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Esoteric Astrology - The Nature of Esoteric Astrology - Spiritual Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations
A close consideration of what I have said above will serve to emphasize in your consciousness the importance of this constellation, Gemini, and the inner significance of the Mutable Cross. All the constellations on this Cross mark points of change or are the custodians of those energies which produce the needed periods of reorientation, preparatory to fresh developments and new activities. It might be of interest if I pointed out that:
  1. The Mutable Cross - brings about those conditions which will produce great periods of change in the life of the planet, of a kingdom in nature or of a human being. Mercury plays a part in this.
  2. The Fixed Cross - brings about, as a sequence, to these inner changes, certain great Points of crisis which are unavoidable and present definite opportunity. Saturn is dominant in bringing this about.
  3. The Cardinal Cross - is responsible for bringing about certain great points of synthesis, as a consequence of both change and crisis. Jupiter is responsible for the focusing of energies at this point.

I will enlarge upon this later, but the above will give you (even in this brief form) certain positive ideas of great importance, and will indicate certain situations which can be looked for in the lives of those whose Sun is in one or other of these signs and on one or other of these Crosses. [351]

In the expression of the activity of this sign of duality, it is subjective energy we must consider as it produces objective effects. This sign controls esoterically the heart of our solar system and thus controls the pulsation of life which sustains all that is. Gemini is, therefore, connected with the heart of the Sun, just as Cancer is related to the physical Sun and Aquarius to the central spiritual Sun. Here again, you have a significant triangle of a cosmic nature, the energies of which are focused through the three aspects of the Sun in a most mysterious fashion:

  1. Cancer - physical Sun - 3rd aspect - intelligent activity of the Whole.
  2. Gemini - heart of the Sun - 2nd aspect - love of the Whole.
  3. Aquarius - central spiritual Sun - 1st aspect - the will of the Whole.

Through these signs the three major aspects of divinity are at this time focused. In casting the horoscope of the planet (a thing that has never yet been accurately done, owing to the lack of data available to the exoteric astrologer) it is the influence of these three constellations which will be found of dominating importance. In Cancer, you have the intelligent synthetic consciousness of the mass, viewing it from the consciousness of matter itself and the awareness of all forms and atoms; in Gemini, you have an emerging recognition of duality, leading to experience and growth in all separate intelligent forms; in Aquarius, you have the results of the activity of Cancer and Gemini, producing a higher synthesis and a universal group awareness. This the intelligent student can trace with moderate facility in relation to humanity, but it applies equally to all forms in all kingdoms of nature and also to planetary and solar expression. The proved reality of this is one of the developments of the initiatory process at the end of the long, long path [352] of evolution. Attraction and repulsion are therefore conditioning factors in our solar life, and this conditioning reaches us through Gemini. It is the effect of a cosmic energy at present unknown to humanity. The waxing and the waning light which distinguishes soul experience from the first faint move towards incarnation and Earth experience, the rise and fall of civilizations and the growth and unfoldment of all cyclic manifestations are produced by the "interplay between the two brothers," as it is called. In that far-off time when the greater round of the zodiac was started in Gemini, as now it is in Pisces, there was a relation between the waxing and the waning moon, due to the pulsating power of Gemini. This is now greatly lessened, owing to the removal of the responsive life from the Moon, but the rhythm then set up still remains, producing the same basic illusion. I am talking here in terms of ancient facts and not in terms of reflection, as is now the case. I refer to realities and not to shadows.

Gemini, as you may now begin to grasp, is related to the etheric body; it is the custodian of conditioning energy and the intermediary, as far as basic essentials are concerned, between soul and body. These are the two allied brothers. In the average person, the etheric vehicle is the transmitter of psychic energy, galvanizing and coordinating the dense physical body and permitting, therefore, astral and mental control of the personality. When the man is upon the Path of Discipleship and, therefore, upon the reversed wheel, leading to initiation, the etheric body becomes the transmitter of soul energy and not of personality force; the powerful effect of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom - working through the subjective six rays, according to ray type - begins steadily to dominate the vital body, producing consequently the shift of force and of intensity to the [353] centers above the diaphragm. The power of the personality lessens and wanes whilst that of the soul waxes and grows. There is much to be learned from the study of the dual activity - higher and lower - of the etheric body and its relation to and responsiveness to the constellation, Gemini, but it is too abstruse for the ordinary student. It is nevertheless an esoteric fact to be borne in mind and will be some day of real service to the astrology of the future, for some day astrology will be lifted up to a higher plane. True interpretation will come and true healing in all departments of human living through a proper understanding of the available potencies and energies pouring into the planet at any particular time.

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