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Esoteric Astrology - The Science of Triangles - Triangles of Energy - Constellations
Again and repeatedly, students must remind themselves that we are considering the impact of energy upon energy units (all qualified and producing appearance) and with the response of those energy units to the streams of force which reach them from "the furthest center." It is in the development of response to distant points of contact and [434] emanating sources of energy that the needed sensitivity is produced. Sensitivity, generally speaking, is of a threefold nature:
  1. Sensitivity to that which is found within oneself. This, when the consciousness is adequately self-sufficient, opens a door for the entrance of energies coming from the "middle center." I speak in symbols and for those whose knowledge of cosmic location and of points in time and space will enable them to comprehend; to the uninitiate, I simply say, "Respond to soul impact."
  2. Sensitivity to that which emanates from the "centers left behind" or to those streams of vital energy which lie active and focused below the threshold of the waking consciousness. They stir the threads of memory; they draw backward the glances (and there lies magic in the energy of the eye) of the onward moving Point, the Pilgrim on his way; they condition through ancient habit the responsiveness of the units in the form.
  3. A developed sensitivity which emerges from the "furthest center" at first unconsciously employed and later consciously directed and attuned - a fully magnetic and attractive sensitivity. Forget not that true interplay imposes the condition of reciprocity and that the two points or termini of a line eventually vibrate in unison.

A consideration of a hint given earlier as to the symbolism and significance of the three eyes available for man's use will be found illuminating and their relation to the heart and throat will prove evocative of knowledge. They relate to the three centers above referred to and in their wider connotation relate to the three planetary centers: Humanity, Hierarchy and Shamballa; further back still lies a relation to the cosmic centers of the Great Bear, Sirius and [435] the Pleiades. In between these planetary centers to which I have referred and their distant cosmic archetypes lie three systemic centers which at this time and under cyclic law are Saturn, Uranus and Mercury. In between these again are to be found a zodiacal triangle of Leo, Pisces and Capricorn. For purposes of our immediate consideration the following three triangles are, therefore, to be found:

Three Triangles

1. Leo - Saturn - Shamballa.
2. Pisces - Uranus - Hierarchy.
3. Capricorn - Mercury - Humanity.

When the significance of this is grasped, the following interesting points will appear. I give them to you for what they are worth to you and that worth is dependent upon the goal ahead of you, and where you stand today in time and space.

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