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Esoteric Astrology - The Science of Triangles - Triangles of Energy - Constellations
At this time, I purpose to trace certain major conditioning streams of energy, as they proceed forth from their emanating source - via certain constellations and planets - to the Earth and, from within the radius of the Earth, reach the individual disciple, again via certain major planetary [424] centers. In this way that great Synthesis (which is qualified Life in appearance or manifestation) can be seen in definite activity, producing solar, planetary and individual effects and thus demonstrating that intricate relation which unites the human atom to the great Lives Who are the sumtotal of that which is manifested.

The analogy between the microcosm and macrocosm will, therefore, be helpful, and the relation of a cell or atom in one of the abdominal organs (for instance) to the soul on its own plane will illustrate with accuracy a still greater relationship and interplay. In this interplay of Lives and Their emanating streams of forces and energies and in the major determining life activities of That in which all forms - including the human - live and move and have their being is to be found the inevitability of ultimate achievement, the unalterability of law and the expression finally of divine unchangeable Purpose. In the evolutionary effects of this relation of Life to Form is to be found also the undeviating way of an expanding, ever-unfolding consciousness - whether it be macrocosmic or microcosmic. Hence, the Will of God moves the worlds and the Love of God determines results.

In this consideration of the basic Science of Triangles (I had well nigh said "in the contemplation of the basic Science of Triangles," for that is what it necessarily should be if understanding is to be the real reward of our efforts) the relation of the three basic energies affecting our solar system and the predominant effect of one of them in any cyclic expression in time and space must always be borne in mind. One illustration of this normally emerges in our minds if it be remembered that in this world cycle in our systemic manifestation it is the second or consciousness aspect (that of the second Logos) which is the dominant [425] conditioning factor, which sets the note for evolutionary development and which engrosses the attention of the evolving human units. This is the case even when other factors are present and active. Therefore, all approaches to truth and to knowledge must, in this cycle, be in consciousness. In another cycle such an approach may be focused in the will or even in some already present but unrealized divine attribute, for which we have as yet no name. All that any man can consequently bring to the comprehension of life experience or to the understanding of such an occult science as the Science of Triangles is a consciousness which is developed to a certain definite and personal point of perception or awareness. This point of perception is itself dependent upon individual unfoldment and also upon the state of awareness of humanity as a whole. This connotes two different though interrelated conditions of perception.

Speaking technically, perception and response or the activity of the perceiving, observing consciousness - carried on through the medium of the mechanism of response - is dependent upon the condition or "aliveness" of the centers or their quiescence. This is true of a man galvanized into activity through his seven centers, of a planetary Logos functioning through seven planetary centers, of a solar Logos functioning through still greater centers of vibratory reaction, or still greater Lives, functioning through an aggregate of solar systems. Upon this activity and its understanding depends the whole science of astrology; in this statement I give you a clue which may some day revolutionize the present approach to astrology.

The twelve signs of the zodiac fall into two groups of signs, and their related synthesis has much to do with the Science of Triangles. They are: [426]

1. Seven signs related to the unfoldment of planetary consciousness upon Earth and only incidentally involving the fourth Creative Hierarchy, the Human Hierarchy.

2. Five signs related to the unfoldment, in time and space, of the Human Hierarchy. These five signs are of major conditioning importance and may be enumerated as follows:

  1. Cancer
  2. Leo
  3. Scorpio
  4. Capricorn
  5. Pisces

These five signs are related in the planetary sense to the five great races of which our present race, the Aryan, is the fifth. These five races, under the influence of the five signs, produce the externalizations which are called the five continents - Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, America. These five continents are to the planetary Life what five major endocrine glands are to the human being. They are related to five centers.

All these appearances, expressions of qualities and material evidences of life are the symbols or outer and visible signs of inner and spiritual realities or of Life, whatever you may mean by that term. For our purposes, we could define Life as the energy emanating from certain great Lives Who stand behind our solar system as its life and source, much as the Monad stands behind the appearance of a man upon the physical plane or of the soul upon its own level. Man, it might be stated, is the expression of seven principles and of the life expression or activity of five planes. In this 7 + 5 is to be found the clue to the mystery of the seven and the five zodiacal constellations. [427]

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