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Discipleship in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - L.T.S-K.
November 1944


There is absolutely no need for the profound depression and for the process of self-accusation in which you so constantly live. Years ago, your dream was to serve the Master, to be known by him and to be a part of his group or Ashram. You longed for the status, technically understood, of an accepted disciple. You have served the Master and rendered us, as I told you, notable service; you are known by me, and [730] it is perhaps the fact of this knowledge and its implications which disturbs you so deeply; you are an integral part of a group, affiliated with my Ashram; you are an accepted disciple. You have, therefore, every reason to feel encouraged.

You are, however, aware of weaknesses and of failure. So be it. But the fact remains that the major trend and purpose of your life has brought you into the Ashram. So be it again, my brother. All within the Ashram, except those of higher initiate status, fall short at times.

One of the things which I said at my last word with you was that your age was such that it was well-nigh impossible for you to change. Yet you have changed quite definitely during the past year, and by your refusal to cultivate the glamorous thinking which characterized you in past years and so oft proved your undoing, you have made real progress - more real progress than at any previous time. This has almost surprised me. When I raised the point with a member of my Ashram (known to none of you in this group which I am instructing), he remarked: "The soul is after all a Master, and when the force of masterhood is released, bringing quiescence and acquiescence, it is difficult to predict the happenings possible." Your quiescence, demonstrated upon the physical plane, largely as depression and fatigue, produced a negativity which made it difficult for any positive glamor to show itself; this greatly helped, weakening through attrition the hold which it has had upon your astral body. See that it gains no strength again. But be not depressed; simply be negative to all the suggestions of glamor and be encouraged at my words, for I speak not lightly or untruly. No spectacular progress will be made by you in this life. Accept that as factual and be happy at the quiet of the coming period before you pass over to the other side. Make full use of the time and read, study and think.

You have for long asked me to tell you the rays upon which your three personality bodies are to be found. I do so now, for you can profit from the information.

You have, as you know, a third ray soul and a sixth ray personality. Your task as regards the latter is to transit on to [731] the first ray, so that next life you will come into incarnation with the difficult combination of three and one. For this the training, discipline and discoveries of the present incarnation should have prepared you, and you can therefore face the future with caution but with surety.

Your mental body is on the fifth ray and hence your interest in things scientific; but the caliber of your mind is not yet of such a nature that you can profit from this, and this is a fact which you must accept.

Your astral body is first ray in nature and hence the potent hold which glamor has had on you - a glamor inherited from three previous lives and rendered one-pointed and powerful in this life through your first ray astral nature. You willed to deal with glamor; you ran, last life, a great risk of wandering on to the path of black magic. Your recognition of me and my work and your instantaneous cooperation, completely negated that possibility, but the tendency to glamor remained and still does.

Your physical body is third ray in type, and this has intensified the worst aspects of that ray, because soul energy (undirected by an illumined mind) at times stimulates it and the glamor can take effect in physical plane activity.

If you can develop mental perception to a fuller degree, and if you can achieve in this life and the next a measure of real illumination, all the difficulties now troubling you will be resolved. In your next incarnation, you should endeavor to work through a second ray astral body, for there is a real lack of second ray force in your most difficult equipment. There are too many energies in your present equipment along the line of the first ray, and your ultimate goal must be a second ray personality, following upon the coming first ray personality of your next life. Love and light are greatly needed by you, and their reception by you in your lower fourfold nature would produce great transforming results. These must be brought about by you through keen interest in and love of others, and by stern mental control and unfoldment. [732]

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