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Discipleship in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.S.U.
August 1940


Since my last instruction to you, you have attained to a certain measure of release and that means much and for that achievement I would indicate my pleasure and commend you. You are freeing yourself for service. All that I earlier said as to your problems still holds good and I would ask you to reread prayerfully and aspirationally what I said then. To the injunctions there given I would add some further suggestions. I seek further to clarify the issue in your mind. Once a disciple sees clearly, he can then take intelligent action.

You have not really liked my reference to racial limitations and yet, my brother and I can say my friend, why resent them? All national heritages lay their impress upon their peoples. A.A.B. is typically British in her personality attitudes and with her pride of race, heritage, ancient lineage and caste, with her stubborn persistence and dogged determination, with her sense of truth and her attitude of inner solitude. These qualities she has had to learn gradually to transmute into the dignity of soul consciousness, intelligent direction, clear expression of her sense of truth and a wide and general inclusiveness. This has not been easy though you, not possessing her particular problems and tendencies, may fail to realize that they are (or rather have been) as grave as yours. Some day I will give the group members a diagnosis of their racial coloring and consequent tendencies. Today I deal only with your peculiar difficulties because your battle [602] ground lies right there and it is mainly your racial faults which hinder you.

I would add also to the above - which I rarely do - that you are likewise freer from the imposition of physical control than at any previous time in your life story, except once when you were much younger. Your second major limitation has been, as you know, a physical one and is incidentally also a part of the racial trouble, and of racial Polarization. Every disciple has to achieve complete freedom from racial limitations and to break down certain separate barriers; otherwise they remain and hinder, as I hinted elsewhere to S.C.P. This is however an attainable attitude for you. You have, secondly, also to release your personality from the control of that which is the most potent personality vehicle, owing to the focus of the thought and life being largely there. The visualization of yourself as one who is unlimited in soul expression physically would aid you. It is usually only in the brain (not in the mind) that racial reactions and racial vibrations make their presence felt. The brain cells, the atomic lives of the brain organism, respond to the racial brain and thus condition physical plane activity. A conflict is then apt to take place between the mind and the brain as in your case, but brain-responsive habits are apt to remain powerful for a long time and hence the problem. I am explaining, my brother, as you can shift the emphasis if you so desire and become entirely unconscious of racial control and racial karma. At present you seldom forget it and it conditions you unduly. Will you please not misunderstand me here if I say that once you relinquish that emphasis, the integration of the personality will be complete and you will be ready for a major step onwards.

A Master watches his disciples long before they are aware of the inspection, for they themselves take the needed steps into his presence long before the brain registers the contact or the response of the Master. All in this group have been watched by me for many years and in three cases for several lives (so slow were they to register inner spiritual impression) before I communicated to them my intention to train them. This inner direction definitely precipitates [603] situations and difficulties and engenders problems and none of you are unaware of this. The lot of disciples in these days is particularly hard owing to the fact that sensitivity and a conscious reaction to the impress of all the vehicles in the personality simultaneously is so rapid and direct. This is the result of a measure of alignment and of conscious aspiration. But the compensation is adequate if disciples would be more occupied with the inner realities and less engrossed with the outer difficulties. But this, as you know, is most difficult of achievement.

You ask me: What would I have you do in regard to your own attitudes to the group and to the work with which you are all engaged? It is not hard to answer your enquiry because for you the task is uncomplicated though not simple of achievement. Be, my brother, on the outer plane, what you are interiorly. You have much knowledge and wisdom. Use it as much as possible because you have a sphere of usefulness in this connection right in front of you,... Your destiny is that of teacher. Begin, therefore, to fulfil it. You have been much occupied with organizational work - a choice of vocation made by your soul which was intended to offset the limitations with which I have sought to make you familiar. Such a task was intended to provide scope for expression upon the outer plane and this it has done. Now pour your energies into the work of the groups with which you are affiliated. Give to A.A.B. the aid which you are well fitted to give, making yourself increasingly responsible for certain aspects of the work which will make their appeal to you, and which call for your conditioning. I am choosing my words with care. Above all else give love with impersonality and true understanding. It must not be the impersonality of a planned and forced achievement but the impersonality of complete self-forgetfulness. The task is so vital that you and all your group brothers must lose sight of the little self in the need and the opportunity of the moment. Oft have I told you this. May I now see the result of this oft recommended truth?

As regards your personal meditation, I seek to give you one which will intensify the activity of the ajna center and which will produce new vision and, above all, integration. [604] The ajna center becomes active increasingly as alignment, leading to integration, is achieved. I would have you use this meditation twice a day, laying the emphasis upon the exercise angle or aspect of the work and paying no attention at all to the possible spiritual value. I would remind you here (and, when I say this I am speaking to all the group members and not only to you) that work in connection with the centers is incidental to true spiritual development and is or should be purely mechanical and automatic. The centers are physical, being aspects of the etheric body and constructed of etheric matter, and their function is simply to express the energy which flows in from the astral body, or from the mind or from the soul (in three aspects). After the third initiation, they will register energy flowing in from the Monad - again through three types of force. If this can be grasped, disciples in training, will not over-emphasize the system of centers through which the expressive energy must come.

The object of this particular exercise is to centralize the consciousness (plus the energies of which it is aware within the physical body) in the center between the eyebrows, the ajna center. When this is done, you have a secondary form of integration made possible, i.e., the integration of forces coming from the outer world of impression, via the five senses and the synthesizing sense, the mind. You have, therefore, energies seeking outlet and expression, via the etheric body as it conditions and renders active the dense physical body, and at the same time energies making known to the man the world of spiritual being. Of these two worlds of sense perception, the two eyes are the symbol, as you know.

  1. Achieve quiet. Relax with as much rapidity as possible and with little mental activity. Then raise the consciousness to the ajna center.
  2. Sound the OM, visualizing the integration of the personality with the soul. In doing this, link the pituitary center with the head center, above the pineal gland.
  3. Then pause and after a mental grasp of what is to be done proceed as follows: [605]
    1. Take a long breath and draw the energy from the throat center in so doing.
    2. Repeat the breathing and draw the energy from the heart center, holding these two withdrawn energies imaginatively in the ajna center.
    3. Repeat the process in connection with the solar plexus.
    4. Repeat also in connection with the sacral center.
    5. Recognizing then that four types of energy have been centered in the ajna center, take another long breath and draw the energy of the muladhara center to the ajna focus.
    6. Then consciously endeavor to hold all the energies there.
  4. At this point, dedicate the energies of the personality (which express themselves through these five centers and the ajna center, making six centers in all) and breathe them back again - by an act of the will - into the centers to which they belong. Do not do this sequentially and piecemeal but as one dynamic outbreathing; see these energies travelling down the spine to their respective resting places, carrying new life, pure stimulation and dynamic will to each and every center.
  5. Then, as the soul informing the body, sound the 0M and proceed with the group meditation.

This meditation should definitely aid in increasing the activity of the physical body along the lines you have for so long desired, and make the discipline for which you have striven, no longer a discipline but a life of unconscious, automatic spiritual expression.

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