon your way, remembering always to keep a recognized and conscious link with your Master.

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