Chapter 5.4

The Integration of the Chakras II.

The Second Initiation.

Second Chakra

Throat Chakra

The Second Chakra Energy to the Throat Chakra
and the
Second Level of Energy Enhancement.


The second chakra is the chakra of personal creativity. The great task of bringing children into the world. The child grows in the belly of the mother and is created under the energy of the second chakra.

However it also leads, uncontrolled, to possessiveness, selfish desire, wanting and abuse. Last but not least, it leads to the pain of attachment. Of the pain we store in the second chakra as we do not get what we want. As we suffer the pain of bereavement as our parents, children and friends die. As we suffer the pain of broken relationships as our lover leaves us or of divorce.

The control of the Energy rising to the throat means the release and dissipation, dissolution, of pains from the past. It does not mean celibacy. It means a conscious choice of where we put our energies. Of the ability to be free from pain, selfish desire and wanting. Of being free from our robotic nature. Free to use our energies in any way we wish. Only the movement of the energies from the base to the head shows us these energies should be used in the service of the higher self, totally unselfishly.


The Fifth chakra, the throat, is the chakra of creativity for the benefit of all. Whenever we work hard at something creative, be sure that energy is coming out of the throat.

Picasso’s girlfriends used to complain when he was creating pictures. Sometimes weeks would go by whilst he painted and never a thought of making love.

He had a strong sexual drive and many girlfriends, but when he worked, he never gave a thought to them. In the same way, some wives get jealous of their husbands job. Some call themselves golf widows. As we get older, if we are successful, we naturally gravitate towards the control of our sexual energies. We do not need to force it. Repression of natural energies creates disease and anger. No wonder successful armies use sexual repression as a technique of war.

Whenever energy is coming from the second chakra, it can no longer rise to the throat. The Aim of raising these energies higher needs training because of one or all of the following five reasons:-

1. We like the effect of using the second chakra and cannot "see" the problems created by using it inappropriately. We are used to the connection. We are used to the battle for energy in relationships and can see no other way of being.

2. Because of the inappropraite use of the second chakra in relationships and in families, this use then becomes competitive. First of all between people, as we compete for peoples attention in ways both fair and foul. And then of course the competition is between the energies of relationships and of creation for the benefit of all. This is the reason why relationships are banned in sport. Why they are banned in some spiritual organisations, for example some Christian Priests and monks. Some Hindu Sannyasins, the Brahmacharyas. They say that the energies required to do their jobs. To raise their base energies towards enlightenment, requires that they do not stop off on the way in energy competitive relationships. They are correct because the energy needs to be able to rise higher, in a conscious fashion. It can be a good exercise to try this out for a while. However, usually, constant repression causes anger, bigotry, misogyny and war if used before this pathway of energy becomes natural.

Relationships should not be competitions over energy. This is one of the major reasons why so many relationships continue to break up in this modern society. The divorce rate can only rise as more and more people get upset at the competitive dramas of their partners and themselves. Energy Enhancement gives the vision of a new way of being in relationships. It shows how to connect in a way which is not competitive.

3. Because of the way we are brought up, competing for the energy of the second chakra in relationships, we can see no other way of being. Most people think of the energy of the second chakra as love but true love comes from the heart. The energy of the second chakra is energetic food for the use of creating children and feeding them afterwards. Its use creates a very nice feeling. Nature wants us to use it in this way. However its use can become addictive. Those who give cannot create as much and cannot think so clearly. Those who take become stronger, can create more and can think more clearly.

Rich old merchants of mediaeval times took a young wife so they could live longer. So that they could Vampirise their young wife’s energy. Some people use dramas or even black magic to take energy. I previously mentioned the dramas and strategies that many people use to get energy. The people who become Aloof of Interrogators. The people who become Poor Me’s or who become Intimidators, Threateners or the Violent. People can go even more extreme. They can become Sado-Masochists and sexual murderers as the addiction for the energy of the second chakra expresses itself in sexual relationships.

4. If we cannot prevent other people connecting with us and so draining our energies.

Any drama comes from this need to give, take or compete for the energy of the second chakra. Some people can vampirise you. They can take your energy in a glance.

All dramas go too far. All competition for energy is violent. It comes from a perceived shortage of energy, a fear of not having enough, but mostly this giving and taking energy is done on an unconscious and robotic, automatic level. However, some people have the ability to take energy from others consciously. In either case, the methods of protection given in the Levels of Energy Enhancement show you how to prevent people taking your energy. They show you how to give it appropriately also.

5. Our second chakra is usually already damaged. It holds so much pain that it has not got a lot of energy. We do not want to go near that pain. We do not want to use the second chakra in any capacity. We need to heal it by gradually dissolving the pain.

We need to understand that if the energy of the second chakra is used in any other way than its legitimate use - that is for children and healing - then this use can lead to pain for yourself and others. Energy Enhancement gives techniques we can use to change this painful situation.


  1. We need to learn how to dissolve the pain from previous relationships.

  2. We need to learn how to remove the need for competition for the energy of the second chakra by learning how to access the Universal Energy field. This completely removes any need for the previous methods of competition.

  3. We need to heal the internal damage caused by the previous two problems.


Energy Enhancement Techniques teach this and more in its Three Levels. When we have conscious control of where we place our energies, then we can allow them to go into the second chakra or the fifth. This control is shown in the techniques of Energy Enhancement.



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