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Level Two i.

Between all people who have met each other before.

Those who we love upon sight.


Those with whom we have a wonderful connection, perhaps because of previous karma. By being their mother or father or brother or sister, husband or wife in a previous lifetime.

By being killed by those same people in previous lifetimes and having killed them ourselves. By abusing those people in a previous lifetime or being abused.

If we did this.

And we usually did.

There is a black pall of negative energy standing between all those people who have met each other before.

All those we love.

This energy becomes activated physically after a short time. The result is bad words and even worse....

This black pall which stands between us can lead to revengeful actions between us when activated in this lifetime, by just being in each others presence.

The only way out of this negative karma.

The only way to prevent the tit for tat reactions to each other, lifetime after lifetime.

The only way not to "Kill the one we love" as Oscar Wilde wrote, is through The Mastery of Relationships as taught in Energy Enhancement Level Two.

Energy Enhancement Level Two teaches how to get rid of, to dissolve spiritually, all negative energy between people.

Energy Enhancement Level Two teaches forgiveness. How to truly forgive. The true Opening of the Heart is the use of the heart energy to dissipate, to destroy the pall, the black cloud of negativity which stands between us from lifetimes of negative actions. No blame, no pain.

This is True Forgiveness.

Through Energy Enhancement Level Two we learn to forgive our parents, our lovers, and our children.

In this way we can stop blaming our past and move on.

Levels One and Two bring with them a healing of the body and the emotions. We begin to feel strong. We begin to feel our own power. Our Ego starts to grow and we begin to think we can never be painful again.


However, although we have mastered, learned to transmute the pains of the past, we still have not yet mastered all future pain..

Our propensity to get ourselves into painful situations.

The pain of disappointment, death, bereavement and divorce.


Intellectually we can consider all of the above with equinamity.

However because 99.9% of all people have never trained their emotions, they have an emotional age of a young child who wants the mother. 

Who will seek attention and the parents energy through selfish ego strategies like: - The poor me, The Violator, The Star, The Seductor.

The result is pain.

The further stages of Energy Enhancement Level Three.

The Mastery of Relationships; teaches how to never get any pain..

Ever again..

The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course, Online or in Spain or India teaches Ancient Effective Techniques which can solve all the above problems. To Speed up your Mind. To Find Your Deep Peace. To give You access to Your Essential Genius!!

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All religions are gifts from the Central Spiritual Sun to all humanity. These gifts are lost as humanity at the level of the Football Fan, supporting their team, destroys all "Not invented here".

Energy Enhancement uses many of the specialised techniques from these gifts, not just one, for the first time in one integrated course in order to Enlighten you, for the benefit of the world. Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism all have their secrets for the initiated, given in symbol.

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