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Esoteric Astrology - The Science of Triangles - Introductory Remarks
Students would find it of interest to make the following applications of these great cyclic events to their own "appearance" and functioning processes in time and space:
  1. The succession of the greater rounds of the zodiac or a period of cycles of approximately 250,000 years has a correspondence to the life cycle of the Monad.
  2. The progress of the Sun as it passes through the signs in the zodiac during one of these 25,000 year cycles finds its analogy in the life cycle of the ego or soul.
  3. The lesser zodiac covered - from the angle of extreme illusion - in the course of one year, corresponds to the life of the personality.

In considering these points it should always be remembered that great shifts in consciousness, or great expansions of awareness, are followed inevitably by upheaval in the outer forms. This is true in the life of the solar Deity, of a planetary [411] Logos, of humanity as a whole and of a man. Hence again today's world problem. A major event such as a change in the axis of the Earth is related to an initiation of the planetary Logos. Students can here note, therefore, the relation to the individual life as it shifts its consciousness steadily in the vital unfolding processes of the Path of Discipleship and of Initiation. Earlier in this treatise I referred to a fact which must always be borne in mind and that is that the great energies, playing upon our planet, exert a hindering or a stimulating effect. They are either retarding in their effects, producing concretion, crystallization and a holding back or on to that which is old and of the past, or they stimulate and produce fluidity, enlargement and expansion. The careful student of human affairs will note this as he studies the events which are today passing before his eyes.

Speaking with a wide generalization, it might be said that the three major groups of forces affecting our planet are zodiacal, systemic and planetary in nature and - again generalizing - it might also be said that:

  1. Zodiacal energies pass through Shamballa and are related to the first Ray of Will or Power and affect the Monad.
  2. Systemic energies pass through the Hierarchy and are related to the second Ray of Love-Wisdom or (as it is oft called in esoteric astrology) the Ray of Attractive Coherency and affect the soul.
  3. Planetary forces impinge upon and pass through humanity and are related to the third Ray of Active Intelligence and affect the personality.

To this I earlier referred, but have restated it here as I seek to have it definitely in your minds as we go forward [412] with our new studies. You have here a major trinity of energies, emerging out of a vast and incomprehensible aggregation of forces and energies which stands to them as the One Life stands to this lesser important triangle.

It must also be remembered that this triple group of energies produces differing effects according to the type of mechanism (itself dependent upon the point in evolution and the stage of development) upon which it impinges. The effect, for instance, of zodiacal and systemic force upon a sacred or a non-sacred planet is widely distinctive, just as the effect of these energies as they make their impact upon man will depend upon whether response is evoked from the monad, the ego or the personality, whether they impinge upon the mass consciousness, the self-conscious unit or the illumined consciousness of humanity, or whether in fact - as far as man is concerned - they play upon unevolved man, upon evolved man or upon disciples and initiates. The type of mechanism, and the quality of the consciousness determines reception and response. This is a statement of basic importance and until astrologers can arrive at the point of development where the world of true meaning is open to them and where the scope of their consciousness is widely inclusive, it will not be possible for them to be truly accurate in their interpretations of group or individual horoscopes. I am bringing this point up as the whole science of Triangles relates entirely to subjective energies as they condition the consciousness and not to the conditioning brought about by the same energies upon the outer forms upon the physical plane.

You may here rightly remark that "as a man thinketh so is he" and that this expression of energy will amount to the same thing in the last analysis. But this is not exactly true. The response of humanity or of the individual man [413] to the inner thought life and to the subjective consciousness is not immediate. It takes much time (especially in the early stages), for an idea to work through into the mind and from thence to the brain, conditioning the emotional nature in its progress and processes. Several lives may, therefore, be given to the registering of the effects of these energies upon the thought life and the response of the physical plane life once they are comprehended. It is for this reason that I have stated that the Science of the Triangles underlies the whole system of astrology and is only now in process of revelation. Bear in mind that the effect of these energies which we shall be considering and of their triple relationship will be in the realm of ideas and in the world of consciousness and its expansion, and will embrace, therefore, the sentient thought life of a solar Logos, of a planetary Logos, of humanity and of man.

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