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Meditation Course, Links for Sacred Dance and Alternative Holidays in Majorca - Synthesis of Light Sol Symbol Welcome to Energy Enhancement! Meditation Course, Links for Sacred Dance and Alternative Holidays in Majorca - Synthesis of Light Sol Symbol

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Energy Enhancement Meditation Techniques and Meditation Course Free Trainees Program

Meditation Techniques and Meditation courses - The great Sufi Master of Meditation, Jallaluddhin Rumi said, "Take what is in my Hand...."

For those people who wish to start Energy Enhancement Training whilst working in return for an organisation dedicated towards evolution.

1. Free!! The Energy Enhancement Home Study Course for Research Work on the web

2. Free Energy Enhancement Training In Crete

Training will be given as per the 3 Year course

Trainees will need to practise, with teachers and by themselves,   Yoga, Energy Enhancement, and Dance(Optional) for at least 2 Hours every Day

Karma Yoga

Students will be allowed to help The Synthesis of Light in their work for four Hours a day.

Accommodation and Food

The Synthesis of Light will try to help the students in every way. However, each student should be responsible for their own food and accommodation whilst working with us.


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The Three Levels of the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course give the most benefits of any course of Meditational Self-Development available anywhere in the World today. If you want to Master Energy Meditations to get more Energy and to handle it better, this course is for You!

The Soul of Meditation

The Soul of the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course, Retreats and Seminars

Whether you are a Management Corporate Executive, any sort of Alternative Practitioner, meditator, yogi or anyone who wants to evolve, - become better, smarter, more evolved, more empathic, more successful; this course will enable direct experience of superior life performance. We provide meditation techniques and meditation energy leading to advanced experience.

Energy Enhancement Meditation Techniques are the quickest and easiest methods of healing available. They are the most advanced course of meditation using psychic powers to Get in touch with your Life path, Ground negative Energies, Access Universal Energies, Integrate the separated selves, and Master Relationships and Mediation. They enable Three Initiations towards your Ultimate Freedom -  Illumination, Nirvana, Emptiness, -  Enlightenment.

Energy Enhancement Meditation is the latest and most advanced meditation course based on years of research, bringing together hidden techniques over 5000 years old. They are to be used for the benefit of Humanity for the next Millennium.

This is the Beginning!!!

This is the Synthesis of Light!

The Synthesis of Light is a Non-Profit Organisation teaching the most advanced, evolutionary methods of meditation from the best evolutionary sources for the benefit of the World and Higher.   Bursaries are available for those who wish to study.  Although One Level can be taught in a week, 3 year long courses are available for further study in India and Majorca. Also the Energy Enhancement Home Study Course or The Energy Enhancement E-Book is the beautiful start of Ancient Practises which will benefit Your Life in so many different ways!

There are many courses:-

Energy Enhancement at the Taj Mahal and Tours in India

Energy Enhancement in Crete - an Island off the coast of Greece in the middle of the Mediterranean sea- our Home Base.

Energy Enhancement Meditation Techniques in Peru, Machu Pichu and Titicaca.

The Home Study Energy Enhancement Meditation Techniques Course by Download from our Web Site Available anywhere in the world.

Yoga Teacher Training.

Sacred Dance Performance

The Three Year Residential Course including all of the above.

The Energy Enhancement E-Book, Available by Download from our site.

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Energy Enhancement Meditation Courses SOL Symbol

 Meditation Courses The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Symbol from the Synthesis of Light- SatchidanandMaster Satchidanand

"The Energy Enhancement Course is one on the Leading edge of Evolution. With more Energy you can cope with stress, speed up your mind, be in your deep peace, and handle all your relationships to your family and friends."

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