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Esoteric Astrology - The Science of Triangles - Triangles of Energy - Constellations
A study of this tabulation will demonstrate that there will be found a structure therein of many triangles of force; some of these are cosmic, some zodiacal, others systemic, still others planetary and their reflections in the etheric body of the disciples of the world of all grades. Through the great triangle of Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity, cosmic, zodiacal and systemic force is focused and these three become, in their turn, a macrocosmic triangle of energies in relation to the individual human being upon the planet. You have, therefore, the following lines of transmission of force:
  • Shamballa - Head center - Base of spine.
  • Hierarchy - Heart center - Solar plexus.
  • Humanity - Ajna center - Throat.

One major center is here omitted because it is primarily related to the physical body and its expression of life perpetuation. That is the sacral center. Just as the physical body is regarded by true esotericists as not a principle so the sacral center is regarded as "a necessary evocation between that which is high and that which is low, and between that which is sounded forth from the center in the throat and that which replies to a deeply sounded note."

In this connection there is an interesting triangle of energy formed by: [429]

  1. The egoic lotus.
  2. The throat center.
  3. The sacral center.

This triangle when functioning produces a subsidiary triangle of force which is formed by:

  1. The throat center.
  2. The sacral center.
  3. The physical body - symbolized by the organs of reproduction.

Let me pause a moment here to point out that in this study of the Triangles it is not possible for us to do more than study certain of the major groups of triangles and a few of the most important triangles where humanity itself is concerned. It is of value for human beings to realize that there are other evolutions and other forms of logoic expression of equal importance to their own. There is, in truth, a veritable multiplicity of triangles. For the triangle is the basic geometric form of all manifestation and it is to be seen (by those who have eyes to see) underlying the entire fabric of manifestation, whether it is the manifestation of a solar system, the manifestation of the zodiacal round, the cosmic triplicities or the tiny reflection of this divine triple whole which we call man. When the human being is manifest but is not yet truly manifested, the triangles which symbolize this manifestation are the two eyes and the third eye:

  1. The right eye - the eye of buddhi, of wisdom and of vision.
  2. The left eye - the eye of mind, of the common sense and of sight. [430]
  3. The eye of Shiva - the all-seeing eye, the eye which directs the will and purposes of Deity.

These three are, in reality,

  1. The eye of the Father - carrying light from the Great Bear.
  2. The eye of the Son - carrying light from Sirius.
  3. The eye of the Mother - carrying light from the Pleiades.

and it is this latter "light energy" which is necessarily peculiarly active when the sign of Taurus is dominant in any planetary and individual horoscope.

In some unusual manner (from the human angle), all that concerns the development of mankind has been - down the ages - expressed by him in terms of illumination and knowledge, in terms of sight and of the entrance of light, thus leading to revelation and (incidentally) to the true theme of astrological interpretation. From this peculiar angle, therefore, we can approach the great Triangles with which we are today concerned and deal also with their significance in terms of Light.

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