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Discipleship in the New Age II - Personal Instructions to Disciples - R.S.W.
September 1943


I have been concerned about you. The strain under which you work and live is not good, and has a definite physical effect which is not desirable. I foresaw this risk, and it was for that reason that the first of the six statements I gave you enjoined you to:

  1. Shift your consciousness into the lighted mind.
  2. Look up, not down.
  3. Be not so conscious of the outer form.

In these words I sought to have you turn your eyes away from the form aspect of the present world catastrophe, because your sensitivity led you to assume too close an identification with it. Such identification is a handicap and not a help. It feeds the life of the solar plexus, because the solar plexus center of humanity as a whole is in a condition of appalling riot - if I may use so peculiar a phrase.

The next statement sought to swing you into the circle of your service in relation to your group brothers and the senior group within the Arcane School. Circumstances, however, moved you from my Headquarters, and this became difficult of fulfilment.

The need for you at this time is to study deeply and to do work which is practically entirely along occult lines. The study of psychology which interests you so much and for which you are in so many other ways so eminently fitted, tunes you in at this time too rapidly on world distress and you should avoid it. The duties of the home, the bringing of joy to those you daily meet, and the keeping of the mind upon things occult will do much to offset the astral sensitivity which is one of your major assets in helpful service, but which under the pressure of the world events has become almost too strong for you to handle. The "chain of Hierarchy" is a good subject for your constant reflection, and I want you to pay close attention to my recommendation that this concept form the background of your daily thinking. As [740] you keep that chain in mind, it tunes in on the Ashram, and therefore on the Hierarchy, for you are a disciple of some standing. This will offset the astral sensitivity, for the energy of the Ashram stimulates the head and heart centers and draws up the astral forces from the solar plexus.

I set no meditation of a special kind for you. The group meditation will suffice. I ask you to do much occult study and much teaching and helping of occult students. Your work for another year should be primarily with the senior students, and you should endeavor to have a larger and more organized output of work in that connection; it will serve to focus the consciousness more firmly in the head. If it were possible at some time in the near future, I would suggest that you go and talk to A.A.B. She had your problem in a worse degree, but had more experience to offset it and less time in which to succumb. I have told her certain things anent you which I do not wish to write, and she will give you all the time you need, if you will come to where she is.

It is for this reason I write no more today. Also, my brother, I give you at this time much attention in the Ashram, and my strength surrounds you. There is no cause for anxiety, for the future is assured, but seek during the coming year to take advantage of my suggestions.

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