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Esoteric Astrology - The Zodiac and the Rays - The Creative Hierarchies
Thus, two potent streams of energy - cosmic and systemic - reach man via the conditioning planetary centers of force (the seven planetary schemes in the solar system and their corresponding seven centers in the planet on which we live) and pour into the symbolic "twelve houses" through their medium. It is for this reason that our solar system is spoken of as one of "intrinsic duality" (love-wisdom) and that the major task of man is the "regulation of the pairs of opposites." The theme of duality, therefore, runs through the whole story of man's development. Upon all the three planes of human unfoldment the reconciliation goes forward.
  1. Upon the physical plane we find the merging of the dense and the etheric forces. This is consummated upon the Path of Purification.
  2. Upon the astral plane there must come the resolution of the pairs of opposites. This is consummated upon the Path of Discipleship. [55]
  3. Upon the mental plane the Angel of the Presence and the Dweller on the Threshold are brought face to face. Their synthesis is brought about upon the Path of Initiation.

What is true of man in this connection is true also of humanity as a whole, of the planetary Logos of the Earth, as of all planetary Logoi, and of a solar Logos. The analogy between the fusion of the pairs of opposites, for instance, upon the physical plane can be seen in the conscious and directed fusion of the planetary forces with the energy of any specific planet or group of planets. The analogy, involving discrimination to regulate and offset the force of the pairs of opposites upon the astral plane, can be seen when the energies of the sun sign and of the planets are perfectly directed and adjusted. The analogy can also be carried forward onto the mental plane and when the energies of the sun sign and the rising sign are coherently blended and expressed (in the case of both the individual or a planetary Life) there comes a point of crisis wherein the soul and the personality are brought face to face. The Angel of the Presence, distributing solar fire and holding focused electric fire, and the Dweller on the Threshold, expressing and utilizing fire by friction, know each other "with intimate occult knowledge." The door then stands open wide through which the life and light of the three major constellations can - after the third initiation - be occultly available to the initiate, be he a liberated human being or a planetary Logos.

When astrologers understand the true significance of the constellation Gemini, the Twins, and the dual forces which pour through this sign (the "forces in conflict" as they are sometimes called or "the quarreling brothers") [56] and beat upon our planetary life, then the true method of resolving the dualities will be known.

It is interesting to note also that seven of the symbols which express the twelve signs of the zodiac are dual in their nature, and duality can be inferred from them.

  1. The two horns of the Ram in Aries.
  2. The two horns of the Bull in Taurus.
  3. The figures of the Twins in Gemini (two lines).
  4. The two claws of the Crab in Cancer.
  5. The two scales of the Balance in Libra.
  6. The two Parallel Lines of force in Aquarius.
  7. The two Fishes in Pisces.
  8. These seven constellations are, therefore, closely related to six of the seven sacred planets and to one non-sacred planet. There are two signs which are simple figures and have no significance of duality. They are

  9. The symbol for Leo, which is simply the Lion's tail.
  10. The arrow in the symbol depicting Sagittarius.
    They embody the idea of isolated separation and one-pointed desire. Two signs are definitely triple in construction and this has a clear meaning to the esotericist.
  11. Virgo is a triple sign.
  12. Scorpio is also a triple sign, closely resembling the symbol of Virgo.
    These two signs are crucial in the experience of the human being, indicating as they do the function of the triple form and the liberation of the man imprisoned in the form, through the tests in Scorpio wherein he proves to himself and to the world the reality of that which Virgo has veiled or hidden. [57]
  13. The symbol for the sign Capricorn is most mysterious. It conceals the mystery of the Crocodiles, or Makara. It is constructed in an inaccurate and definitely misleading manner and should be regarded as a mystery and therefore not to be defined.

These signs and their relationship to the sacred and non-sacred planets will be considered later.

To sum up: Man will, therefore, have to be studied as a threefold entity, a composite individual, expressing (in the three worlds)

  1. The spiritual soul, reflecting the Monad.
  2. The human soul, reflecting the divine soul.
  3. The form nature, which should be the revealer of the two higher.
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