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Second Question



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 The second question:

Question  2


Trust is the inner eye. Like these two eyes for seeing the universe, there is a third eye inside of you whose name is trust. With the eye of trust god is seen. The meaning of the eye of trust is the eye of love. There are some things that only love can know. There is no other way to know them.

If you fall in love with someone you will see things that no one else will see. You will see in that person a sweetness that no one else will see. That sweetness is subtle. The touch of love is needed for it, only then is it revealed. You will hear the echo of a song in that person, which no one else will hear. To hear it one has to come closer than anyone else has come. Only you are that close.

This is why beauty starts manifesting in what we love. People think that we fall in love with what is beautiful. They are wrong. What you fall in love with starts looking beautiful. There all of life's meaning, all of its dignity starts to be revealed. And it is not that you are imagining. As soon as the eye of love opens the invisible begins to be visible to you, the imperceivable begins to be perceivable. The presence of what is hidden begins to be experienced. Without any door opening someone comes inside of you. It never opens, my heart always sealed,

Who knows how you got in?

Those who trust discover a very strange thing: from where, by which unknown door does god enter inside?

Looking upon awakening, shutters yet chained,

He came, he left, who knows the path?

This is a couplet from Bihari, very lovely. The beloved is sleeping with shutters locked on all four sides. In her dreams her lover comes, after a while she awakens. Waking she sees that the shutters are locked just as they were, the chains on them are set just as they were. Who knows where he entered from and by which route he fled.

Looking upon awakening, shutters yet chained,

He came, he left, who knows the path?

Which way do you enter, which way do you depart? From which window do you look? The name of that window is trust.

One who lives in logic will never know anything deeper than the material. His life will be meaningless. He may well collect money, but all his wealth will just be lying there. He will be deprived of meditation. And only meditation will accompany you at death. He will not attain the highest wealth. Only one who has the eye of trust within attains the highest wealth.

I was telling you there are four types of enquirers. The student moves by logic. The seeker moves by doing. The disciple, he moves by love. And the devotee by trust.

Trust is the culmination of love. The meaning of trust is, faith that what has not yet happened will happen. Trust awakens from what has already happened. There is such beauty in this universe, there is such light in this universe, such music... the throat of each bird is filled with song. There is beauty in each leaf, light in each star. This universe is so full of significance, there must be some painter or other behind it.

The meaning of trust is there must be some painter behind so many colors.

The meaning of trust is where so much beauty is showering the source of such beauty must also exist.

This is not logic, this is not the theory of cause and effect  --  this is experiential. Just like when you start to come near a garden there seems to be a coolness in the winds. The garden has not yet appeared, but the air starts to be cooler. So it is clear that you are coming close to a garden. Knowingly or not your feet have taken the right path, the distance is decreasing, you are getting nearer. Then slowly slowly riding on the winds the fragrance of flowers also starts reaching... this fragrance of jasmine, this fragrance of the queen of the night, this fragrance of roses... Now you know you are near, you are coming yet closer. Still the garden is not visible but now you are certain that there is a garden. Otherwise where is this fragrance from? The fragrance must have a source, flowers must be blooming. Then you come closer, the songs of birds start to be audible. Now you know that there will be full shade, trees with thick leaves. Otherwise the songs of so many birds... this call of the cuckoo, it must be a mango grove.

The meaning of trust is: welcoming the source from which you receive these subtle delicate signs. Sitting near the master the mind becomes absorbed, a shower starts raining, a lotus starts blossoming in the heart. Then you know that if this can happen sitting near him, something more can also happen. Trust increases.

I will meet you one day on the path of consciousness,

I will make the remembrance of you my own!

"I will meet you one day..."  the name of this feeling is trust.

I will meet you one day on the path of consciousness,

I will make the remembrance of you my own!

You will destroy one day the suffocation of my heart

I will make your lamp my own!

A smile like the morning, heart-wealth like sandalwood,

Water from the eyes pure as dew drops;

Giving the flower fragrance, giving the bumble bee it's hum,

You kept deceiving yourself, drinking this wine and liquor

You embellish sometimes this disjointed dream

I will make your sleep my own!

I will meet you one day on the path of consciousness,

I will make the remembrance of you my own!

I stand as if destitute on the shore,

And the frothing ocean holds out a challenge;

This wave surges ahead to be with me,

And even the courage of the shore roars;

You will meet me one day on a wave of love;

I will make the seething midstream my own,

You will destroy one day the suffocation of my heart

I will make your lamp my own!

The night is long but star-filled,

Eyelids have lit lamps in every direction;

Breath is small, but hope is vast,

Life has put a watch on death;

I will meet you one day in the early watches,

I will decorate with dew the sobbing red hair parting!

I will meet you one day on the path of consciousness,

I will make the remembrance of you my own!

You will destroy one day the suffocation of my heart

I will make your lamp my own!

There are signs in every direction, hints from all sides. Trust is the name of understanding those hints.

Logic is blind, because logic asks for the gross. For instance if a rose blossoms and you say to a logician, "Look how beautiful, just matchless!"

The logician will say, "Where is the beauty? Show it to me. I want to take beauty in my hand and see it. I want to touch it. I want to weigh it. I want to weigh it on scientific scales. I want to check it with mathematical tests. I want to examine it with logic, then I will measure it." What will you do?

And it is not that the flower is not beautiful. The flower is beautiful. But beauty is not some gross thing that you can lift up and give to this logician, saying, "Take it, measure it. Take it away, inspect it."

I have heard a lovely song of the Baul mystics. A philosopher asked a Baul fakir, "You sing many songs of god, you whirl around madly. I don't see anything. For whom are you spinning around carrying this ektara and hand drum? For whom do you play this song? For whom do you dance? It all seems completely empty to me. I don't see any god anywhere. And tears are pouring from your eyes. You have become ecstatic. Are you mad?"

This is how they got the name Baul  --  Baul means mad, affected by the wind. The fakir started playing his ektara and he sang a song. The song is marvellous. The meaning of the song is: It happened once that a goldsmith went to a garden and started to ask the gardener, "I have heard much discussion of your flowers, that you grow very beautiful flowers. Today I have brought my stone for assaying gold with me. Today I will inspect and see which flowers are real and which are false."

So the Baul said, imagine what state that gardener was in! If some one scrapes his flowers with a stone... A stone for assaying gold cannot assay the beauty of flowers. Gold is gross, and gross gold influences people's minds. For those who are very inert and insensitive, gold is the most valuable thing. But there are others whose sensitivity is profound. For them flowers... Even if you give all the gold in the world it will not equal the price of a single flower because a flower is living beauty.

So the fakir said, "The state that gardener got into is the same that you put me into. You say where is god? Make logical proof. Neither flowers can be tested on a stone for assaying gold, nor can god be tested on the assay of logic."

Life is not gross. Logic can grasp only the gross. What can grasp the subtle is called trust. Trust is a unique dimension.

I will meet you one day on the path of consciousness...

This path of awareness, I will meet you sometime or another on it  --  this faith. Because you are! Because flowers have given the news that you are. Because this filtered sunlight from the trees has given the news that you are. Because at night the stars start dancing and I receive the message that you are. Because so much festive powdered dyestuff is flying in this life, this existence, these spring rites being celebrated, this festival of lights emblazoned  --  they all give the message that you are. Where so much festivity is going on, the master will be hidden somewhere. Otherwise this festival would have ended long ago. Where so much dancing is happening, someone must be at the center of the dancing.

I will meet you one day on the path of consciousness,

I will make the remembrance of you my own!

Trust is the most valuable thing in the life of man. One who has trust in his life has everything. The shadow of god will fall in his life. He will be intensely moved by the unseen. In his heart poetry will arise. In his spirit a flute will play. In him meditation will fruit, he will attain samadhi. His life will become significant. And the life of one who does not have trust becomes meaningless.

If you move with the help of logic then today or tomorrow there will remain only committing suicide and nothing else. This is why Western philosophers who have been moving with the help of logic for three hundred years have arrived at suicide. The great Western thinker Albert Camus has written, to me suicide appears to be the most important philosophical problem. Why doesn't man destroy himself? What is the significance of living? Get up everyday, eat breakfast, go to the shop, or to the office, or strive all day, then the evening comes again beaten down. Then eat, go to sleep, then get up again. If this is all then too much has been seen already, too much has happened. A limit comes, why go one repeating the same? What is the significance of it? If this is all, then there is no significance whatever. And logic says this is all.

The ultimate conclusion of logic is suicide and the ultimate conclusion of trust is immortal life. Choose, choose whichever you like. You are your own master. When you leave trust and choose logic don't think that you are opposing god: you are committing suicide.

On the day Friedrich Nietzsche proclaimed that god is dead, god did not die, but that same day Nietzshe went mad. Does god die from someone's proclamation? But one thing certainly happened: if god has died then what meaning remains in life?

Think a little, get rid of god then with him you get rid of all beauty, get rid of all love, get rid of all prayer. Then the temple bells will not be struck again, then the trays of worship will not be decorated again, offerings will not happen again  --  all will be disposed of. Whatever was valuable in life was pushed aside by putting aside this one word, god. Then what remains? Rubbish. Then you are sitting on a pile of waste. Then where is meaning? Then your life is a mere accident. Then what difference does it make whether you die now or tomorrow? Then living is cowardice. Then there is no significance. Why go on living, why suffer unhappiness? Why not you finish your life with your own hands?

Nietzsche went mad and this whole century is going mad, because this whole century has believed in Nietzsche. This is the first time in the history of man that it has happened that people start asking the meaning of the word trust. The experience of trust no longer exists, this is why the meaning has to be asked. People have started asking what is love because the experience of love no longer exists.

The day people start asking what is light, know well that people have gone blind. The day people start asking what is music, know well they have become deaf. What else could it mean? Our trust has dried up. We live completely without trust.

And I say unto you: you go to the temple, the mosque also, the gurudwara also and you go without trust. This is why there is no significance in  your going. You go, that too has become an obligation of an arranged life. Everyone else goes, so you go too. If you don't go there will be trouble. If you go it is convenient. You will keep the name in the society that you are very religious. If you maintain the practice of religion many kinds of conveniences continue. If the practice of religion is broken then people will start becoming angry, people will start making trouble. Alright, it is acting, keep doing it. But it is not trust. When you go towards the temple I don't see dancing in your feet. When you return from the temple I don't see tears of bliss reflecting in your eyes. When I see you in the temple with hands joined, I don't see your heart joined.

Trust has disappeared. And if trust has disappeared, the eye has disappeared  --  the eye that sees god has disappeared. But what has disappeared is present inside of you right now. It lies closed, it can be opened. When trust opens from some impact it is called satsang. The one in whose presence the bud of trust blossoms and becomes a flower is called a master.


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