Vajra Ascension

Ascension by Amoraea Dreamseed

As the sun's last golden rays kiss the snow-capped mountains of Mythic Shambhalla, all the forces of consciousness have ripened for the Final Liberation. Here at the rooftop of the world, where the axis of Heaven joins the Earth, My consciousness penetrates beyond Time's horizon into Eternity. My Vajra Ascension LightBody ascends in victory to join the Infinite Host of Ascended Masters, Angels, and Eternal Ones of Light who preside over the awakening evolution of all Beings.

Within the Temple of the Illumined Mind, I AM the Perfected Quintessence of Existence Itself.

Within the Vehicle of Indestructible Truth, I AM the Awakener of Infinite Worlds.

Within the Jewel of Pristine Compassion, I AM the Ocean of Limitless Grace.

As the Realization of my Indestructible Nature dawns, I surrender the last illusions of separation to unite my Will and Essence with the Supreme Being, the Light Beyond the Light. The whole of Reality is seen as an infinite-faceted diamond reflecting the Light of the One, each radiant facet another tool used to draw my Presence closer to the Eternal Flame.

The Vision of this painting was received at the end of a three-day blindfolded meditation in which I fasted from food, speech, and sight.

Within the Psyche of my Oversoul, it came as the culminating representation of my Consciousness joining with the Eternal Light, from the multi-dimensional Temple of my Mind into the Formless Essence Beyond the Light. As the Ascended Masters all reveal themselves to be the Collective Body of the One, the path and the goal of Liberation inevitably unite as the Illusion of Time and Space collapse. We are already Enlightened. We have already Arrived.

'Vajra Ascension' draws upon many sources and spiritual philosophies to achieve a grand synthesis of form. The primary form for the painting is derived from Tantric Tibetan Buddhism. Tantra, often misunderstood in a limited sexual connotation, actual translates as 'Thread' the Antahkarana, which signifies the quintessent fabric that unites all consciousness.

Tantra, as a vehicle for consciousness then, is the method for attaining Absolute Union with the Source of Consciousness itself. Known as the most advanced and esoteric form of Buddhism, the Tantric (a.k.a Vajrayana) Path may bring the achievement of Enlightenment in a single lifetime.

Part of its practices revolves around merging one's consciousness completely with the images of certain deities, often depicted with multiple arms holding objects which each represent perfected qualities of the mind. The Awakened Mind realizes that the deity and his/her consciousness are not separate by means of the Antahkarana and that both are ultimately Primordial Consciousness Itself. The form holds no real substance of its own.

The central being in the middle of the Temple holds in his hands either different objects or specific mudra positions (sacred hand gestures).

The sword of Light in his upper right hand represents the destroying of all illusions, as well as the Clarity, Discernment and Strength of His Will. The Vajra (or Dorje as it's known in Sanskrit) held in the next hand below is the main tool or symbol used in Tibetan Buddhism. It literally means ascension "Diamond" or "Thunderbolt", and represents the Indestructible Truth - that which is absolutely real.

As the Masculine principle, it symbolizes method and bliss. Held within the opposing left hand is the Bell which, as the Feminine principle, represents wisdom and emptiness. It also symbolizes the pristine sound of the Dharma and is used as an offering in rituals. The top left hand holds a lotus flower. It refers to the complete purification of body, speech and mind, and the blossoming of wholesome deeds in liberation. The lotus refers to many aspects of the path, as it grows from the mud (samsara), up through clean water (purification), and arising from the deep produces a beautiful flower (enlightenment). In the lower left hand is held a scroll, representing the absorption and application of pure knowledge, the ancient teachings that transcend all religions. Resting on the right knee is an open hand extending down to touch the ground, a mudra representing limitless selfless offering. Held near his belly is the Earth itself, the Great Jewel through which all his devotion and enlightened deeds are offered. Poised in the Gyan Mudra at his heart, he holds in perfection the Infinite Radiant Seed of Consciousness which illumines his Soul. And finally, raised hands join together in prayer position to offer in victory his entire being to the Ascending Light.

The central figure sits at the center of a golden temple floor upon which a sacred geometric mandala known as the Sri Yantra is etched. The Sri Yantra - or Yantra of Creation - is the most revered of all Hindu yantras. Sri Yantras are made of 9 interlacing triangles - 4 upward representing the male principle and 5 downward representing the female principle. Together, they represent the non-static, vibrating, creative force of the universe. The point in the center (known in Sanskrit as 'Bindu') represents the point of creative manifestation - the seed core behind time and space, Shiva and Shakti ( male and female energies) united in bliss. Meditation on the bindu takes the devotee to another dimension beyond form and formlessness. It is considered the mother of all mandalas.

This very ancient symbol has also manifested its appearance in modern times as a result of a series of experiments in the field of cymatics (the study of the interrelationship between energy and matter.) The sacred Hindu symbol "OM", when correctly intoned into the tonoscope (a device that transforms sounds into their visual representations on a screen), produces these precise geometries. The Sri Yantra is thus the sound vibration of the cosmic "OM" seen as a visual diagram. Consequently, when monks chant "OM" this pattern manifests both astrally and on the physical plane as a resonant template of All Creation. It is through the vehicle of the Sri Yantra's cosmic sound / geometries that the central figure's lightbody ascends (as shown at the heart of the ascending being).

As his human form holds the divine virtues in perfection, he is thus transfigured into his Angelic Self and joins with the infinite Host of Ascended Masters and other Cosmic Beings. Throughout Earth's long corridors of Time, many souls from all cultures have awakened to their Infinite Nature and attained Enlightenment. Most have incarnated specifically to carry out a particular global service within the more etheric planes of consciousness. Some play a particularly outward role as teachers and are thus more familiar, such as Jeshua (Jesus), Buddha, or Krishna, while others are fulfilling certain missions behind the scenes or are involved in more cosmic domains.

Starting at the bottom left of the main figure's head and moving out from the center, the Ascended Masters are:

Bottom Left: Jeshua (Jesus) Christ, Tara, El Morya, Aramu (Meru's Twin Ray), Djwhal Khul

Bottom Right: Mahavatar Babaji, Meru, Sri Yukteswar, Vajra Yogini, Nada (St. Germain's Twin Ray)

2 nd Row Left: Krishna, Lord Lanto, St. Germain, Kwan Yin, Serapis Bay

2 nd Row Right: Buddha, Paramahansa Yogananda, Padmasambhava, Lakshmi

3 rd Row Left: Sanat Kumara, Lahiri Mahsaya, Radha,

3 rd Row Right: Shiva, Kuthumi, Milarepa, Maha Chohan

Rays of Light join each of the Masters' presence with the central figure in a radial mandala, all connected through the third eye. Ultimately, there is only One Being, the Body of the One, which works as a Collective Intelligence through these awakened servants. and beyond that, there is the Light beyond the Light which the Soul is eternally One with.

Carved upon the six pillars of the temple are a synthesis of six different ancient languages, representing the transcendental knowledge and keys embedded within the various cultures of our planet. Together they form a unified lexicon of wisdom, a Library of Light, a hidden original Language that holds the 'Keys to the Kingdom' and is woven throughout time and culture. The six languages are Egyptian, Sanskrit, Hebrew, Chinese, Arabic, and an ancient 'Angelic Script'. Interlaced together on each pillar, they form one cohesive text. The spiritual concepts on each pillar have been transmitted with deep prayerful intention by the artist as an invocation for the GodSelf to awaken within each of us. Here are the translations, numbered from Left to Right:

Pillar #1 : I Am the Diamond Mind of Indestructible Truth -- radiant, pristine clarity -- primal, boundless beyond form. I AM the Cosmic Lotus revealing everything as Eternal Harmony, uniting all consciousness in transcendental peace and bliss.

Pillar #2 : The virtuous qualities of reverence, honor, and humility awaken the Pristine Radiance of the Soul. Truth reveals harmony -- harmony creates beauty -- beauty reflects love -- love awakens compassion and forgiveness. May my Soul's essence embody these eternal qualities with unwavering discipline.

Pillar #3 : O Supreme Lord, Divine Father, Hidden Power that radiates Light through countless Suns. I receive the blessing of your Life Essence by opening the chalice of my heart in pure devotion.

Pillar #4 : God and Goddess unite in eternal Love, creating an All-Attractive Beauty which fuels the devotion of consciousness to travel ever closer to the irresistible Light. Liberation back into Source is the One Ultimate Destiny that dictates the moving tide of all Life.

Pillar #5 : The master pyramid science concentrates the force of God and descends It into matter (Mother, form). With peace and grace, the Mother receives. Spirit thus exalts matter into its most indestructible form.

Pillar #6 : Through the divine virtue of humility, I surrender my absolute trust and devotion to the Supreme Brahman (Creator). By this virtue my Soul awakens to the Eternal Truth. I AM thus birthed into the Spirit that joins and permeates all Life.

It is my dream that this painting act as a portal for your soul to walk right into the center of Your own Inner Temple and transfigure into your highest most Ascended Self. May you awaken to the Diamond Light Seed at the center of your heart and rise in glory to your Divinity!



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