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Esoteric Astrology - The Nature of Esoteric Astrology - Spiritual Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations
Gemini, the Twins

In the consideration of the remaining signs there will be relatively less to say than before, because I have already pointed out many facts and points when dealing with their polar opposites. Much, therefore, that can be said about [344] the sign Gemini has been dealt with under Sagittarius; Virgo and Pisces have also been considered in relation to this sign, because all these four signs form together the Mutable Cross. A certain amount of repetition is necessary and often helpful; it serves to clarify and reinforce when one is teaching, but I would like now to be more general and - in dealing with these three signs which indicate the subjective realities which incite the form-taking in Cancer - to consider predisposing causes more than detailed and more easily ascertained facts.

In this world cycle, Gemini, Taurus and Aries are three subjective energies or the three conditioning signs which lie behind manifestation. They lie behind the form-taking experience in Cancer and they also lie behind manifestation in Pisces. Pisces is the sign with which the modern world (and by that I refer to an immense long period of time) is primarily concerned, for Pisces is the starting point on the clockwise wheel at this time for the greater zodiacal round of approximately 25,000 years - the date of which beginning is not yet revealed to the modern astrologer or subject to revelation through his science. As we study Gemini and Taurus (Aries we have already considered) let us bear in mind their cause-initiating nature and the fact that they have a more specifically psychic effect and subjective influence than their strictly phenomenal and physical effects would lead one to imagine.

You will find, I think, that it is these hints and suggestions which are of the most importance in launching and in utilizing the new esoteric astrology. Students would do well to isolate first of all the broad general statements anent the zodiacal signs and influence before they take up the intensive study of the detailed and new informative suggestions which I may have given. A grasp of the universals, [345] prior to a study of the particulars, is ever a wise occult procedure.

In each of the Crosses of the Heavens there is one sign and influence which, in any world cycle, dominates the other three. Such dominating effects necessarily change when a world cycle changes, but for the present cycle, Gemini determines the paramount influence within the fourfold influence of the Mutable Cross. The main objective of these four energies is to produce that constant flux and periodic change in time and space which will provide a field of adequate experience for the unfoldment of the Christ life and consciousness. This is the case cosmically speaking, and also from the standpoint of a solar system, of a planet and of a human being. The field of development for the lower three kingdoms is dependent upon the status and energy-distributing power of humanity as a whole. We might, therefore, recognize the following facts anent the Mutable Cross:

  • Gemini - This is the force which produces the changes needed for the evolution of the Christ consciousness at any particular point in time and space. It is always compatible to the requirement.
  • Virgo - This is the nurturing force of substance itself, subject to the nine cyclic changes of the cosmic gestation period; it fosters and protects the embryonic Christ life, preparing for manifestation or a divine incarnation.
  • Sagittarius - Is the energetic activity of the life force, demonstrating at the sixth month, when - esoterically speaking - the three aspects of the form nature and the three aspects of the soul are integrated and functioning. It is this integration which sometimes makes the sixth month of physical human gestation so critical.
  • Pisces - This is the life expression and active appearance [346] of the Christ consciousness in form; it is also the energetic appearance (symbolically speaking) of a world savior.

This Mutable Cross is, therefore, peculiarly a Christian symbol and significantly connected with the Christ life and with the unfoldment of a world savior and is particularly potent during the anti-clockwise turning of the Great Wheel. This fact will emerge more clearly when astrologers are able to determine accurately the point of development and the spiritual status of the subject whose horoscope is under consideration. The formless nature of the influences of Gemini is strikingly borne out if the significance of Masonry is studied. This worldwide institution was - as I have earlier told you - organized under the influence and impulse of this sign and is governed by it in a most unusual manner. The format or exoteric symbolism of Masonry has frequently been changed during the millenia of years through which it has been active. Its present Jewish coloring is relatively modern and not necessarily enduring, but its significance and its history of unfoldment are the history of the indwelling Christ consciousness and of that inner light, and this must unalterably be continued. That which has entered through the two pillars of Hercules, the disciples (Jachin and Boaz), and through the sign Gemini, has entered to stay.

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