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Esoteric Astrology - The Zodiac and the Rays - The Great Wheel and Spiritual Unfoldment
It is interesting also to note in this connection that - due to the precession of the equinoxes - a fourth type of force is brought to bear upon the planet and man, but one which is seldom recognized and given due place in the horoscope. The month and the sign, or the place of the Sun in the heavens, do not really coincide. When we state, for instance, that the Sun is "in Aries" it conveys an esoteric truth but not an exoteric fact. The Sun was in Aries at the beginning of this great cycle, but it is not in exactly the same position today when it is "found" in that sign.

Also it should be remembered that as it is necessary to know the moment of birth and the place of birth in casting the horoscope of the individual, so in order to have a perfectly correct understanding and accurate deductions in connection with the constellation, the planets and our Earth there should be a fixed time from which to reckon. That fixed time is as yet unknown in exoteric astrology, though the Hierarchy possesses the needed information and it will be made available when the right time comes. It is the knowledge of this inner information which constitutes the basis of the statements which I have made or will make which will seem revolutionary to the orthodox investigator. There has to be a constant rectification of the earlier conclusions of humanity and of this the outstanding instance is the statement in the Bible that the prime date of creation is 4004 B.C. This is recognized as an error by modern science but is still believed by many.

I earlier gave a hint upon which definite astrological [64] computation could be based when I gave the time of the "Great Approach" of the Hierarchy to our planetary manifestation when individualization took place and the fourth kingdom in nature appeared. I placed that stupendous event as happening 21,688,345 years ago. At that time the Sun was in Leo. The process then initiated upon the physical plane and producing outer physical events took approximately 5,000 years to mature and the Sun was in Gemini when the final crisis of individualization took place and the door was then closed upon the animal kingdom.

It has been stated that Sagittarius governs human evolution, as the Sun was in that sign when the Hierarchy began its Approach in order to stimulate the forms of life upon our planet. Sagittarius, however, governed the period of the subjective approach.

The Sun was in Leo when physical plane individualization took place as a result of the applied stimulation.

The Sun was in Gemini when this Approach was consummated by the founding of the Hierarchy upon the Earth. This is one of the great secrets which the Masonic Rituals typify, for the symbol of the sign, Gemini, is the source of the concept of the two pillars, so familiar to Masons. It might therefore be stated that, symbolically speaking,

  1. Leo governs the E .*. A .*. degree.
  2. Gemini governs the F .*. C .*. degree.
  3. Sagittarius governs the degree of M .*. M .*. up to the episode of the raising of the Master, and that Capricorn governs the final part of the ceremony and the H .*. R .*. A .*.

It is always confusing to the beginner who has not yet a developed and trained intuition to reconcile the seeming discrepancies and apparent contradictions which appear in [65] the teaching of the Ageless Wisdom. This same difficulty will be met with in the science of astrology and some reference to the matter is in order at this point. I would remind you of the occult truism which states that interpretation and right understanding are based upon the stage of the development of the individual. H. P. B. remarked in The Secret Doctrine that for some people the highest principle of which they can be consciously aware might be a very low one for another person. The constellations and the planets which govern them may, and do, have one effect upon the mass and another upon the average individual man, and still a third effect upon the disciple or the initiate. As the various energies and forces circulate throughput the etheric body of our solar system, their reception and effect will depend upon the state of the planetary centers and upon the point of unfoldment of the centers in individual man. That is why the various charts and tabulations can differ so widely and different planets can appear as ruling the constellations. There seems to be no fixed rule and the student gets bewildered. Orthodox astrology posits one set of planetary rulers, and they are correct as far as the mass of humanity is concerned. But the disciple, who lives above the diaphragm, responds to another combination and it is with these that I shall principally deal. That is why the three charts here given do not appear to coincide. They are drawn up to express the situation in regard to three groups:

  1. The mass of people who conform to orthodox and recognized astrological conclusions.
  2. Disciples and advanced individuals, conforming to the conclusions of esoteric astrology.
  3. The Creative Hierarchies, giving the interim situation in this world cycle. [66]
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