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Esoteric Astrology - The Science of Triangles - Triangles of Energy - Constellations
Triangle One is produced by the interrelation of energies from Leo, Saturn and Shamballa. Its potency is naturally felt more directly in the triangle of the Hierarchy than in that of Humanity. These three energies are sometimes called (in an effort to make understanding more easy and to simplify comprehension) the "triple energy of WILL":
  1. The will of self-determination - Leo.
  2. The will of sacrifice - Pisces.
  3. The will to choose - Capricorn.

because the Shamballa force lies behind the other two triangles and is the recipient of energy from the three above constellations, blending them into the united expression of will, and thus proves to be the custodian of divine purpose. The triangles of which the Hierarchy and Humanity are the expression are becoming responsive to Shamballa - the hierarchical center greatly so and the human center gradually so. This first or fundamental triangle is occult in the truest sense of the word to even the trained occultist and to the majority of the members of the Hierarchy. Therefore only a few points can be mentioned in connection with it as there is little to be found in even the advanced disciple with which to reach real understanding. The information must perforce remain academic and theoretical.

  1. Leo, which is the will of the self-conscious Entity to manifest, holds the clue or key to the entire problem of self-conscious being, whether it is the will-to-be of a planetary Logos, of a group or of a man. The self-consciousness of man is inherent in the planet itself, which is the life expression of a fully self-conscious Being. The use of the will through the Shamballa center [440] involves the conscious use of that energy by the planetary Logos; this is evoking response today from the world of men in terms of will, both higher and lower. The willful (self-willed) man of the world is apt to be more responsive to this Shamballa force than is the disciple or the aspirant because they are more attuned to the gentler vibration of the Hierarchy. I have earlier told you that this Leo force from Shamballa is finding direct entry into the human center instead of indirectly via the Hierarchy as has hitherto been the case. The implications of this are obvious.
  2. Saturn. This energy is primarily concerned with presenting opportunity to the Hierarchy and its affiliated disciples. The phrase that "Saturn is the planet of discipleship" is basically true because ordinary average man, except in group formation, does not come so potently under its influence. For the Hierarchy - as a group - is facing a great crisis of approach to Shamballa, analogous to that confronting Humanity today, as it seeks approach and contact with the Hierarchy. Thus there are two interrelated crises affecting both Humanity and the Hierarchy, and these should produce - if correctly effected - that which is called alignment or integration, resulting in a far freer inflow of divine energy. Both these "approaches" (which are in the nature of magnetic attractive "pulls") are conditioned by Saturn; in the case of Humanity this pull comes via the Hierarchy and - apart from that Hierarchy - mankind cannot today surmount or properly handle the crisis. This should be remembered and should speed the work of the disciples and aspirants of the world as they struggle for human liberation and to [441] bring about divine intervention. The intervention desired should come via the Hierarchy, if it is not to be too destructive in its effect. The last major intervention in Atlantean days came via Shamballa and resulted in the partial destruction of entire continents and lands.

These three triangles of energy can, therefore, be seen as basic and determining in all planetary affairs and event-producing. I have consequently chosen to consider them in our efforts to comprehend this basic astrological science.

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