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Discipleship in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.H.B.
To  D. H. B.

January 1940

This has been for you a hard year, my brother, and (as with your brother, D.P.R.) I seek not to add any fresh complications or considerations to the load which you already carry. You are, likewise, a clear-sighted disciple and there is small need for me to indicate the glamor which at this time disturbs your service. One thought, however, I would give you for careful pondering. The personality with its aims and ambitions, its intelligence and experience, in itself constitutes a glamor and one with a most potent effect upon you. When - as in your case - the personality is of a relatively high order and well integrated, the problem is then very real. This you realize, but in moments of service you are apt to fall into personality glamor without being aware of it, and those around you, serving with you, help you not.

Walk in the light, my brother. Let the light and radiance of the soul illumine your service and let your intellect not prove to be the dominating factor. Let spontaneous love and not a cultivated kindness condition your relations with your fellowmen. Be not glimmered by your own grasp of spiritual realities and by your spiritual knowledge. You have much to do in this life, and particularly in the next when this life's lessons have been learnt and assimilated. For this you must consciously prepare by the development of clear-sighted vision. I should perhaps point out to you that illusion more than glamor is your major difficulty for you are mentally polarized. [657]

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