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Esoteric Astrology - The Nature of Esoteric Astrology - Spiritual Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations
In the polar opposite of this sign, Sagittarius, the interplay between the two brothers or between the lower and the higher selves, is focused or conditioned into one united and directed effort. The versatile changeable man becomes the self-directed disciple, one-pointed in effort, yet preserving all the versatility earlier developed but controlling and governing the tendency to fluidity, to lost motion and to misdirected change. I dealt with much of this when we were studying the sign Sagittarius, and it is, therefore, unnecessary to repeat it here.

It is of great interest to the initiate or to the advanced disciple to realize that in this sign no planet either falls or is exalted. The clue to this mystery lies hid in the fact that, in the intermediate stage between Gemini and Sagittarius, equilibrium, balance, fusion and blending are the objectives of the struggling and almost blinded conscious entity. He must achieve harmony with a consequent avoidance of all extremes. The seven signs - inclusive of Gemini and Sagittarius - are of extreme importance where humanity is concerned:

  • Gemini - Subjective in nature. Vital. Is not focused upon the physical plane. Is focused upon the mortal brother.
  • Cancer - Leo - Virgo - Libra - Scorpio
    Are strictly human signs with their recognition of duality, emphasized in the central sign Virgo. [369]
  • Sagittarius - Subjective in nature. Vital. Is not focused in consciousness upon the physical plane. Is focused upon the immortal brother.

In Sagittarius the same condition is found. No planet is exalted and no planet falls. Mercury is, however, in detriment or its influence is lessened. In Gemini, the above is true of Jupiter. Why this is so, is, esoterically speaking, one of the secrets of initiation. The clue to the mystery lies in the basic, spiritual dualism of Jupiter in contradistinction to the body-soul dualism of Gemini; in Sagittarius, the dualism of Mercury as it expresses itself in the lower-higher mind is transcended by the universal or spiritual mind. More than this hint is not at this time possible.

In connection with the decanates and their rulers, it is interesting to find that Sepharial and Alan Leo give entirely different ruling planets, and yet both are right. Uniquely for him, Sepharial gives the three planets of Jupiter, Mars and the Sun, and thus indicates those which are the esoteric rulers of the sign upon the wheel of discipleship. Usually his choice is exoteric and not esoteric. Leo, in this case, gives Mercury, Venus and Saturn, and these three govern the wheel of ordinary life. Between them, they cover the wheel as it turns in both directions. You will note how two out of the governing planets of the decanates in the case of the ordinary wheel serve to enhance the planetary rulers of the sign, Gemini with Saturn offering at a certain fairly advanced stage the opposition needed to bring about a basic revolution. Note this phrasing. The entire question of the revolving wheel with its dual action and its dual effect upon consciousness (and therefore the whole problem of the three decans and their rulers in each sign of the zodiac) must remain a difficult and abstruse problem until [370] such time as astrologers have developed a four-dimensional consciousness and know the true meaning of the Biblical phrase: the "wheel turning upon itself." In reality, the wheel does not turn like a wheel in a car either forward or the reverse. It turns every way and both ways simultaneously. This fact is, as yet, an impossible one for the human consciousness to grasp. The complexity involved in the progress through the decans - conditioning also the rulers - is to be found to be based upon this multiple action of the wheel. The wheel, therefore, moves not only clockwise, but both ways at once and also at right angles to itself.

The obviousness of the meaning of the two Words for this sign requires from me no elucidation. For the ordinary man the Word goes forth

  • "Let instability do its work"

but for the disciple the Word is uttered by the soul itself:

  • "I recognize my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow."

Fluidity, recognition of duality, soul control! These are the keynotes of this sign, and should be the keynote of your life, for whether you are in this sign in this life, it has at some time and many times conditioned your experience, and the results are marked in the life of the advanced disciple.

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