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Discipleship in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - D.I.J.
August 1946


In publishing the book Discipleship in the New Age, your friend and teacher, A.A.B. made the remark at the end of your instructions that you "still persist in your endeavor to work, in the Tibetan's Ashram and remain steadfast and sure." A.A.B. knew what she was saying, but I wonder if you yourself realize the esoteric values of steadfastness and surety? The rarest compliment was knowingly made to you by A.A.B., but you probably did not understand its significance. A stable vibration is the keynote of the universe; surety is the sign of the Knower. These are two qualities of which you are in possession to the point of expression; I would have you realize it and count upon their registration in the Ashram you so much love.

In your hours of loneliness, and when you realize that life for you is mainly a waiting process, you are apt to forget these two facts which I have brought to your attention. Fight not against disability or against what the world calls "old age." This is a thing you are very apt to do, and it is a normal reaction. Why not welcome Transition? Learn to glory in experience, which is the gift of wise old age, and look forward to the Great Adventure which confronts you. You know well - in your highest moments - that that Transition means realization without any physical plane limitations.

My brother, the ray of your astral body is the first; the failure, weakness or sin of the astral body is delusion. In your case, it is the delusion of pride - social pride - and of this you must rid yourself. It is not a mental quality, for if it were, sound thinking would soon show the futility of social pride. In the eyes of the Masters of the Wisdom, there are only human beings at various stages of unfoldment, of developing selfishness or of unfolding service. There are no classes such as the world recognizes, neither is there any age, except the age of the soul; that need cause you no concern; your soul [697] is old in its expression on the physical plane, and you know this to be so.

Pay not undue attention to the physical vehicle. Its preservation is of no moment and can - as in your case - become of too prominent importance. The time of your liberation is set by karmic law; this ever determines the demise of the real man within the body, but if the physical body is unduly nurtured, and if it becomes the recipient of undue care, it can hold that real man in prison in defiance of karmic law. That is a sorry spectacle to watch, for it means that the physical elemental is assuming power. Be careful in this connection, for the ray of your physical body would easily produce this situation.

Not so long, ago - two years ago, I believe - I gave you nine words for your mature consideration. Today, I will give you twelve seed thoughts which (for the remainder of your life) should govern your morning reflection, following a definite process of linking with me and with my Ashram. Here are the seed thoughts:

  1. Looking forward.
  2. Hope.
  3. Immortality.
  4. Radiation.
  5. Freedom from partisanship.
  6. Anticipation
  7. Life purpose, persistent ever.
  8. Friendship.
  9. The triangle: yourself, D.H.B., J.S.P.
  10. Eternal persistence.
  11. Quality.
  12. Future Mastership.

These ideas are suggestive and would prove fruitful and lead to much expansive thinking.

You are in my Ashram and for ever have naught to fear.

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