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Esoteric Astrology - The Nature of Esoteric Astrology - Spiritual Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations
I would like to touch upon another interesting point which will serve to demonstrate the potency of Scorpio and its energies in the life of the disciple. Scorpio is one of the four arms of the Fixed Cross of the heavens, as you well know. Upon that Cross, the correctly poised man stands right at the center where the four arms meet and, therefore, at the point where the energy of all the four signs and of their ruling planets can pour through him and evoke the needed reactions, produce the conditions wherein test is possible and so bring about the necessary reversal of the life currents in the man's nature and place him upon the reversed wheel. The planets which will rule and condition him in some aspect or other of his nature are:
Planet Sign Ray School
1. Venus Taurus 5th Orthodox
2. Vulcan Taurus 1st Hierarchical. Esoteric
3. The Sun Leo 2nd All three
4. Mars Scorpio 6th Orthodox and Esoteric
5. Mercury Scorpio 4th Hierarchical
6. Uranus Aquarius 7th Orthodox
7. Jupiter Aquarius 2nd Esoteric
8. The Moon Aquarius 4th Hierarchical
From this tabulation, it will appear that the influence of only one ray, that of the third Ray of Active Intelligence, [222] is missing. All the other rays pour through, vertically and horizontally, into the man's nature and his environment. Life, quality and appearance are all tested, but as the entire experience has to be fought out subjectively and lifted "up into the air" finally and raised into the world of spiritual values where all problems must be solved in the light of the intuition and by the soul, the stimulation of the intellect and the focusing of the disciple's attention upon the physical plane (the world of material values) is not desirable. Therefore, the influence of the third ray is omitted or "occultly deflected," as it is called, except in so far that the substance of the brain is automatically conditioned by the third ray which is the subconscious ruler of matter. This pouring in of six potencies is that which provides the setting and conditions of the tests; all these ray energies express themselves as the active subrays of the ray upon which the soul of the disciple is found; hence the necessity to ascertain the ray of the soul, prior to casting the horoscope and setting up the chart.

This brings me to two points about which I would like to speak a word. In dealing with the horoscope of the personality and with the average non-aspiring man, the astrologer should endeavor to discover the personality ray from a study of character, of the physical indications, of the emotional qualities, of the type of mind and the nature of the environment. He will then be able to lay out a far more useful chart with the orthodox planets ruling the life. In the case of the horoscope of a disciple, he should do the same, endeavoring to discover the ray of the soul. The soul ray only sets its mark and emphasizes its quality and nature in the case of advanced people, and when that emerges clearly, the man is obviously a disciple and the esoteric planets will then govern his chart. Having determined [223] the ray of the man undergoing tests in Scorpio, the astrologer can then place the other rays in relation to him and his probable experience.

The other point to which I sought to refer is the constant use of the word "relation" or "relationship" and analogous phrases. This is unavoidable for the reason that the entire Science of Astrology is, in the last analysis, the Science of Relations and there is consequently no use in avoiding the term, especially when there is no other which seems to meet the requirements as adequately. Interrelation, interdependence, inter-communication, interplay - these are words governing the scientific basis of astrology, and they are beginning to be words in general use today in connection with human affairs and human conduct. This will be increasingly the case. The preparatory stages for world fusion, blending and synthesis are present at this time, and in this fact lies the hope of the world and the surety of the ultimate solution of the world problem along right lines.

In connection with the vertical and the horizontal life of the Fixed Cross, it is instructive to note that the vertical life of the man upon that Cross (no matter in what sign his sun may temporarily find position), is ever Aquarius-Leo. This indicates that the self-centered individual in Leo learns the lesson of the Cross and becomes decentralized, group conscious, and given to service. The horizontal arm is Taurus-Scorpio, indicating that desire for materiality is finally superseded by desire for the spiritual values, and this is demonstrated through the tests in Scorpio. Earth and water (Taurus and Scorpio) must be blended and related and it is this truth connected with these two signs of the zodiac which lies behind all teaching upon baptism and purification. The earthly material desires of Taurus must in [224] due time be brought under the influence of the purifying water in Scorpio. Baptism by water (a name for the second initiation) needs a preparatory period of testing and purification, and this the experience in Scorpio is intended to give. Likewise, fire and air (Aquarius and Leo) must also be blended and thus the four elements as well as six out of the seven rays must all play their part in conditioning the man in Scorpio for the final stages of the Path.

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