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Esoteric Astrology - The Nature of Esoteric Astrology - The Crosses and the Signs
  1. The pranic triangle.
    1. The shoulder center.
    2. The center near the diaphragm.
    3. The spleen.
  2. Man controlled from the astral plane.
    1. The base of spine.
    2. The solar plexus.
    3. The heart.
  3. Man controlled from the mental plane.
    1. The base of spine.
    2. The heart.
    3. The throat.
  4. Man partially controlled by the Ego, advanced man
    1. The heart.
    2. The throat.
    3. The head, i.e., the four lesser centers and their synthesis, the ajna center.
  5. Spiritual man to the third Initiation.
    1. The heart.
    2. The throat.
    3. The seven head centers.
  6. Spiritual man to the fifth Initiation.
    1. The heart.
    2. The seven head centers.
    3. The two many-petalled lotuses.

All these different periods show different triangular radiations. We must not infer from this that when the fire is centered in one triangle it is not demonstrating in others. Once the fire has free passage along any triangle it flames continuously, but always there is one triangle more radiant and luminous than the others, and it is from these glowing triangles of light, issuing from wheels and vortices of fire, [89] that the clairvoyant and the teachers of the race can appraise a man's position in the scheme of things, and judge of his attainement. At the culmination of life experience, and when man has reached his goal, each triangle is a radiant path of fire, and each center a wheel of living fiery force rotating at terrific speed; the center at this stage not only rotates in a specific direction, but literally turns upon itself, forming a living flaming irisdescent globe of pure fire, and holding within it a certain geometrical shape, yet withal vibrating so rapidly that the eye can scarcely follow it. Above all, at the top of the head will be seen a fiery display that seems to put all the other centers into insignificance; from the heard of this many-petalled lotus issues a flame of fire with the basic hue of man's ray. This flame mounts upward and seems to attract downward a sheet of electric light, which is the downflow form the spirit on the highest plane. This marks the blending of the fires and the deliverance of man from the trammels of matter." (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire p. 169-171)

At present, charts are set up on the basis of the personality condition or of the personality ray, if the astrologer is fortunate enough to know or to guess it accurately; if, however, the subject is an advanced person, then the chart will be frequently wrong as the planets which govern in the case of ordinary or undeveloped man have ceased to influence the spiritual man and the disciple. Average man is primarily conditioned in the events of his physical plane life by the position of the planets in the twelve houses and they are, in their turn, conditioned by certain karmic influences which the advanced man has overcome, or is overcoming. The horoscope will be cast eventually on the basis of the soul ray, and then the zodiacal signs which govern the activities and [90] the influence of the present group of planetary Rulers will be considerably lessened. New planetary potencies (conveying zodiacal energies) will control and take precedence of the old ones, thus putting the man in touch with different forces. Finally the time will come when he will be sensitive to the whole range of vibrations; charts will then be set up which will be called "charts of the crosses" and not simply indications of planetary influences in the twelve houses. I question whether there is any living astrologer capable of doing this as yet. These are the kind of charts by which the Masters gauge Their disciples and they are most interesting; I touched upon them somewhat earlier in this treatise. These "charts of the crosses" are the ones that are prepared prior to the third initiation, at which time the man begins his "approach" to the Cardinal Cross of the heavens. I would here remind you, e'en though it is a piece of useless information, that the fifth major initiation of our planet is the first cosmic initiation, just as the third initiation is the first systemic. The two first initiations are planetary in their implications. The above statement has deep and esoteric astrological significance.

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