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I recently got one of my talks, the one on Enlightenment transcribed into this word file and now I’m going to put it on the web.


I think when I gave this talk, way back in 1996, and it was probably only the third talk I made and recorded way before I wrote the book on Energy Enhancement. Now we are giving this talk away for free if you join the mailing list.


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People tell me that spiritual matters are supposed to be free. I tried to explain this to my beautiful translator, Seema, from India, but for some reason she insisted on payment for her work.


I try to explain to people that it is not possible to pay for enlightenment.


The matter all depends on your state of mind, your attitude, which depends upon how many blockages you have.


The fewer blockages you have the less evil you will be.


The less blockages you have the less resistance you will put up against the energies of Enlightenment.


Only Spiritual Practices will reduce your blockages and only a Spiritual Master can take them away from you thus saving you the trouble.


To Lead you from Darkness to Light,

And from Death to Immortality..




And a Master will only bother to help GOOD students. People with good attitudes and fewer blockages who will be able to maintain the changes and not slip back into hell thus wasting the help.


A good student is one who has learnt how to ask.


Bad students have to pay a lot to induce a master to take them and their blockages on.


One of the Masters in My line was Sri Yogendra who I met in Bombay or Mumbai when he was 96. They used to put him in darkened rooms when he was young to see the blue glow of prana around his body.


Apparently, like Zen Masters of the past he used to beat up his students and throw them out of the Ashram, if they showed any disrespect. In this matter he was following the example of many Zen Masters, one of whom threw his student out of the window from the second story. And then jumped on him!!


 “Do you get it!!”. He asked. The student of course immediately became enlightened.


Many do not.


 Even Ramana Maharshi was reported to have made threatening moves towards one pundit who just would not GET IT!!


“I suppose,” said my Master, Swami Satchidananda, “you have been looking for a spiritual master all over this planet. Me,” he said, “I have been looking all my life for a good student!!”


Sri Yogendra spoke to me for 15 minutes and I did not say anything. All I was able to do was to sit at his feet. I had to. It was not possible for me to do anything else. The Energy made me do it.


At the end of the interview he said, “It is said that the people from England have good hearts.” And after that I had the experience of energy fro two days. Going up into the center of the Universe and down into the center of the earth with great noise!!


There were giants in those days.


And that night he said to his son, “I do not seem to be able to hold my Prana as a could when I was younger” That night he passed on into Maha Samadhi, he died.


When he dies, the Master will always pass on the energy he gained to people who are indicated, who are trusted to pass on the energy to people who deserve it.


My Master, Swami Satchidananda, reported that when his Master, Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh died, he too had the psychic experience of receiving energy from his Master, even though at that time he was in Celon.


On my first trip to India I had a similar experience with OSHO 2 days before he died, Father Bede Griffiths just before he died, and then my Master, in the line of Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh, Swami Satchidananda 2 days before he died last year.


 I suppose it is all a matter of Spiritual Efficiency.


That is why it is sometimes better for beginners to go to lesser fields of Energy with more students, Yoga Classes, Meditation Classes, a good Zen Monastery for example will do fine.


They do this only to develop the attitude of a Student.


Otherwise when the energy, prepared by the Enlightened Master,  is ready for them, they will miss it


Some people with many blockages will use their intellects to provide arguments as to why they should not try the practices that will make them Enlightened.


The higher the field of spiritual energy, the Buddhafield of energy which surrounds any Enlightened master, the more the Selfish, Competitive Ego of the student will struggle not to come into it.


The higher the Master, the more the Spiritual Energies, the fewer the Students.


And as you rise in Spiritual Energy, the fewer will be your Sangha.


Until eventually, when you become enlightened there will be a Sangha of Only ONE.


The Ego believes there is Safety in numbers and so it prefers not to come to places where the techniques are more energetic and effective..


Reading the transcript below and correcting it many times as I had to because no matter how good the person, they do not really know the matter at hand. It made me realize that many people listening to this talk will take the words I speak at many critical junctures for others which sound the same, thus entirely missing the point of many of my pungent and witty sayings.


And reading the transcript made me realize that it would be good to write an introduction to it and this is what this is…




This talk is about the process of enlightenment.


The Energy of a Master in the form of a Buddhafield of Energy is necessary to raise and stabilize the energy of your chakras.


Gurdjieff told this to Ouspensky who wrote about it in the book, “The Fourth Way”


He explains to the intellectual idiot Ouspensky about the Law of Octaves. How one of the energies inside you is raised and made permanent. Thus the octaves, the carbons, the hydrogens, the oxygens. You can read all about it in the book.


In any process such as raising your energy from one octave to another there are two points where extra energy from a Master is Necessary. Gurdjieff says this happens at every third and fifth note.


For this he explains that an external energy is necessary.


The energy of a Master.


He was really saying to Ouspensky in round about terms. Because it is only possible to talk to students with many blockages in round about ways.


Otherwise they will run a thousand miles.


He was really saying, “In order to become Enlightened, Mr Ouspensky, You need MY Energy!!”


It is not really an intellectual matter, simply a matter of Energy.


And there is a fight in every unenlightened being between the selfish competitive ego and the soul infused central stem.


A Fight Between Darkness, And Light!!


So, with that, read on…


You can get the real audio talk by signing on to our mailing list again if you did not get it the first time.


I recommend listening to it as well as reading it because of the energies I am sending to all of you between every one of my words. And to feel this energy you will need to develop a heart.


Thus the tin man of the Wizard of Oz who was searching for a heart. The author of this book, Frank L Baum, was a student of… Gurdjieff!!


And the guy with the moustache in the final scene of the film, The Wizard of Oz, with Judy Garland. The guy in charge of the horse and cart like Krishna directing the chariot of Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita – he is.. Gurdjieff!!


Only 50% of the people on this planet at the moment have a heart. One of my student said, “Hm, that Many?”


Yes, Mr Prime Minister, I am talking about you.


And people with a heart only choose to view movies with a heart. They only choose to read books with a heart. They only choose to listen to music with a heart.


The people without a heart do not mind provided it is interesting. To them the heart component means nothing as they cannot feel it.


Thus idiotic Movies, “Full of sound and fury, signifying NOTHING!!” - Quote from Shakespeare.


Because these idiotic movies really piss off the people of the heart.


In general only movies of the heart become really popular because both the people without a heart and people with a heart like them. The numbers are higher..


Movie producers should know this.


Thus my list of Spiritual Movies. Movies touched by God. Movies teaching interesting spiritual matters


The chants in the talk below are really potent… They come from an open heart...




Satchidanand: Well, I think again like last week, it would be really nice to start off with a chant to get the vibrations of the place right and also to get your vibrations right as well. What we are going to do tonight is we’re going to chant.


 It’s not going to be a chant, it is actually going to be ‘mantra yoga’ and the one difference between chanting and mantra yoga is that mantra yoga is there to raise your kundalini energy.


It is there to raise your spiritual energies and Mantra Yoga actually works through the process inside your mind of visualization.. Thus it is different from simple chanting.


So we’re going to start off chanting “Hari Om”; it is an Indian chant. Ha - ri - om – it means “Hello God, I’m coming home” something like that – hurry on home.


‘Ha’ - when you chant that I’d like you to visualize your base chakra, the very base of your spine. I’d like you to visualize when that ‘ha’ happens, there is a vibration sounding at the base of your spine and because we’re going to be working with the spine, it’s really nice if you can sit up straight, to actually stretch out your spine from the very base right up to the crown.


You can do that on the ground or anywhere you like.


This makes a big difference because the spine is just so important in spiritual life.


You know the spine is part of the brain. Brain cells extend themselves down through the center of the bones, the vertebra, the spine and the brain extends itself all the way down the inside of the spinal canal down to the very base of the spine. And surrounding the brain you’ve got this aqueous humor; it’s what protects the brain against heavy shocks. It is bathed in water and therefore you can take shocks of defeating gravities.


Like to go into space – they used to have in the science fiction stories – how would these people accelerate and decelerate there in Space. They used to bathe them in water. Then they didn’t used to get shocked, so like the stasis field in Star Trek.


So the brain is bathed in this water and so is the spine; you got the spinal fluid, that’s what they draw off in the hospitals to check the toxicity and the bacterial content.


So the whole of your spine is part of your brain, as you well know, all the chakras, all the energy centers, they extend out along the spine and there are three major ones in the brain – you’ve got the third eye, you got Ajna chakra; on the crown of the head, you’ve got something called Sahasrar chakra and that connects you with your Higher Self; it’s the Rainbow Bridge – the connection with your Higher Self.


At the very back of the head you’ve got something called the Alta Major center and the three chakras in the head form a triangle – a triangle of energy when they start to work correctly and they don’t really start to work correctly until you’ve cleared out the base chakra.


Because on the path of enlightenment, the third initiation is to do with a stream of energy flowing from the base chakra to the head centers.


And you do not lose that fear, that negative energy which blocks the base chakra until you have lost your fear of security, fear of loss of money, fear of going out on a dark night, go on the roundabouts, the runway, fear of losing your money, fear of losing your job, fear of losing your loved ones.


And on to the last respect, the last fear that’s doing in the whole of humanity is the fear of death – not the namby-pamby imaginary death that we’re thinking about because we’re all going to die – but the real death, the death which is so deep inside of us, in our unconscious that we do not know that real fear exists.


So when our last fear leaves, then the head chakras start to be enlivened.


So when we start to chant ‘ha’ we visualize that vibration deep down in the base chakra then this can have a profound effect on your enlightenment. And when we go into ‘ri’ imagine that that energy – still keep that ‘ha’ vibrating in the base chakra, never lose that vibration, visualize it – when you go to ‘ri’ make the energy jump right up into your throat. Ha – ri, into the throat.


And then ‘Om’ – sacred word of the Hindus – doesn’t work without the visualization.


‘Om’ is composed of three syllables: A, U and M.


A – again in the base chakra – “aa”; U – up into the heart – “ooh”; and then M in the nasal cavity behind the nose, up into the third eye, as it gets higher, maybe up into the crown chakra, then as your last breath leaves your body send your intention upwards and away into the center of the universe, the end of the home, hari OM, hurry home.


So we’ll try a chant just to raise the vibrations. Again, close your eyes, concentrate on the straightness of the spine, concentrate on the visualization of the “hari om” and the way we’re going to do it, to start with, is I’m going to chant the first line and then you’re going to chant the first line afterwards and I think it goes on for about three or four lines, at least to get things going. OK? So I’ll chant the first line, then it’s your turn and Devi will lead your response, I think. Thank you Devi. OK.


S: Hari om, hari om, hari, hari, hari o….m (take a deep breath in)

All: Hari om, hari om, hari, hari, hari o….m


S: Hari om, hari om, hari, hari om

A: Hari om, hari om, hari, hari om


S: Hari om, hari om, hari, hari, hari om

A: Hari om, hari om, hari, hari, hari om


S: Hari, hari, hari, hari om

A: Hari, hari, hari, hari om


S: Hari, hari, hari, hari om

A: Hari, hari, hari, hari om


S: Hari, hari, hari, hari om

A: Hari, hari, hari, hari om


S: Hari, hari, hari, hari, hari, hari, hari om

A: Hari, hari, hari, hari, hari, hari, hari om


S: Hari, hari, hari, hari, hari, hari, hari om

A: Hari, hari, hari, hari, hari, hari, hari om


S: Hari om, hari om, hari, hari, hari om

A: Hari om, hari om, hari, hari, hari om


S: Ha … ri … o…..m (take a deep breath) Ha … ri … o…..m (deep breath in) Ha….ri, ha….ri, (deep breath in) o…………m (deep breath in) ha…ri, ha….ri, o……………….m.


Pause for meditation…


S: What is the matter we are talking about this week? I’ll read it out.


It says, this week we are to talk about the Digestion of Energy. There’s always digesting food; we also need to learn how to digest and combine energies. If we do not it becomes stuck, creates more blockage and stagnates in our body. This week we examine the Law of Threes, the Law of Sevens, the Completion of the Octave and its relevance to the chakras or the processes of the mind.


And when we’re talking about energy, we’re not just talking about the intellectual energy, which I am giving out, the ideas and the thought forms; we’re also talking about the sort of energy that the Buddha was talking about when he came out one day to give a talk.


Now the Buddha became enlightened when he was roundabout the age of thirty-seven, thirty-eight, forty - something like that. And it’s said that if a person becomes enlightened well before the age of forty then it’s likely that they’ll die roundabout the age of forty, it is very difficult for the person to hang around for longer than the age of forty. But if they get enlightened roundabout the age of forty though, they can go on for another forty years quite happily, talking and talking and talking.


And the Buddha was no exception to that. He became enlightened late in life, after he had seen the meaninglessness of his life though he was in the palace.


When he was born, the great astrologers of the time said to his father, “That man is either going to become the greatest king the kingdom has ever seen or he is going to become the greatest mystic, the greatest hermit, the greatest maestro in the king’s terms that this planet has ever seen.”


The king said, “Well, how do I prevent him from going off and fulfilling his destiny?” and the astrologers said, “You must keep all knowledge of the horrible things on this planet from him, especially the knowledge of death from him.


And from the first years, until he was twenty-eight, everything old, everything ugly was kept from Prince Siddhartha’s view.


His father supplied him with the most beautiful of virgins every night, parties every night.


Everything was beautiful, until one day he was taken around the palace by his chief charioteer out into the city and by accident he caught sight of one old man on the road and he said to the charioteer, “What is wrong? What’s the matter with that poor fellow?”


And what could the charioteer say but “That man is old, my lord!”


The Buddha didn’t leave it at that. He said, “What is this oldness?”


What could the charioteer say but “I’m afraid that is something that happens to us all, my lord. As we get older in years, so our energy and strength fails us, we become wrinkled and old” and the worst thing of all he could have said “and finally we die.”


“What is this death, oh charioteer?”


“When our energy fails us, my lord, that is the time when we are no more.”


So the Buddha said, “Well, what is the point living here, enjoying this good life here in the palace if eventually I am going to die!”


That’s a great long story of how he left the palace, how he left his most beautiful wife and his young child on the very night of her birth and went off into the world to try to find out the meaning – what is life without death?


And after five long years of trying everything that the world had to offer him in mysticism, he eventually took the middle path and became enlightened on a full moon under a Bodhi tree.


Very famous tree – the Bodhi tree. You know that Buddhism spread like wildfire throughout India and up to five hundred years after the Buddha had died, it went down.


And the Buddha said it would fall after five hundred years because he initiated a woman into the company of monks. He said, “I was hoping that it was going to last for five thousand years but now that a woman has been added in to the ranks, I’m afraid it will last for only five hundred years.”


And the sacred tree that the Buddha had become enlightened under was a very old tree. It’s a tree that lasts a long time and it’s very easy to propagate. And the Bodhi tree of the Buddha died of old age after five hundred years!


But before it died, a small twig was taken from it and taken to Ceylon and that twig grew into a fantastic tree and now just recently it’s been taken back to the grave of the Buddha and it’s been replanted there and the tree is now growing in India where the Buddha was born.


And the Buddha became enlightened but roundabout the age of forty as I described, and for the next forty years he talked nonstop, incessantly and he said to the people, “Look, I’m not here for the vast masses of people.” He said, “I am here for that 1% of people whose degree of evolution will enable them to hear what I have to say.”


He said to them, “Those who have ears to hear, let them hear”.


The very people that can take that 1% of chance and use the energy which I have to give them for their own enlightenment.”


And thousands of people were drawn towards the Buddha; great company of monks sat around him on his daily talks and many of them became enlightened.


It was a vast energy centering the evolution of humanity. Many people became enlightened at that time by listening to the Buddha’s words.

meditation energy enhancement course


And the Buddha taught everyday for forty years, traveling around the north of India, from town to town where he was invited, giving talks, provoking arguments, discussions and many times they tried to poison him.


Great jealousies, great energies were released by what he did.


On one particular day, he came out as usual and sat beneath the Bodhi tree, thousands of monks around him and he just sat.


For one hour he said nothing and he had this little flower, the white flower in his lap that he was just looking at.


And after that one-hour, one of the monks moved and he started to laugh. And the Buddha stood up and he walked through the thousands of monks to the one monk who had been laughing and his name is recorded as being Mahakashyapa and he gave that flower to Mahakashyapa and he said, “You have understood”.


And he gave him the transmission of the flower. And he said to him, “Many people come here to hear my words but it is not the words you are meant to hear. It is the energy between the words, which I transmit; not the intellectual knowledge of what I am saying.


There is actually energy between the words that you are meant to hear.”


So when we are talking about the Digestion of Energy, it’s a nice thing to know about these energies. And I talked about stuck and stagnant energies within rooms and within us. Really these stuck and stagnant energies are the only things that prevent our enlightenment.


 If we didn’t have these stuck and stagnant energies there would be a clear flow of energies through our bodies. And that energy is called Bliss or Ananda. But because we got these stuck and stagnant energies and I’ve been talking about these stuck and stagnant energies for the last three weeks. I’ve talked about the energy of food, without the quantities of food that we eat. We eat great quantities of toxins, great quantities of mucus, great quantities of stuff that eventually turns us weakly and old, provides free radicals and eventually kills us before our time.


With all the old age diseases, Alzheimer’s disease caused by too many toxins from heavy metals, have been proved recently by doctors.


Arthritis of the hips caused by too many toxins being eaten.


All the great mystics they say to people “Eat organic food, don’t eat too much of it, don’t eat heavy food.”


Remember that food is not just food, it is also the emotional vibration or energy of food.


And they say to people “Try not to kill.” Thou shalt not kill – it says in the Bible.


It is not just of human beings; it is also of the animals that have been placed in our care on this planet.  They are not there to provide our food source; they are actually there to be looked after and encouraged to evolve by means of our energies, in a perfect world.


All the animals that come into our home, all the animals that become our pets and work with us, they take our energy, they take our mind space, they become almost human.


So we talked about the stuck energies inside the chakras. We talked about the base chakra; we said it is about the fear of security.


Then we talk about another favourite chakra of mine – the second chakra, the chakra of relationships.


Before we can even get into the clearing of the base chakra, the second step is to deal with relationships because relationships provide so much pain in the life of a human being.


The Buddha said, “Attachment leads to pain!” and the chakra of attachment is the second chakra – the abdominal chakra, the chakra of sex, of sexual energy – stuck, stagnant and painful energy.


When there is so much stuck and stagnant energy really there we can’t breathe because we are afraid to move the abdominal chakra because of the pain that comes from it every time we move it. And if we can’t breathe then we have no energy and if we have no energy then we can’t digest our food and if have no energy we can’t illuminate our food.


We die before our time!


All the diseases come from lack of energy. I shouldn’t say all but lot of them come from lack of energy.


And as we get filled up with this vast, immense of negative energy so our energy becomes depressed, so we have no chi, so our rooms become full of the cast off negative energies, and become dull and dark and depressing places.


And because we are so sensitive, because human beings have this potential – some people, most people can walk into a place and they can feel the energy of the place, they can feel the lightness and the brightness of a totally spiritual place; they can feel the pain and depression of a normal place.


So the first thing I wanted to say was there are many spiritual ways of clearing out the spiritual energy.


Any spiritual practice will raise and enliven you.


The practice of yoga, the practice of breathing, the practice of meditation; all of them will help you to get rid of these negative energies and in one of these talks some week, I will talk about the mechanism whereby all of these different practices get rid of all of these negative energies.


The fact is that that is what is self-development.


That is what spiritual techniques are there to do.


They are there to get rid of all of your pain.


I don’t know if you’ve even heard of massage – even massage is a beautiful way for you to get rid of that pain. There’s a very famous massagist in America called Ida Rolf who developed the Rolf technique – not that I recommend it. But there’s an interesting story whereby Ida Rolf was massaging this man’s arm and if you want to have torture you’ve got to have Rolfing because Rolfing is the very deepest and heaviest and painful massage you can have.


And she was going very deeply into this man’s arm and there was a scar in that area and as she came to the scar, she really pressed in deeply and this man had a spontaneous image of the day that he had cut his arm with an axe. He hit the tree and it bounced off onto his arm and his arm became very stiff.


And as she massaged into that the memory of that pain came up into his consciousness and because he was an older, more mature being he didn’t put the pain in his arm, the way he had done when he was younger, he actually processed and digested that pain. And having had that vision the arm became very supple because she had taken out, expressed the negativity in the arm, he had digested the old pain and he was freed.


Now this is what spiritual practice is meant to be. There was a lot of emotion, there was a lot of pain held in the body and it’s not just the arm. The major area that yoga works on is actually in the spine – the area where all the energy centers are, the area where all the chakras are, the area that communicates between all the chakras.


You know that computer buses that run information from one processor to another.


Well you just think of the chakras as being multi processors working for different purposes and the bus is the spine then you can see how useful it is to be able to clear out the obstructions on the data highway on the spine.


You can see how useful it is to clear out the blockages that block the processors on that data bus of the spine.


And through Energy Enhancement techniques this is what we teach.


We also utilize yoga, we utilize breathing, we utilize meditation but we also utilize very high and effective techniques, which are based upon old yogic practices, which are based upon old dervish practices, which are based upon very ancient and effective alchemical practices to help people to ground, to get rid off that pain, those blockages, that negative energy in the quickest, most effective, possible way.


Energy Enhancement is based upon yoga and breathing but eventually it moves on into movement of energies and grounding of energies from the very first stage.


 And not only do we have this pain and negativity stuck inside, when we can start to move the energy inside us so we magically develop psychic powers to be able to ground that energy outside us.


So any healer, any person that has worked with energies can walk into a place and they can get rid of the negative energies, they can make that place full of light, in the same way that you can touch water and you can charge it up.


By being able to work inside – you can remember that Jesus said that “As within, so without”. As you can get rid of those painful energies inside so you can start to get rid of those energies outside.


And by getting rid of them outside, you can start to enliven every person around you, instead of being a dull, depressing person who maybe wants to go and see because you are so much in pain yourself that the “poor me” in you tries to say to everybody around you, “What right have you got to be happy when I am so painful?”


Instead of being in that state you can be a source of light to everybody around you.


Who is the happiest person?


The happiest person is that person who makes everyone around them happy or at least that is their intention.


You can try. And remember that as you have so much pain inside – as within so without – so everything in your life, every person in your life, every job in your life, every experience in your life is really a reflection of that what you have inside. So your whole life is a feedback on what you have inside. Remember, every time we criticize anybody outside, you point your finger at them and you say, “I don’t like you” and you’re pointing at the very thing that is your worst problem inside as well – “I don’t like” – right inside you.


Remember when you’re pointing one finger at somebody else there are three fingers pointing back at you. Use criticism to look at your own problems. Don’t look at the mote in somebody else’s eye; look at the beam in your own.


Use what God has given you to find out YOUR problems, deal with your problems and magically you start to deal with everybody else’s problems around you.


It’s just the way of it.


So, the Law of Threes!


What is the law of threes, he says? Well, that’s a rhetorical question so I’ll answer it. It seems that there are many esoteric practices; many esoteric secrets that are based upon this triangle of energies and many different things can be based upon these triangles.


He provides a relationship; he provides a means of understanding the process whereby energies are transmitted and transformed because we’re talking about this pain inside, we’re talking about raising our energies and triangles give us some intellectual idea of how this occurs. I’d like to tap some of Ian’s knowledge here because we’re talking on Sunday about Jungian archetypes and how they always seem to go in triangles. I’d just to ask you, “What are the two aspects of a king?”


A: “Tyrant and the wimp.”


S: So what you’ve got is you’ve got an archetype of the king and all of us have got the king inside of us but if the king is split, if we live in the world of duality then we alternate between being a tyrant and between being a wimp and we easily flow between the two.


We are a king but we can only be a king when we adhere to the middle path; when we know that we are not the tyrant, when we know that we are not the wimp; we just are, then we are a king. But until we know that, until we go outside of our duality – you see the third point on the triangle always points out the middle path. It always points out the fact that the alternative is living in the world of duality, of alternating between the “poor me” and the violator, between being the “poor me” an alcoholic, a person who is so stuck in their own misery that they can’t get out of it.


Then the person who gets so angry with other people for being so rich, for being so jealous because they are so full of energy and happiness that they become the violator, the abuser, the person that hits the child, the person that sexually abuses the child, the person that starts the whole process of duality off within everybody that they meet.


So the king is composed of the positive and negative areas of the tyrant and the wimp.


Then there is another little triangle, I thought it was great asking him again because he is so good at this, and that is the Lover, the role of the lover within us – that’s the middle part, but what are the two parts of the lover within us?


A: The Pervert and the Mother’s Boy.


S: The pervert and the mother’s boy. And remember we have got all of these aspects within ourselves and the world of duality goes between the pervert and the mother’s boy, the pleaser and the blamer. The person who is always wanting to make everybody pleased and the person who is wanting to make everybody belittled.


We have all these aspects within us. If we are not enlightened we must be humble enough to say, “I am not perfect. Not quite; I am pretty good, 80% of me is good.” There is a very old Soto Zen phrase that says 80% is perfection. 80% of you is perfect but of the 20% - the bit that we are working on, the bit that we are seeking feedback on – is the pervert and the mother’s boy, before we can be a true lover. I’d like to be a lover myself, I’m the king, I want to be a king too.


So the next one in the series is the Magician.


A: The Manipulator and the Fool.


S: The manipulator and the fool, the idiot – two aspects of the magician - and they keep swinging between being an idiot, being a foolish person, which we are so many times and between being a manipulator, getting what we want through underhand and manipulating means and we evolved at that as well. The Hierophant, the magician, the person who is magic personified – we’ve been designed to do either of those two things.


And finally we get to the Warrior.


A: The bully and the coward.


S: The bully and the coward alternating between the coward and the bully and evolved all those aspects inside us as well. You can also point to all the astrological signs and right in the center of the astrological signs is a space for the enlightened person, where he/she can branch out into any one of those signs and be whatever they want to be, whatever the occasion demands, whatever is appropriate. They’re not stuck by their pain, by their fear, by their blockages in one aspect of duality.


Going further into Gurdjieffian law – Gurdjieff was a very famous master, he came to the West roundabout the time of the Russian revolution. Gurdjieff said there is a triangle between the mind, the emotions and the body. He said if you work on two of those aspects of the triangle then the third one is stimulated.


So if you work on the emotions and the body, the intellect will be stimulated. And when he is talking about emotion, he is talking about the higher emotions of compassion of the heart so if he is stimulating intellect in the body, at the same time then the heart is stimulated.


And so many of Gurdjieff’s students working on dance and working on very highly intellectual steps, at the same time opened the heart.


He said, “I am a simple teacher of dance.”


Meditation works on a similar level. Very famous triangle, we can look into all the aspects but I won’t go into it now, it is too much for this talk but it is a very interesting triangle of energies. But the triangle I really wanted to go into is the triangle that Gurdjieff also talked about and that is the triangle of energies.


He said for one atom to jump from one energy state to another energy state, another energy must come in from outside. And what we’re talking about here is raising our energies, our internal energies from one state to another.


Most of us are stuck in the animal side of our nature. We have not awoken our heart.


How to get from the negative to the positive? How to awaken a chakra? How to jump your energy state into the heart? How to become compassionate? Not to become sentimental but how to awaken that great transformative energy of the heart?


What Gurdjieff says is that “as an enlightened being,” he said, “I exude that energy of transformation because of my years of training and because I have worked in all of these various chakras, this energy of transformation comes from me.”


And he says, “If you want to raise your energy levels then you may get from the negative to the positive - the other side of triangle – is compassion.


You’ll need to have a little bit of MY fire that Prometheus brought down from the dead to earth in order to leaven your bread, in order to seed your energy system, in order to raise your energies from one state to another.


And this is what Buddha was talking about when he was talking about the middle path. The Buddha’s energy was that of compassion and in order to get out of the world of duality, in order to get out of the world of fluctuations, in order to get out of the world of competition where there is no such thing as friendship.


In the world of competition, in this world, everybody you see is competing with you for something. And perhaps there are ones who are little bit closer to you than the others you can call your friends but in reality they are just little bit closer to you, they can very soon – flip of the coin – turn into your enemy.


The world of duality is like that but to the world of the enlightened person there is no such thing as an enemy; everybody is their friend. And how do they do that? They do it by raising their energies. When they raise their energies the heart is opened and the heart is a wonderful cornucopia of the enlightened energy of transformation.


Gurdjieff said, “If you want to raise your energies then you need to be with me for a little while and depending upon your talents, then you will need to be with me for longer or for shorter.”


He said, “I want you to be with me for a short a time as possible. I want you to catch fire. I want you to know that you are a lion that is being brought up in a herd of sheep.”


One young lion is eating grass with the sheep. When he sees the real lion – the wild lion – banging across the land to eat the sheep he becomes frightened as well and moves away with the herd of sheep. And the old lion looks at the young lion and says, “What’s this? A young lion acting like a sheep?” and he goes and drags that lion by the skin of the neck and he goes “please help me, bleep, bleep, bleep” And he drags him down to the lake and he says, “Just look at yourself” and the young lion looks in the water and he look at the old lion and he looks in the water again and he says, “I’m like you!”


And the old lion roars and the deep throaty roar of the old lion goes across the countryside telling everybody that the old lion is there. And the young lion says, “Can I try that? waah!” “No” says the old lion, “like this – rrrooaarrr” and the young lion tries “rrrooaarrr” and the young lion catches fire, he is no longer a member of the herd of sheep. He catches fire! He is magically transformed into his true self.


All those stories about the frogs and the princes, all those stories about the ducks and the swans – the ugly duckling, all those stories by Gurdjieff about the magician who made all the people in this world think they are sheep by advertising, by keeping their history away from them, by making them afraid, by giving them pain. All of these magical things were given to them by the evil black magicians to keep them from knowing what their true self was.


So how to get out of the world of duality? How to get out of these negative states and into a positive state through the reconciling forces Gurdjieff called it …(what are the other two names of the forces, Devi. I’m calling it negative and positive, but I think he had another term for them. Never mind, I can’t remember. I don’t think it really matters. I think you got the idea. In Marxism they called it thesis, antithesis and synthesis)


You’ll need to have a third force which comes from a Master of Meditation in order to raise the energy level from one to another.


So, in the plane of the second chakra - of the relationships plane - there’s a process that deals with relationships of the chakra in the abdomen, a sacral chakra, where you have pain and that pain causes desire and aversion because if you can have an orgasm you can flush away part of that pain and aversion is there when you say, “I don’t want to have another relationship.


The last one was too painful. I’m still recovering from it. I don’t want any more of that.”


When the dog dies or when a cat dies, you always say I’m not having another one because it’s just too painful to go through that.


The only reason you have that pain is because you have not learned how to work with the energy of relationships in an appropriate way.


We have true choice as to whether you connect or not connect.


Another two dualities of life and death – we’re working here with the base chakra. When you have raised the energy of the base chakra you know that there is no such thing as death, you know there is no such thing as life.


You know the truth; there is no duality.


And again the energy of transformation which emanates from an enlightened being is necessary to understand the middle path.


When we talk about heaven and earth we’re talking about the yang energy of heaven, we’re talking about the yin, feminine nature of the earth.


We’re talking about our Father who art in heaven, we’re talking about the Empress of the tarot, we’re talking about the Emperor of the heavens.


And when we’re talking about the reconciling forces of the heaven and the earth, we’re talking about the alchemical marriage, the marriage of heaven and earth; we’re talking about enlightenment.


These alchemists were not just talking about how to create the physical element of gold; they were talking about how to transform the lead of the base chakra into the gold of the sahasrar chakra. Men that were talking about physical gold, they said that is fool’s gold.


Ramakrishna, a very famous Indian saint was sitting in his temple one day and a man came to him and said, “Look, I’m a rich man, I’ve come to give you 1000 gold rupees.” Because rupee means gold, you know. (Not now, I think it is about 50 to the pound.) Long time ago, back in the nineteenth century he came to him with some gold rupees and said I want to give it to you because you are a famous saint.


So Ramakrishna said, “Well, these gold coins are mine, are they?” and the man said, “Yes, I’m giving them to you.” And he said, “Well, OK, I’d like you to take them back, I’d like you to go and throw them in the river.


And the man said, “What? You want me to throw these gold coins into the river!” Ramakrishna said, “They’re mine, aren’t they?

The man said, “Yes.”


He said, “You gave them to me, didn’t you?”


He said, “Yes!”


He said, “Then go and throw them into the river then!”


He said, “Yes?” and he walked off towards the river and Ramakrishna never thought anything more about it until one of his sanyasins, until one of his monks came to him and said, “You know that guy, you told to throw all those coins into the river, you know what he is doing?” Ramakrishna said, no. He said, “He is throwing them one at a time into the water. There is a great crowd around him and all the kids are diving up the sides of the river for his gold coins.” Ramakrishna said, “I didn’t mean him to do that.


I just said you dump them all at once into the river.”


Now, if you are really talented on the path of enlightenment, if you are really desirous of becoming enlightened, then you will drop all your pain all at once.


A simple touch of the master will be enough to transform you and that’s why in life we have the via negativa and the via positiva, the path of neti-neti, not this, not that, the path of doing something. This is why we need have things like yoga. This is why we need to have the eight limbs of yoga. Step by step.


But if we’re talking about Bhakti yoga we’re talking about dropping all the coins at once.


Depends upon our different capabilities, our different sensitivities, our different abilities of being able to understand and when I say ‘understand’ I don’t mean ‘intellectually understand’.


 It means our ability to digest the energy that we are being given. And if we are not capable of digesting those high energies that are emmenated by any enlightened being, the result will be that you will point a finger.


To any enlightened being you will say that that person embodies all of your worst qualities.


You will nail them up; you will call them the King of the Jews and put a crown of thorns around their head.


But for those that have the ears to hear, for those that have the eyes to see, for those who like Mahakashyapa can feel the energy of the master.


It’s well said, the Buddha said, “I’m not here for everybody. I’m here for those people with a small inkling, with a small ability to feel my energy.”


There’s a beautiful book by the third Zen patriarch, Sosan. Patriarch is an enlightened being. There is no record of Sosan’s life; there is no record of Sozen’s death. In the East they don’t care when they were born and when they die. It’s simply enough for them that the flower of their presence, the perfume of their life exists through the centuries to guide us now.


And Sosan never stayed in one place, he moved from town to town, he spread his perfume to those people who were able to hear him and he left behind in one book called Hsin Hsin Ming – The Faith Mind of Sosan - and when they say ‘faith’ they don’t mean faith because the translators don’t know what they are talking about, they are not enlightened beings – The Enlightened Mind of Sosan.


When we’re talking about the mind of Sozen we’re talking about the empty mind of Sozen – form is emptiness and emptiness is form. And when Sozen says in his book and his book is just one page – very concentrated – and he says that one preference, one criticism, and heaven and earth are set infinitely apart.


These energies of the masters can only be digested by you when you are in a state of no-mind, when you have no thoughts in your mind then intuitively you can accept the staff of life, the bread of the earth.


The reconciling force works with each of the chakras to awaken each one.


And when we get into the Law of Sevens, seven chakras, seven major energy centers.


Now how many notes in an octave? You might have thought that, mightn’t you, because it is called an octave. But the eight notes go from Doh to Doh, so in an octave there are only seven notes.


And the Hanbledzoin (Literally, bled, blood, the blood of Christ, but meaning the life energy emanated by a master to raise your energy levels) what Gurdjieff calls Hanbledzoin is something that has been handed down as an inheritance from the wise masters of the past to help people from the present.


It is to do with Nada Yoga, it is to do with Mantra Yoga, it is to do with the awakening of the chakras, it is to do with the use of music to awaken people, something which is not intellectual, something which gets the body moving, something which works on the body, the mind and the emotions. A simple methodology to enlighten all beings.


So when Gurdjieff wrote his sacred hymns, written down by Hartzman, when he invented his music there is simple dancing of the Sufis because Gurdjieff was a Sufi and he was using music in a very knowledgeable way to awaken the energy centers of all living beings.


Within each chakra you have seven notes so when you complete the octave it means that you have raised the energy of that chakra from a lower level to a higher level.


 And you  do that to each of the chakras, from a lower level to a higher level and within each seven notes, within each octave there are two points where extra energy is needed to come in from outside to get past that point of stuckness – the third note and the fifth note.


This is why we have thirds and fifths in all music, this is why the ‘ragas’ the Indian mystics used for generations by classical Indian musicians are based very much on thirds and fifths because the extra energy is needed to raise the energy of the chakras from a point of low energy to a point of high energy.


And it’s the same in any process. If you start to do something and you want to finish it, completing the octave, then you will find two points in any process where you have to put in more energy.


And this is called the Power of Doing, to be able to maintain the energy of a process over a short period or a long period in order to complete it.


When he is talking about process, he is not talking about external processes like buying a car or baking some bread; he is also talking about the process of enlightenment.


Every person needs an input of energy from a Master in order to raise their energy from one step to another – the energy of transformation, the energy of compassion, the middle way to get out of the world of duality and the law of sevens state that this comes on the third note and the fifth note. There are many magical mystical signs like an enneagram, the octave.


All of these things are pointing in the direction of saying “You need to get some energy, you need to be fired up.”


Psychic body is like a factory, like a process and when that factory is working correctly then you are enlightened. Before that point you’ve got blockages, you’ve got parts where that factory is creaking, where it is not working correctly. And the way to get that factory working you got to put a little bit of work into it. All the spiritual practices will help you along that path.


Now I’d like to talk about the astrology of enlightenment. Over many, many lifetimes we’ve been coming down to earth to gain experience, to get rid of our karmas, it is nothing but the pains we have gathered psychically from lifetime to lifetime. And when we are born, each one of us is born with a certain astrological chart and you can look at those charts and you can find out a tremendous thing about your personality, you can find out a tremendous thing about your ego and you can find out a tremendous thing about your own spiritual abilities and times.


On the way towards enlightenment we collect various psychic powers and those psychic powers can be used for good or ill. All of us have them; there is not one person that does not have some absolutely tremendous ability that is outside the normal.


We all know we’ve got them. We’ve been gathering them from lifetime to lifetime. I don’t know if anybody has looked at their astrological chart but certain astrological placements tell you about your powers, like your ability to help others spiritually. If you are an Adept you can help to awaken other people’s chakras and they have an expertise in one of the areas, chakras. Now those people have no planets or ascendants in one of the areas like a cardinal sign (you know what a cardinal sign is?) or like a fixed sign or like a mutable sign or a fire, air, water or earth sign. If you have no planets in any one of those areas then you will have psychic powers, the ability to help people in one area or another.


You have one of the energies of transformation in your being. (Well, which are the cardinal signs, Devi?) So if you have no planets in any one of those four cardinal signs, all four signs are blank of planets then you will be called a Cardinal Adept and will have the ability of psychic powers in that area.


And the same with all Aliens.


Each of these areas like a  fire sign or an air sign (see in any astrological book, you can go and look it up in your chart) and then you have some people called the Aliens. Aliens are highly specialized talents and abilities and ESP and the paranormal, the kind that would have got them burnt as witches or voodoo work a few centuries back


 Their powers are accepted by themselves until they meet their peer group at the age of seven. They frighten their peers, they make them nervous or they are thought of or reacted to as strange or weird or different from their peers and they get rejected.


They get so frightened by this experience that many of them think that their talents as being very bad and they try to hide away from those talents and they try to become “normal” for the rest of their lives.


They are called Aliens, they have tremendous psychic powers. The suppression of these talents begin and they’re just left out a little bit. When they start to get away from that, when they start to come back to their normal sort of way they can become very depressed when they realize how alone they are and so many of these Aliens are lost at the age of eighteen or twenty through depression and suicide.


It is a very difficult time for Aliens to realize how different they are. All Aliens have the ability to contain, channel, relay key energies, which would destroy people if they were not trained to use them.


They have the ability to channel energy very powerfully to groups and to people. And individuals who are drawn to work with Aliens develop their energy talents, their power and abilities much more rapidly than they would do ordinarily.


The ability of the Aliens is to channel energies for the benefit of human beings. They can be used for bad they can be used for good, like Rolfing.


An Alien will normally be channeling so much power that when people come into their presence they make them feel angry or nervous or they project their own fears onto the Aliens.


That’s why Aliens have to hide themselves away so much. They experience alienation and rejection from others because of the power, which can be threatening to others.


Now Aliens are those who have the sun conjunct with Saturn, Neptune, Uranus or Pluto. If you have any of those conjunctions then you will be called an Alien Power and you will have the ability to radiate energy to others.


If you are an Alien Vessel then you will have your moon conjunct with Saturn, Neptune, Uranus or Pluto and you will have the appropriate energy of that conjunction.


If you have in the first house Saturn, Neptune, Uranus or Pluto then you will be an Alien Amplifier.


 Now Alien Vessel whose planets are in conjunction  with the moon they have the ability to draw out energies from other people, raise them and send them back. They have the ability to take away karma whereas Alien Powers have the ability to send  so much energy into a person like putting energy into a grease nipple.


By putting clean grease into a dirty grease nipple it thrusts out all the dirty grease therefore it raises the energy in that life.


Amplifier – it amplifies whatever is there. So just by looking at the astrological signs of a person you can see what sort of energy you have. The energy of the sun conjuncts, the energy of the Power is that of the High Priest.


The energy of the Vessel is the conjunction of the moon with any of these planets, is the energy of the Priestess, the intuition, the more negative, feminine qualities; doesn’t matter whether male or female; you will have that quality.


The moon astrological sign will be very calming, people will feel more peaceful in their presence whereas a person who has all these conjunctions with the sun they have the ability to spread out their aura and people will feel correspondingly more afraid.


Well also, if you don’t have any of those things then you have the ability to develop any of them within yourself as well and you will develop at your own pace but faster with somebody who can give you an idea.


That is why people go to be with gurus as in India, this is why people go to be visit the Dalai Lama  who has developed his powers more strongly.


This is why you have the guru-shishya relationship. Not any other reason except that you want to catch fire and then go off and do your own thing and people who have these powers they develop their powers more and more as they get older and older, it happens with them.


They feel very strange, they don’t feel part of society. This is the feeling of existentialism, it was so much in the existentialist philosophies.


Persons who can stand outside of society, looking in.


Because these people don’t know what they’re doing they can also become the greatest thieves, abusers, rapists, psychopaths on this planet as well.


They have the ability to go either way.


You can even become Hitler if you are sent in the wrong direction. You can become Stalin, you can become Polpot, you can become Mao Tse Tung if you were sent out in the wrong direction.


There is a certain charisma, there is a certain energy that is emanated by these people.


But mostly what everybody needs on this planet is to purify their negativities, to get rid of their pain, to put their life back into order, to harmonize their relationships. In one way, to become happy. And no matter what you are doing on this planet, you are just doing your job, you are doing whatever you it was you were sent down to do, you are dealing with the experiences you had over many lifetimes in the past, you are trying to perfect yourself. And one thing I do know is that everybody on this planet is going to become enlightened one day.


Yeah, as I said in the beginning, people with this Alien construct can become like the Buddha -  the greatest king or the greatest tyrant or the greatest mystic or guru or Buddha.


Devi Dhyani, my partner’s chart is an example of the moon conjunct Saturn. She is an Alien Vessel, one who takes karma or negative energies, transmits them and gives them back.


My chart, which is on the 1st of October 1952 at 15:30 in the afternoon, is an example of the Sun being conjunct with Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Saturn. This is a multiple Alien Power in the eighth house, the house of Pluto and of  high transformation. Not only that, Pluto in my chart is in Leo, the sign of the sun and this means that Pluto in alien powers is conjunct the sun also. Uranus in my chart is in Cancer, the sign of the moon and this means that Uranus is conjunct the moon in alien powers.


Alien powers give energy, they affect or change whatever they touch. This is the function of the High Priest.


OK, I think that is all I wanted to say today. I think we’ll finish off with a short chant again. So sit up straight, we’ll finish off with Om Shanti. Close your eyes, sit up straight, breathe into your abdomens and as the same as before, om is ‘A’ in base chakra, heart chakra, then top of the head. Visualization and don’t lose that contact with the base. It is incredibly easy to float off into outer space. We want to become more grounded more rooted into the earth. Eyes closed, breathe in to the abdomen, I’ll do the first line and then you can follow the first line after I have finished.


S: Om shanti, om shanti, om shanti, o…………..m

A: Om shanti, om shanti, om shanti, o…………..m


S: O…………………………..m. O………………m  shan…………ti       o………..m shanti………. O………………….m

(take a deep breath in) o…………….m shan………ti  o………………………..m


S: Om shanti, om shanti, om shanti, o…………..m (deep breath)

A: Om shanti, om shanti, om shanti, o…………..m


S: Om shanti, om shanti, om shanti, o…………..m

A: Om shanti, om shanti, om shanti, o…………..m





To the sinful and vicious I appear to be evil. But to the good, beneficient am I. By Mirza Khan, Ansari, Sufi.

We Meditate in Pieces to make One Piece (Peace) By Satchidanand






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