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Esoteric Astrology - The Science of Triangles - Triangles of Energy - Constellations
Behind these concepts of the relation existing in time and space between the constellations of the Great Bear, the Pleiades and the sun, Sirius, and our solar system, there exists, it must be remembered, an immense series of interlocking triangles between the stars which compose these constellations interiorly and our solar system. You have, therefore, a relationship between:
  1. The seven stars, composing the Great Bear.
  2. The seven stars, composing the Pleiades, sometimes called the seven "sisters" or "wives" of the Rishis or informing Lives of the Great Bear.
  3. The sun, Sirius.

These compose major triangles of force and all are held within the radius of the Life of that Great Being Whose expressed, manifested intention is brought into being through the medium of these three related groups and our solar system. As hinted by me in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, these four groups of stars constitute the manifested aspect or personality of a great and unknown Life.

I seek in this connection to give only a general picture because, with these cosmic triangles, I have no intention to deal. We will only consider those constellations within the greater zodiac which are known by astrologers to have a definite effect upon humanity and our planetary life.

Therefore, in studying these triangles, we will make (for our guidance) certain rules which, under the Law of Analogy, may facilitate our comprehension of the underlying meaning and truths. [420]

  1. All triangles studied will be regarded as expressing:
    1. A major conditioning energy, producing manifestation.
      This corresponds to the Monad aspect.
    2. A secondary qualifying energy producing consciousness.
      This corresponds to the Ego or Soul aspect.
    3. A lesser expression of force, producing tangibility.
      This corresponds to the Personality aspect.
  2. These three energies will be related, therefore, to the three aspects of manifested life. These have been termed throughout this treatise: Life, Quality and Appearance.
  3. These energies change within, themselves and sometimes one will strike the dominating note and sometimes another; sometimes a secondary energy will become a major conditioning force and sometimes the lesser expression will come to the top and become, for the cycle, the outstanding characteristic of the triangle. Such cosmic events are governed by a great Law of Expediency, evoked by the evolutionary process and incident also to zodiacal movement and its own interior mathematical conditioning - a subject of such vast dimensions and mystery that no Life within our solar system has more than sensed its significance. The cyclic expression of life is dependent upon constant mutation and infinitely changing processes.
  4. The statements made by me in this attempt - for it is little more - to indicate the main lines of approach to the new science of esoteric astrology, may not yet be capable of any proof. Later on such proof will be available. All that I can ask of you at this time is to be [421] interested in the presentation, to strive to see the general picture I am seeking to present and to grasp somewhat the relative synthesis which underlies all manifestation. Starting from that which is today accepted, be willing to move on from there into new fields of possibility and of sensed probability. Time will justify the information I ask you to accept as hypothesis.

Next I will deal with analysis of three groups of triangles which are of major importance to humanity at this time and which follow upon information earlier given. These groups of triangles emanate energies which reach through space to the individual man and, therefore, cannot be ignored. They are:

The Great Baer The Pleiades Sirius
Transmit energy via:
Leo Capricorn Pisces
These transmit energy via:
Saturn Mercury Uranus
Reaching the following center:
Planetary head center Planetary ajna center Planetary heart
From thence to:
Disciple's head center Disciple's ajna center Disciple's heart center
and eventually control:
The base of the spine The throat center the solar plexus
I will also take up with you some of the points and indications which are hinted at in Tabulation IX, relating to the twelve signs of the zodiac, to be found on page 423. Certain major streams of conditioning energies will be seen related to each other and to our Earth and these fall into two groups:
  1. The ray energies which we are told emanate from the Great Bear in seven great out-raying streams of force. [422]
  2. The inherent energies of the twelve constellations which blend with the ray energies, producing the essential dualism of manifested life, and incidentally are responsible for the peculiar difficulties confronting humanity on the arc of evolutionary experience upon our planet.
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