Sadhana: the fruit of understanding

Third Question



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The third question:

Question 3


Anand Bharti! Life can only be lovely, because life is god. Life is the manifestation of that most lovely one. It is he that has manifested in these infinite unending forms. You have made temples and falsified him because his temple is in every direction. Wherever you bow down is his temple. Wherever you open your eyes it is his face. Wherever you enjoy listening, it is his sound. What you see, what you hear, what you taste it is all he.

This is why the Upanishads can say: Annam Brahma  --  food is god. Such an expression is not found in any scripture in the world. And when the Upanishads were translated for the first time and in English it was written, food is god, people were very surprised  --  eating is bhagwan? How to translate it? They were shocked, what kind of statement is this? They didn't understand. They made a direct literal translation  -- food is god, annam brahma. They missed. Such great utterances have no direct translation. Such great statements have only indirect translation. Such great utterances can be explained but cannot be directly translated. It is a very significant statement.

The Upanishads are saying if you taste something it is he, there is no other. The receiver is also he  -- the one sitting inside tasting is he, and what is being tasted is also he. If you pick a pomegranate from a tree: it is he in the pomegranate, it is he in you, you are not different. The fruit is one way of his manifesting, you are another way of his manifesting. God is expressed in infinite forms. All of these songs are his, the singer is one. The world and life will have to be lovely!

But I understand Anand Bharti's problem. We have been taught for centuries that life is sin. It has been explained to us that life is the fruit of our sins in our past lives, how could it be lovely? Whoever has called life sin has called god sin. They didn't understand the statement of the Upanishads. Those that have said life is the fruit of sins have been disrespectful of god's grace.

This is why whoever comes near me, whoever is slowly slowly descending the stairway of meditation with me, they will have this difficulty one day or another, as Anand Bharti is having. One day waking up in the morning you will suddenly find that the whole universe is incomparably lovely, all of life is filled with his vibration. It is his veena that is playing. He is the one singing in the birds. He is the one flowing in pools and streams. He is the one rising up high in the waves of the ocean. He is the one looking from the moon and stars. From a firefly to the suns it is his light. He is sitting in sinners, just as much as in the virtuous. Not a drop less.

Do you think that in Ravana, Rama is less? There is as much Rama in Ravana as in Rama. There isn't any difference. There can't be any difference. It is another matter that for the Ram Leela, Rama needs to be divided in two parts. Do you think there can be a Ram Leela without Ravana? How would it be? Its very support will fall. Do you think Rama can exist without Ravana? It is impossible. Just try writing a story about Rama leaving out Ravana. Write a story that is Rama and only Rama. You yourself will find it is completely flavorless. No juice remains, no meaning remains. He is standing there with his bow and arrow, he will get tired, you too will get tired. Sita Ma is sitting there. And Ramachandra Ji is sitting there. No one comes and abducts her, nothing happens.

Just try sometime putting on a Ram Leela in some village without Ravana. The first day people will come, but the second day people will stop coming, thinking what's the use? The court is decorated, Ramachandra Ji is sitting. People will get up and start asking when will the Ram Leela begin? What's going on?

The manifestation of life is dual. Life is dialectical. This is why there is light and darkness, there is birth and death, there is good and bad, there is white and black, there is beautiful and ugly, there is Rama and Ravana. Those that know say: his play is in both. And if one knows this he has no more difficulties. Then life appears very lovely. Then you will find the experience of beauty everywhere because you will find his imprint. You will hear his foot falls in every place.

My heart is in the springtime of paradise

Sampling the fragrance of flowering orchards

Ah, the charm of intoxicating night

I am on earth, my soul is with the stars

If a little understanding comes you will not remain on the earth. You will remain on the earth and your soul will be in the stars. You will start expanding. Your being will become vast. Lotuses will start blooming in you.

The rhythm of your songs, O wonderment!

This cheer, this sharpness, this tenderness.

Why doesn't the world melt and flow away?

Just contemplate this in your heart.

Or are you so drunk on raga music

Or so lost in ecstatic rhythms

Stop!  for the arms of song

Transport me up into the skies!

Open a little. Wake up and look a little. Put to one side a little the education given by your so called religious people. Again open your eyes. Again become acquainted with nature. And you will be surprised.

Or are you so drunk on raga music

Or so lost in ecstatic rhythms

Stop!  for the arms of song

Transport me up into the skies!

His song will engulf you from every side, or you will start flying in the skies. Or you will start to be frightened, or you will be freaked out: what is going on? So much beauty! And so much spontaneously showering, as if the ocean has entered the drop!

Anand Bharti it is well you ask. Ecstasy is happening. She is becoming absorbed in bliss. So much ecstasy is happening that previously she used to sit in the front, now I have to seat her in the back. She started to get ecstatic sitting in the front and it started to be a disturbance for others. She started laughing, for no reason. If you laugh for a reason it is okay. If I tell a story or tell a joke and you laugh it is okay. But Anand Bharti couldn't wait for me to tell a joke, she would laugh first. Knowing I am going to tell one, that I am about to tell it, why wait? So the poor woman has to sit in the back. An ecstasy comes, a feeling of bliss is coming. She starts to fly in the skies.

So she will feel, why is life so beautiful? How should I answer? Live IS beautiful. It cannot be any other way. Life has always been beautiful. Just there was a veil on your eyes. The veil has started slipping. There were webs of religious dogma over your eyes, the webs have started tearing, the webbing has started tearing.

And what else is my work here?  To clean the dust a little from your eyes. To wipe a little dust from your eyes so that your eyes can become a mirror and start to reflect things as they are.

Like your name, like wine overflowing,

Like the drunkenness of love, this autumn moonlight.

It charms the heart, like passionate music,

Entices the eyes, like a dream lover,

Like your beauty, like spring sunshine,

Juicy like sweet memories, this autumn moonlight.

Moonlight is blossoming, like your laughter,

Filled with high spirits, like the hope of union,

Like arms of affection, like the shadow of your curl,

Shy like you, Beloved, this autumn moonlight.

Who knows what happened, an unknown experience,

Body filled with thrills, like the first honeymoon night,

Laughing heart, open full moon, all restraint defeated,

More certain than a promise, this autumn moonlight.

Like your name, like wine overflowing,

Like the drunkenness of love, this autumn moonlight.

Existence is filled with very lovely beauty. There is nothing here but moonlight. There is nothing here but the moon. Here everything is calm, only you must not remain excited. Let your heat cool down.

What else is meditation but a process for cooling your heat? A method of letting your temperature come down a little. People are very excited. People are very feverish. People are deranged. Thousands of desires have excited them. There is a great race for self gratification in their mind. Peaceful moments never come. Intervals of relaxation never come. 'Stop your feet and reach the village!' But feet don't stop and the village is not reached. If you stop the goal is right here, right now. But you go on running, you go on escaping. You think the faster you run the sooner you will arrive. The faster you run the further away you will get. The goal is where you are, the goal is not somewhere else.

God is here, this is my proclamation. God is right now, this is my teaching. Here and now! Don't put him off till tomorrow and suddenly the veil will lift from your eyes. The veil of tomorrow is covering your eyes. You say tomorrow it will happen, tomorrow... And if the tomorrow of this life is used up you will say it will happen in the next life. Again tomorrow! And if the tomorrow of the next life is used up you will say it will happen in the other world, tomorrows move further ahead. But you go on delaying for tomorrow. Your putting god off until tomorrow makes him false.

God is now, here, this very moment. Let the curtain slip from your eyes. Push aside your burqah, push aside this veil. And what is the veil? Meaningless thinking that has been dumped on your head for centuries. Your skull is filled with scriptures, this is why truth could not manifest.

Do you see Gorakh? He says again and again: "O pandit, you have looked too much in study, now see by living. I am the disciple of the living, I am the companion of the one who is living."

Live god, too many prayers have happened. Eat god, drink god, cover yourself with god, wear god, wake up in god, sleep in god  --  live god! Too many prayers have passed, too much worship. Offerings, sacrifices, fire sacrifices: many have been done. Nothing has happened from them. Live! God is food. Taste him. In eating too, remember  --  it is he. Talking to someone, remember  --  it is he. Slowly slowly the recognition will become firm. Slowly slowly your life will be overwhelmed by his beauty. That beloved will be seen.

In my braid a bouquet of star flowers,

Night has adorned me;

The full moon bejewelling my forehead,

Reflects the enchanting image of his face;

The dawn colored by the red of his feet,

Smiles red the parting of my hair!

I have surrendered unto him!

Without my asking he gave love and affection,

He gave respect and affirmation;

Freedom stood there entirely bound,

I have accepted the bonds;

In total defeat he is victorious,

In total victory I am defeated!

I have surrendered unto him!

Nourished always in his shadow,

Moving always behind him;

In his very life-temple,

I burn always like a waxen candle;

Attaining him I have forgotten the world,

Myself completely forgotten!

I have surrendered unto him!

When did I want love and affection,

Or a delicate garland of flowers?

My intention was worship and prayer,

My sole desire was the right to worship

At his radiant feet, laughing

I have sacrificed body, mind - everything

I have surrendered unto him!

Where do you go on searching? If you are to sacrifice, then sacrifice right this moment, because he is present.

At his radiant feet, laughing

I have sacrificed body, mind - everything

I have surrendered unto him!

Attaining him I have forgotten the world,

Myself completely forgotten!

I have surrendered unto him!

In total defeat he is victorious,

In total victory I am defeated!

I have surrendered unto him!

The dawn colored by the red of his feet,

Smiles red the parting of my hair!

I have surrendered unto him!

God is not some person that you will meet someday. God is another name for this existence. The union is happening but you have the insane belief that god is a person, that you will meet in the form of Rama, or you will meet him in the form of Krishna, or in the form of Christ, or in the form of Buddha, or in the form of Mahavira. You have gone astray because of this, this is why you do not attain union. Your belief causes difficulties.

God is standing before you, but you say, "Until he is holding a bow and arrows in his hands...'till then this forehead won't bow.' My head is not going to bow. First pick up the bow and arrow." The conditions of ordinary people are okay, but these are the words of Tulsidas.

A few friends took Tulsidas to a Krishna temple. All were bowing. Tulsidas didn't bow. He said, "My forehead will not bow. I know only one  --  the one with the bow and arrow in hand." Krishna was standing there playing his flute, with his peacock crown. Krishna did not suit Tulsidas.

What narrow minds even our so called saints have! You won't let Ramachandra Ji play on a flute? He has to go on holding bow and arrow twenty-four hours? Even men get vacations. Even overtime is eventually finished. But he says until he picks up bow and arrow, I will not bow. I bow only before the one with bow and arrows.

Remember it, this man does not know how to bow. He is saying that I will bow when my condition is fulfilled. This bowing is conditional. In this bowing is ego. He is saying, if my condition is fulfilled then I will bow. The deal is clear. If you want me to bow, if you are interested in me bowing then fulfill my condition. I will bow before my idea. This is ego. I have nothing to do with how you are. If you stand there playing your flute, wearing your peacock crown, then stand there. This is not my belief, I will bow before my belief. Pick up the bow and arrow then I will bow down.

This is the problem. How can this poor tree pick up bow and arrows? How will this sun pick up bow and arrows? How will the moon and stars pick up bow and arrows? It is a difficulty. And god is standing at the door as the sun, but you will not bow. Baba Tulsidas did not bow so how will you bow? Pick up the bow and arrows then I will bow.

Existence cannot pick up a bow and arrow, nor can it pick up a flute. Is existence a person? But we have established the belief that god is a person. Just go on wandering, you will never meet god. And if you meet him sometime, carrying his bow and arrow, know that it is the illusion of your mind. It is the web of your imagination. It is your dream. You have seen this dream for so many days that now you have started seeing it with open eyes. It is a daydream. It is illusion.

It is not god when you close your eyes and he stands there holding bow and arrow, or playing on his flute, or Jesus hanging on the cross... It is your belief. And you have repeated and repeated and repeated this belief so many times from childhood on that repeating and repeating you have self hypnotized yourself. Now you see him. You can see anything in this way. Just go on repeating, go on repeating, go on persistently. You can start seeing anything this way. Do a little experiment and see.

A young man went to Nagarjuna. And he said, "I have started experiencing god. His face is in front of me. I close my eyes, god smiling faintly stands before me, I really enjoy it."

Nagarjuna said, "You do one thing." Nagarjuna was a rough carefree sadhu, an extraordinary sadhu. A man just like Gorakh. He said, "You do one thing, then we will talk about this experience. You sit in the small cave facing us and think for three days that I am not a man, I am a buffalo."

He said, "What's the matter? Why should I think this?"

Nagarjuna said, "If you want to be in contact with me and you want to understand then this will have to be done  --  a small experiment. After doing it I will reveal the secret."

The man went on sitting for three days. He was a stubborn man. For one who has dragged the face of god near, what's difficult in a buffalo? He got totally into it. For three days he didn't sleep, didn't eat, didn't drink. Hungry and thirsty, tired and worn out he just kept on repeating one thing, I am a buffalo. One day, two days: on the second day from inside the cave the sound of a buffalo started to be heard. From outside the cave people started staring and asking what's the matter? He was a man but the sound of a buffalo has started coming out. He started bellowing. On the third day when the sound became too much and Nagarjuna started to feel disturbed and obstructed by this noise, Nagarjuna got up from his cave, went and said, "Friend, come out now." He tried to come out, but he could not get out.

Nagarjuna asked, "What is it?"

He said, "How can I get out, my horns... the door is too small."

Nagarjuna shook him and said, "Open your eyes idiot! This is why I told you to do it. I understood looking at you that what you thought was god, was self-hypnosis. Now look! You think you are a buffalo! In three days you have become a buffalo. Nothing has happened. You are a man just the same as always. The door is the same. It is just the same as it was when you came in. Get out!"

He opened his eyes, was a little startled. Nagarjuna gave him a shove. So he got out. But still his horns were getting stuck!

You must have seen when some hypnotist is on stage, some magician, is hypnotizing people. He has only to suggest something in their mind. He just suggests and they start to do it, they start to do exactly what he says.

What you have known in the name of religion is not more than self-hypnosis. Real religion is freedom from all hypnosis. And then god is not a person, then god is the total. Then god is the union of this whole existence. And then an extraordinary stream flows. Because wherever your go you meet him. Then the universe, then life is very lovely. And when life is so lovely understand that religion has manifested in your life, it has commenced, the first drop of truth has fallen.

Anand Bharti, it is good. Don't make it a worry, don't doubt it, don't raise questions  --  sink into it, sink deeper into it. God is beauty, the ultimate beauty. Wherever you find beauty know you are hearing his footfalls. God is music, the ultimate music. Wherever you experience deeper sound, know that it is he humming. God is light, whether it is a lamp or the moon and stars. Wherever light is seen recognize him. God is consciousness, whether inside you, or inside your child, or inside your neighbor. God is life, whether your life or a bird or an animal or a plant.

Become acquainted with god in all his infinite gestures. He has given such a vast temple whose canopy is the sky! He has given such a vast temple where every night there is Divali, a festival of lights. He has lit so many lamps! Scientists have not yet been able to count them. You can count the stars with the naked eyes but it will not be more than three thousand. Counting and counting the scientists have gotten tired of counting. Four billion stars have already been counted. But this is only the beginning. There are more stars, many more. The more scientists count it seems there are more ahead, more ahead... There doesn't seem to be any end. Every night there is Divali and such blind people, no one sees Divali! Every morning his spring Holi festival happens, so much red powder is flying, so many flowers are blooming, so much fragrance is released, so much perfume is dispersed. But people are blind. Every morning his pipes are playing in so many throats. But people are deaf.

Jesus has said many times, if you have eyes see, if you have ears listen. Do you think Jesus was speaking in some ashram for the deaf and blind? Jesus was speaking to people like you, who had eyes, who had ears too. But the eyes do not see and the ears do not hear. The eyes have become very limited, they see the trivial. The ears too have become limited, they hear the trivial.

I teach you sensitivity. Let your every sense become profoundly sensitive. Let your every sense become sensitive in its totality. Let every sense burn like a torch burning from both ends at once. And then every experience is his experience.

Life is certainly lovely.


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