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Empuries contains this Statue of Asklepius, the God of Healing whose other name is the Egyptian Priest and Alchemist, Hermes Trismegistus, here pictured standing in the Temple of Asklepius in Empuries

Meditation Energy Ennhancement Spain Course

Here is a Testimonial about our Three Level Energy Enhancement Course over One Month With M. Sweeney, Human Resources Director Europe/Asia of a large Fortune 500 US Multinational Company

Looking for a way to spend a productive month in beautiful surroundings with great people?  Well I'm very happy to recommend Energy Enhancement run by SOL in Spain and to be specific Satchidanand and Devi Dhyani. 

Initially I was looking for some Yoga and meditation to mark a significant change in my life and to enhance my general health and wellbeing.

By accident I came across the SOL Web site over a year ago and just noted it - made a few enquiries and did nothing other than to file it for future reference. 

One year later I called to follow up and arranged to come and do the full Energy Enhancement programme for 4 weeks.  

I was not sure if this was wise, as I knew nothing other than what I had read on the web site and the testimonials, which I was a bit sceptical about!

However, I am now adding my own because if you read this you might be a bit like me. 

Don't hesitate - go for it!

The Energy Enhancement Villa

Meditation Energy Ennhancement Spain Course  Meditation Energy Ennhancement Spain Course


Breakfast on the Patio at the Energy Enhancement Villa.

Satchidanand and Devi Dhyani met me at Barcelona Airport and so my introduction and initiation into EE began. 

 It has been a great month, at the end of which I am both a Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master as well as having learnt through experience built on the teachings of Energy Enhancement, some of the worlds most sustainable and proven philosophies and techniques.

In addition to the actual programme of learning Satchi and Devi were congenial and attentive hosts,
flexible in their approach to meet my needs as well as those of the course programme.

All in all I can say that this month has been well spent and has provided me with a solid foundation on which to continue to grow and develop in the months and years to come both personally and professionally.

Satchi and Devi, thank you for your unfailing good humour, hospitality and generous sharing of your own giftedness during my stay in beautiful L'Escala.

Maire Sweeney, Human Resources Director, Europe/Asia, of a Fortune 500 US Multinational Company


Empuries yet more beaches...

Meditation Energy Ennhancement Spain Course

Meditation Energy Ennhancement Spain Course

Picture of the Sunset taken outside of L'Escala Cafe 1869 as the sun sets over Empuries and the Pyrenees, by Alan Dolan!!

Meditation Energy Ennhancement Spain Course

Salvadore Dali, Narcissus.

A bony hand reaches out of the Earth holding the Sol Symbol, Golden Egg, Symbolising the Higher Self/Soul. Dali means, the body dies, but the Soul lives on so why are we so egotistical!!! To the left we see Narcissus looking at his beauty reflected in the water. The selfish ego preening, not realising his immanent death or his Higher Self. The dog is decrepit and rotting. The people are talking, not realising we can see through them in their nakedness. The God/Statue is on the Board as in a Masons temple.

The Extraordinary Salvadore Dali Museum, created by this flawed Genius, is based, 45minutes away from L'Escala, in Figueres. Salvadore Dali lived just north of  L'Escala in Cadaques. Trips available on request!!!

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Dhiren Raichura  (UK)
Empezaré compartiendo mis experiencias del curso del Aumento de Energía con otras personas que tienen inconvenientes que desean mejorar sus vidas transformando sus vidas y las vidas de otros alrededor de ellos y haciendo eventualmente una diferencia en cada vida de los cuerpos que a ellos le tocan...."



Honey Kalaria

El curso de Energía Elevada ha sido descrito como el "curso más avanzados de meditación en el mundo” y concuerdo totalmente. Es completo, las técnicas son efectivas, el conocimiento ensancha inmensamente sus niveles del conocimiento, su intuición y los poderes perceptivos aumentan tremendamente, usted se siente vigorosamente energizado con las prácticas de meditación y el curso ha traído profundos cambios en mi comportamiento y en la manera de ver las cosas. Tanto Satchi como Devi son almas hermosas e inspiradoras, apasionadamente abocadas a ayudar a personas a crecer espiritualmente y acelerando el progreso de cada estudiantes hacia la iluminación...



Phillip Chester (US)
Las técnicas de energía dadas en E.E nunca me han sido explicadas en Aikido, Yoga o Ashtanga ni en cualquier curso de meditación trascendental y solamente me han sido parcialmente enseñadas previamente por Taoístas, maestro Mantak y en cursos de Tantra. Mantak Chia fue particularmente confuso y Ji Gung la encontré difícil..