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Esoteric Astrology - The Nature of Esoteric Astrology - Spiritual Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations
The man at this stage has within him the potencies and the characteristics of the indwelling Christ, but they are not manifesting and are only latent possibilities for he is as yet entirely controlled by his form nature (the prison) and his environment. The hidden powers of the soul are negative and the powers of the form nature are positive and beginning to find increasingly potent expression. The natural spiritual tendencies of man are inhibited (for Pisces is often a sign of inhibition and hindrances) and the natural animal and personality powers - particularly the emotional - are the obvious and visible qualities of the man. A good deal of symbolism connected with the latent Christ and the outer expressive personality can be seen if a study is made of the Biblical story of Jonah and the whale. I have not time to enlarge upon it here, but it is a parable concerned with the Piscean stage of consciousness and the awakening of the Christ consciousness with the consequent dispute which that entails. Jonah stands for the hidden imprisoned Christ, alive to the perils of the situation, and the whale of large size stands for the bondage of incarnation and for the personality.

It is in this dual sign that the imprisoned soul and the personality enter upon that process which will transmute

  1. The lower nature into the higher manifestation.
  2. The lower psychical powers into the higher spiritual faculties, i.e.
    1. Negativity into positive soul control. [124]
    2. Mediumship into mediatorship.
    3. Clairvoyance into spiritual perception.
    4. Clairaudience into mental telepathy and finally inspiration.
    5. Instinct into intellect.
    6. Selfishness into divine selflessness.
    7. Acquisitiveness into renunciation.
    8. Self-preservation into selfless world service.
    9. Self pity into compassion, sympathy and divine understanding.
  3. Spiritual and mental inhibition into soul expression and mental sensitivity.
  4. Devotion to the needs of the self into developed devotion and response to the needs of humanity.
  5. Attachment to environment and to personality conditions (identification with form) into detachment from form and ability to identify with the soul.

The ordinary low-grade medium is the outstanding example of the worst aspects of Pisces - negativity, impressionability, animal and emotional sensitivity with complete undevelopment of the mental principle. It would be of interest to find out two things scientifically:

  1. Whether the majority of the lowest kind of medium (trance mediums in particular) have Pisces dominant in some powerful manner in their charts.
  2. Whether those mediums who are becoming more positive and more self-controlled and who are beginning to get a glimpse of the higher correspondences in their work - mediatorship and interpretive activity - have not got Virgo appearing somewhere with real potency [125] and activity. This might indicate the awakening of the mind, in the first instance, and eventually that there was a shift in the influence controlling them, from the orthodox planetary rulership to that of the more esoteric planets. It might be added that spiritualism and the work of the spiritualistic movement are under the influence of Pisces with Cancer rising, or in some stages with the reverse - Cancer with Pisces rising.

As regards the rays which express themselves through the planetary rulers and which absorb or collaborate with the influences of the sign Pisces and thus influence our planet and humanity, we find a most interesting situation. Two major rays express themselves through the rulers of Pisces, orthodox and esoteric: The first Ray of Will or Power, focused through Pluto, and the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. It is the interplay of these dual potencies which:

  1. Produces the duality of this sign.
  2. Brings about the major problem of Pisces - psychic sensitivity.
  3. Causes the lure of the Path, in the first instance the path of evolution and later the lure of the probationary path with the consequence that transference to the Fixed Cross (which is all that we can intelligently comprehend) begins really in Pisces; though impulsed (if I may use such a word) in Aries it begins and ends in Pisces.
  4. Precipitates the process of transmutation and eventual escape through death.
  5. Unfolds the significance, activity and beauty of death and of the work of the destroyer. [126]
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