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Esoteric Astrology - The Nature of Esoteric Astrology - Spiritual Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations
It is because - speaking in parables - the light of Cancer is only diffused, vague and inchoate that the influences of the first Ray of Focused Intention and of purposeful Will and of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom (recognized duality and gained experience) are found to be missing. Their influences are not present, except in so far that love and purpose underlie all manifestation. But they are not focused in this [331] sign. Only five rays play through this constellation which even at a relatively high point of development and upon the returning wheel preserves ever the mass relationship for the benefit of the incarnating individual and in order to guarantee the ultimate salvation of substance itself. Human beings, without initiated vision, are apt to interpret all the signs and their effects in terms of individual man, whereas the purpose of their coordinated influence is both planetary, solar and cosmic. The initiate who has taken the three lower initiations is occupied henceforth with the effects of the cosmic influences upon the planet and incidentally upon the fourth kingdom in nature and with the higher mental study of their effects as they produce basic and fundamental changes in the systemic life which, in its turn, affects our planet, its kingdoms in nature and incidentally human beings. You can see from this, therefore, that as the evolutionary changes are brought about and as human, planetary and solar consciousness progressively develops, the influences pouring from the constellations, via their intermediaries, the planets, will produce very diverse changes and significant happenings to which man will consciously or unconsciously respond according to his point of development. The response of the individual Cancer subject to the incoming influences and to his environment will be different to those of the disciple or initiate and these again will differ in every sign, thus rounding out human development. Here again is a point which astrologers will have later to take into consideration. I would here like to give you a tabulation which will indicate somewhat the nature of the response of the man during the three stages of his development - undeveloped, advanced and upon the Path - to the various influences to which he is subjected when he enters into physical plane existence through the open door of Cancer, and proceeds then through all the signs. [332] [333]
Sign Undeveloped Man Advanced Man Disciple Initiate
1. Aries, Keynote: Aries turns towards Capricorn
Blind, undirected experience Directed Personality effort Recognition and work with the Plan
Instinctual reaction Desire Will
2. Taurus, Keynote: Taurus rushes blindly until Sagittarius directs
Selfish desire Aspiration Illumined living
The Light of Earth The Light of Love The Light of Life
3. Gemini, Keynote: Gemini moves towards Libra
Mutation of relation Orientation of Right relation
"I serve myself" "I serve my brother" "I serve the One"
4. Cancer, Keynote: Cancer visions life in Leo
The blind unit is lost The unit awakes to that which is around The Whole is seen as one
The Mass The House Humanity
5. Leo, Keynote: Leo seeks release in Scorpio
The Lower Self The Higher Self The One Self
The hidden point The revealing point The relinquished point
6. Virgo, Keynote: Virgo hides the light which irradiates the world in Aquarius
The germinating energy The creative force The Christ activity
The Mother The Protector The Light
7. Libra, Keynote: Libra relates the two in Gemini
Unbalanced fiery passion The weighing of the opposites Balance attained. Divine Love
Human love Devotion and aspiration Understanding
8. Scorpio, Keynote: Scorpio stages the release of Leo
Unity of selfishness Conflict with duality Higher unity
The Monster The Fighter The Disciple
9. Sagittarius, Keynote: Sagittarius, the disciple becomes the Savior in Pisces
Self-centeredness One-pointedness The Director of men
Experimental approach Directed Approach The controller of the Gate
10. Capricorn, Keynote: Capricorn consummates the work of Scorpio
The earth bound soul The one who crosses the water The Conqueror of Death
Fluid Initiated
11. Aquarius, Keynote: Aquarius releases Virgo from her load
All things to all men Dedication to the soul The Server of all men
The burden of the self The burden of humanity The burden of the world
12. Pisces, Keynote: Pisces takes from all the signs
Responsiveness to environment Sensitivity to the soul Spiritual responsability
The medium The Mediator The Savior [334]
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