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The first question:

Question 1


BECAUSE I AM A CHAOS! And only out of a chaos a cosmos is born; there is no other way. You are like old, very old, ancient buildings; you cannot be renovated. For millions of lives you have been here. First you have to be demolished completely, and only then recreated.

Renovation is possible, but that won't help long. It will be just a surface decoration. Deep in your foundations you will remain the old, and the whole structure will always remain shaky. It can fall any day. New foundations are needed  --  everything new. You have to be completely reborn, otherwise it will be a modification. You can be painted from the outside, but there is no way to paint the inner. The inner will remain the same  --  the same old rotten thing.

A discontinuity is needed. You should not be allowed to continue. A gap... The old simply dies and the new comes out of it  --  out of the death. And there is a gap between the old and the new; otherwise the old can go on continuing. All modifications are really to save the old, and I am not a modifier. And the chaos will continue for you if you resist it. Then it takes a long time.

If you allow it to happen, it can happen in a single moment also. If you allow it to happen, the old disappears and a new being comes into being. That new will be divine because it will not come out of the past; it will not come out of time. It will be timeless  --  beyond time. It will not come out of you; you will not be a father and mother to it. It will come suddenly out of the blue.

That's why Buddha insists that it always come out of nothing. You are something; that is the misery. What you are in fact? Just the past. You go on accumulating the past; that's why you have become like ruins  -- very ancient ones. Just see the point and don't try to continue the old. Drop it

Hence, around me there is going to be always chaos because I am continuously demolishing. I am destructive because that is the only way to be creative. I am like death because only then you can be born through me. It is right: there is chaos. There will always continue because new peoples will be coming. You will never find a settled establishment around me. New peoples will be coming and I will be demolishing them.

It can stop for you individually; if you allow me to destroy you completely, for you chaos will disappear. You will become a cosmos, a hidden harmony; a deep order. For you chaos will disappear, but around me it will continue because new ones will be coming. This has to be so; this has been always so.

It is not for the first time that you have asked me this. The same was asked to Buddha; the same was asked to Lao Tzu; the same will be asked again and again, because whenever there is a Master, that means he uses death as a method for resurrection. You must die; only then you can be reborn.

Chaos is beautiful because it is the womb, and your so-called order is ugly because it protects only the dead. Death is beautiful; dead is not beautiful  -- remember the difference. Death is beautiful, I repeat, because death is a live force. Dead is not beautiful because dead is that place from where life has moved already. It is just a ruin. Don't be a dead one; don't carry the past. Drop it, and pass through death. You are afraid of death, but you are not afraid of dead.

Jesus called two fishermen to follow him, and the moment they were getting out of the town a man came running, and he said to the fishermen, "Where are you going? Your father has died. Come back." They asked Jesus, "Allow us few days so that we can go and do whatsoever is needed. Our father is dead and the last rituals have to be done." Jesus said, "Let the dead bury their dead. You don't bother. You follow me." What Jesus says? He says the whole town is dead  --  they will take care: "Let the dead bury their dead. You follow me."

If you live in the past you are a dead thing. You are not an alive force. And there is only one way to become alive, and that is to die to the past, die to the dead. And this is not going to happen once and forever. Once you know the secret, each moment you have to die to the past, so no dust gathers on you. Then death becomes a constant reorientation, a constant rebirth.

Always remember: die to the past Whatsoever has passed, has passed. It is no more; it is nowhere. It only clings in the memory. It is only in your mind. Mind is the depository of all that is dead. That's why mind is the only block for life to flow. The dead bodies accumulate around the flow; they become the block.

All that I am doing here is in helping you to learn how to die because that's the first aspect of how to be reborn. Death is beautiful because life comes out of it fresh like dewdrops. So chaos is being used, and you will feel around me, and that will always be so, because somewhere or other somebody I am demolishing. In thousands of ways  --  known to you, unknown to you  --  I am demolishing you. I am shaking you out of your death, shaking you out of your past, trying to make you more aware and more alive.

In the old ancient Hindu scriptures it is said that a Master is a death. They knew that a Master has to be death, because out of that death  --  revolution, mutation, transformation, transcendence. Death is an alchemy: it is the most subtle alchemy. Nature uses it. When somebody becomes very old and ancient, nature kills him.

You are afraid because you cling to the past. Otherwise you will be happy and you will welcome, and you will feel grateful to nature because always the old, the past, the dead, nature kills, and your life moves into a new body.

An old man becomes a new baby completely clean of the past. That's why nature helps you not to remember the past. Nature uses ways not to allow you to remember the past; otherwise you will be old the very moment you are born. Because the old man dies and is born as a new baby, so if he can remember the past he will be already old; the whole purpose will be lost.

Nature closes the past for you, so every birth seems to be a new birth. But you again start accumulating. When it is too much, nature will kill you again. One becomes capable to know his past lives only when one is dead to the past. Then nature opens the door. Then nature knows; now there is no need for nature to hide from you. You have attained to the constant newness, freshness of life. Now you know how to die: nature need not kill you.

Once you know that you are not the past, you are not the future but you are the very "presentness" of things, then whole nature opens its doors and mysteries. Your whole past  --  millions of lives lived in many, many ways  --  all reveal. Now it can be revealed because you will not be burdened by it. Now no past can burden you. And if you have come to know the alchemy of how to become continuously new, this will be your last life, because then there is no need to kill you and help you to be reborn. There is no need You are doing it yourself every moment.

That is the meaning why a Buddha disappears and never comes back, why an enlightened person is never born again; that is the secret: because he knows now death, and he uses it continuously. Every moment, whatsoever is past, is passed and dead, and he is freed of it. Every moment he dies to the past and is born anew. It becomes a flow, a river-like flow of gaining fresh life every moment. Then there is no need for nature to gather seventy years nonsense, rubbish, rot, and then kill this ruin of a man, and help him to be born again, and to put him in the same circle, because he will gather again.

This is a vicious circle. Hindus have called it the sansar. Sansar means the wheel: the wheel goes on moving again and again on the same route. An enlightened person is one who has dropped out  --  out of the wheel. He says, "No more of it Nature need not kill me because now I kill myself every moment."

And if you are fresh, nature need not use death for you, but then there is no need for birth also, because you are using birth continuously. Every moment you die to the past and are born to the present. That's why you feel a subtle freshness around a Buddha, as if he has taken a bath just now. You come near him and you feel a fragrance  --  a fragrance of freshness. You can never meet the same Buddha again. Every moment he is new.

Hindus are very wise because thousands of years of encountering Buddhas, jinas  --  conquerors of life, enlightened, awakened people, they have realized many truths. One of the truths you will see all around. No Buddha is depicted as old, no Mahavira is depicted as old. No statue, no picture exists; Krishna, Ram, Buddha, Mahavira, nobody, is depicted as old.

Not that they never became old: they became old. Buddha became old when he was eighty years. He was as old as anybody will become when he is eighty, but he is not depicted as old. The reason is inner: because whenever you will come near him, you will find him young and fresh. So the oldness was just on the body, not on him. And I have to demolish you because your body may be young, but your inner being is very very old and ancient, a ruin, just like the Greek ruins of Persepolis and others.

Inside you, you have a ruin of being, it has to be demolished, and I have to be a furnace, a fire, a death to you. That's the only way I can help and bring a cosmos within you, an order. And I am not working to enforce any order upon you because that won't help. Any order enforced from without will be just a propping thing for the old ancient ruin: it will not help.

I believe in an inner order. That happens with your own awareness and rebirth. That comes from within and spreads outwards. Just like a flower, it opens, and the petals move outwards from the center to the periphery. Only that order is real and beautiful which opens within you and spreads all around you. If order is enforced from without, a discipline given to you  -- "Do this and don't do that"  --  and you are forced to be a prisoner, that won't help because it won't change you.

Nothing can change from the outside. There is only one revolution, and that is that which comes from the within. But before that revolution happens you must be destroyed utterly. Only on your grave the new will be born. That's why there is chaos around me: because I am a chaos And I am using chaos as a method.


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