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Discipleship in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - H.S.D.
August 1946


In my last instruction to you I stated that it was the last which I would give you. At that time, I had no intention of closing the outer ashramic affiliation. Today it is closed, and I give you, therefore, a parting word of Practical import upon the physical plane, along with those of your brothers.

I approach you with much concern because your physical plane life is now as fluidic as your mind has been., and you know, brother of old, that that restless, grasping, unsatisfied mind has given both you and me much trouble over our years [722] of . Let us look at your situation clearly, and I would like to indicate to you the wise procedure for the future.

You are a dedicated disciple and have proven yourself so to be; you are a member of my Ashram, but your mental fluidity has militated against your passing into any closer relation within the Ashram. You still remain upon the periphery, whereas you should have advanced to within the first circle of working disciples, at least. This, however, has been impossible and will remain so until you have brought quietness and rhythm into your physical plane life. It was the realization of this which prompted A.A.B. to beg you, not long ago, to settle down. She could not give ashramic reasons, for she intrudes not into that which I perforce must do, but she earnestly sought to help.

My brother, no matter where you are, a settled place of abode is needed for all disciples, and this for several reasons. Over the months or years, where a true disciple is concerned, this settled abode becomes a shrine, something is built which becomes magnetic and responsive to the Ashram, and occultly speaking, "the sensitive receiver of the disciple's physical brain can be located and found to be at peace." I trust you understand, and I would have you ponder on these words and reflect upon my suggestion. I would have you seek (and you will find) a place of suitable residence which will be of prolonged usefulness to you and from which you will not move, except in response to the normal procedures of life. Because of the instability with which you have come into incarnation and which constitutes your major life problem, you know that you need the steady rhythm and the heartbeat of the Headquarters in New York, through which I work; this should condition your choice of a place in which to settle and, my brother, I emphasize and re-emphasize to you the word "settle."

This is for you a spiritual necessity, and will eventually mean for you health and peace and a stable settled personal rhythm. This again will signify a step towards liberation. Your restlessness and instability have been accepted by you as conditioning factors in your life, and herein lies a major mistake [723] which you have always made. Both are a serious detriment to your spiritual progress and usefulness and one reason why you are not as useful as you should be to those around you.

For whatever time lies ahead of you, my brother, let this constant movement end. Endeavor to be where you can be found; gather around you what you need for peaceful, quiet and useful living, and there abide. I cannot too strongly urge this on you. Fill your life with interests related to my work (a work which has evoked your sincere dedication), but give not time to meditation. It is this constant urge to meditation which is responsible for much of your difficulty, because meditation over-stimulates your fluidic and active mind; this, in due course, results in a restless, constantly changing physical plane life. Talk this over with A.A.B., who has watched you with loving concern for many years and is peculiarly disturbed over you at this time.

There is much that you can do, if you are willing to do the little things. You have given generously of your means and have made much of my work possible; for this I am grateful, and for this I tender to you the thanks of those of us in the Hierarchy who stand behind the work for which A.A.B. and F.B. are responsible. We shall always be grateful for that help, as are the two who work with us; we shall be grateful for your continued help along this line if your soul so prompts you, provided you ever retain that which is needed for your quiet, gracious, restful living in a suitable abiding place, close to the center of our work.

We are endeavoring to prolong the life of A.A.B., which should have ended this year; we are doing so, much against her wishes, in order that the work in Europe can be stabilized and the books completed. I put these two things in the order of their importance. Help her all you can. She asks me not to write this, but has my instructions so to do. Her life is harder than you know, and but for F.B. she would not be here at all.

Every morning, at noon, and each night before retiring to sleep, align yourself with your soul, with the Ashram and with me, and say very quietly and with no tension:

"I stand a point of peace, and through the point [724] which I can, thus provide, love and true light can flow.

I stand in restful poise, and through that poise I can attract the gifts which I must give - an understanding heart, a quiet mind, myself.

I never am alone, for round me gather those I seek to serve, my brothers in the Ashram, souls that demand my help, e'en though I see them not, and those in distant places who seek the Master of my life, my brother, the Tibetan."

That is all the meditation I would have you do for the remainder of your life, except the meditations in group formation at the Headquarters of our work. You will find that these affirmations, affirmed by you three times a day, will suffice to calm your mind and turn the place where you abide into a shrine.

This communication may be somewhat surprising to you. Seldom do I deal with physical plane matters, and I deal with this matter of a "center of peaceful abode" for you only because its lack and your refusal (an interior refusal) to seek a suitable place to live are indications of a mental condition which should be brought to an end by you. This restlessness affects the quality of your vibration, and this in turn, to a slight (a very slight) degree, affects your ashramic group of brothers.

A future of service opens wide for you if, I repeat, you are willing to do the little things and finish what you begin.

My blessing and my love for you - the love of a Master for his disciple, distant and close, remote yet near - is ever yours.

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