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Fig 1: The One Cosmic Body of Existence.


The Source of All Creation / Satchidananda / Brahman / the Absolute / Nirvana / The Unified Field of Consciousness / Pure, Unalloyed Consciousness / The Shared Self of All Manifestation. / The Father of All Creatures Great and Small.

Absolute, Infinite, Eternal. Beyond all the duality of the Chittam. Not many but One. The chittam is the Mind, the diversity, the relative quality of existence where things happen and change, whereas Satchidananda - Brahman, The Father, The "I" - is the Absolute State of Existence. Pure, unalloyed (without names or forms) 100% consciousness, bliss. It is pure awareness, energy at it's highest vibration. Whereas the Chittam is multitudes of many, The Absolute (Satchidananda - Brahman - Father) is One. The still, peaceful, blissful centre of all the relative Universes and manifestations (which themselves occur in the Chittam).

Pure unalloyed awareness, Truth, Consciousness, Bliss. The Self in All. The Source of All Creation.

"Although this fullness (the manifestation) comes from that fullness (Satchidananda), that fullness remains the same."

God is unaffected by all the appearances of living and dieing, etc.. that occur in It's Chittam - Mind. The Self is beyond this world and this world is a creation of The Self.

So, God, Brahman, Self, pure unalloyed consciousness is the never changing 'I' which is behind and beyond all the appearances in the manifestation - the Chittam.

That is why when the Great Sage Ramana Maharishi was leaving the body and was asked if he was afraid of leaving, he replied "Where will 'I' go?". He had realised the Self in All, that which is beyond the relative and dualistic, that which is beyond all the Mind and its names and forms.

Corresponding Chakra - The Sahasrara.


The Many Sons and Daughters of God / Adam / The Son / Ahamkara / Aham-vritti.

"And The One Became Many so that The One may experience diversity."

The Soul is the experiencing medium of the Spirit - The One Universal Spirit. It is through the Soul that the Spirit plays out the Divine Play, using it's Cosmic Mind (Chittam) as the stage set.

In sanskrit, the word "aham" is made up of two components. "A" is the first letter of the sanskrit alphabet, and "ham" is the last letter - equivalent to the English "Z". Thus, the word "aham" encapsulates the entire alphabet, and the alphabet is used to describe all the names and forms in the manifestation.

In sanskrit, "Vritti", sometimes spelled "vrtti", means "thought", and the word "man" translates as "mind."

So, the word "Aham" literally encapsulates the entire relative manifestation, and it is this variety and diversity that Adam and Eve - the male bodied soul and the female bodied soul - experiences. Adam, Aham - is the first born son - the first thought in the Chittam (Total Mind), the very first thought in the Mind of The Father (God).

Therefore, "Adam" - this ahamvritti, this first thought of God, is the source of the relative manifestation - the chittam, the mind of God.

Adam is the first born son - first thought, vritti, in the chittam. All the other 'sons and daughters' - all the names and forms, the myriad of thoughtforms in the chittam - stem from this 'ahamvritti' - from 'Adam.'

The aham-vritti is the reflecting medium of pure consciousness, its appearance and vibration creates the mind (man) - the relative manifestation. It is like a crystal that splits up the pure, white light and makes is appear as a rainbow spectrum of diverse colours.

So, the mani, many, nama-rupa (names and forms), all the creations in the chittam, stem from this one vritti, this one thought, this Aham - 'I am' thought.

If we use the analogy from the Bible, then indeed, Adam is the first born son, from which all of mankind is descended from, and indeed God, the Absolute Self (represented by the word 'Om') is the Father of Adam - The Source of All Creation - The Absolute Source of the chittam, the Total Macrocosmic Mind.

Corresponding Chakras - All Chakras: The Soul is A Microcosm of the Total.


3) CHITTAM - Mind of The One, The Holy Ghost.

The Mindstuff / Duality / Diversity / Variety / The many names and forms / Samsara / Maya / The Total Mind of God.

The Macrocosmic, total mindstuff of existence. The Sum Total of mindstuff - diversity, change, and variety - the manifestation, the creation in all it's possible dimensions, combinations, and possible creative expressions. Every relative phenomena that can ever be. This is The Mind of The One. This is where all the diversity happens in existence - the place of the very many. This is the relative manifestation of names and forms, this is where all this changing of appearance occurs, this living and dying, this changing of forms. Because it is always changing, in eternal fluctuation and has no real tangible reality, it is called in the Christian tradition - "The Holy Ghost".

The yogic philosophy states that the entire manifestation with its countless creatures, creations, planets, and galaxies, is actually the Mind of God. All these names and forms are God's thought forms. We sometimes refer to the sum total Mind of God as Chittam - Total Mindstuff - all the thought forms that ever can be - the sum total relative existence.

'Maya' is a sanskrit word that actually means 'measurement.' It is the nature of mind to measure things, that is how it works. 'Maya' also refers to the delusion that the true self - God - is the mind. Mind is a product of God (pure consciousness being), therefore, although mind is always changing, Being remains eternally constant, permanent and never-changing. The appearance of life and death only occur in the Mindstuff - the Chittam - and unalloyed consciousness (God) is beyond Mind - so God is eternal. Consciousness is the source of chittam - Mind - therefore the Eternal God is the source of all the creation. The creation (names and forms, Mind, Chittam) changes, but God never changes - therefore life is Eternal, because the source of all life is eternal.

The manifestation is the many feasts, the manifest Universe (one song) of duality, diversity, and change. The 'relative', all the names and forms that ever can be, all the thought-forms, 'the offspring of Adam.' Adam - the son, the 'first man' refers to the 'Aham vritti', the "I am" thought (the word 'man' in sanskrit means 'mind'). This 'Aham vritti' is the 'first thought form in the chittam', which is the root thought of all thoughts in The Mind of the One, and this Mind of the One is the perceived relative manifestation - all the individual souls and their minds, bodies, races, planets, and Universes.

And the True Experiencer, the True Perceiver behind all the names and forms, is the eternal 'I' - pure, eternal, unalloyed consciousness - God.

The Manifestation is 'The Stage of Life' where we find all diversity and change - the appearance of living and dieing - it is just changes in the mindstuff.

Corresponding Chakras - The Five Lower Chakras. and Ajna Chakra



SELF, GOD - The Totality of Existence - The One and All Complete.

So what is this Self-Realisation all about? It means that we, the many, have understood our extended Self - the fact that we are all the Self, that there is nothing outside of existence, that we are a part of the whole, and not apart from the whole. We realise our Totality. That the source of the consciousness in the cat and in our grandfather and in ourselves - is One and the Same.

Self Realisation means understanding and feeling our oneness with the Totality of Existence, so we can say:

"My Father and I are One."

And we can know and feel it to.

This is Union is called Yoga.

*The Mystery being that it exists at all!*

May All Beings Be Happy with this Realisation.

May you make it your own.

Om Shanti.

Peace, Love, and Understanding Be Forever With Thee.


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