The Healing Process.

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The process of impression. Of affecting another. Of healing another. Is in three higher and higher phases.

1. First we accept and ground their negativity. That black cloud. That black pall of pain and misery. We transmute it into pure spiritual light and use it to feed our aura. We do not cling on to their darkness. We are not made ill by the others darkness. By learning to transmute our own negativity in Energy Enhancement Level One; So we learn to do the same for others.

2. Secondly we shed pure spiritual light upon everyone in our presence. Our light displaces their negativity. We must send this negativity up, heal it and evolve it. If prepared and open to the light, our light can fire their light. As Prometheus brought down fire from Heaven down to the Earth.

This fullness came from that fullness. (This fire, this light came from that fire, that light.) Although this fullness came from that fullness. Fullness itself remains.

-Mandukya Upanishad.

If we are still filled with negativity, then it comes out and discomfort is felt.

3. Thirdly, we can intensify the shedding of pure spiritual light by our intention. By our intention we can increase the quantity of light. By our intent, we can raise the vibration, the quality, of the light by breathing it, directing it, through higher and higher chakras. We can heal the Energetic Chakra Connections between us. We can heal the Blockages in others. As the vibratory intensity increases so the speed of the healing increases.

All these methods are taught through the Three Levels of Energy Enhancement.

Eventually we can, through our presence, no matter how far we are away.

"Can you feel my breeze. Blowing.

Even from 10,000 miles."

- Zen Master Hogen


We can send pure spiritual light.
We can connect you with your soul.

Total healing only comes through enlightenment. And this is possible for everyone.

Total healing does not come passively. The speed of our evolution can only be increased if we are inspired to take an active part in the healing process. A steady discipline of meditation and Energy Enhancement opens us up to the higher healing energies of the Soul.

"Sitting here Being Nothing.

The Spring comes and the grass grows by itself."

Haiku, by Zen Master Basho.

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