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The Rays and the Initiations - Part One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation
The two Rules which remain for us to study concern the work of the Hierarchy in the Aquarian Age. Hence they are specifically for the more advanced disciples and for initiates. We have seen in many ways that - at this time - the Hierarchy, because it is the Ashram of Sanat Kumara Himself, is coming peculiarly and in a new sense under the influence of His will nature. This means that the Members of the Hierarchy, familiar as They may be with the Plan for the immediate cycle with which They and humanity are confronted, are being brought to a new and more "appropriate" conception of the divine Purpose which lies behind the Plan and which motivates it. The will of God is becoming plainer to Them. It is taking on more definite lines. As our planetary Logos nears the climaxing point of the initiation which He is now undergoing, His Ashram, the Hierarchy, must and does (as part of a normal development) feel the effect. From the Christ down to the newest and latest accepted disciple, each in his own place, all are becoming increasingly responsive to the "will of God." This [239] does not take place in a blind, acquiescing manner, but with understanding and "fortitude." This receptive attitude on the part of the Hierarchy will bring about great, necessary and unexpected changes. Some of these, I have earlier hinted, may now be taking place; some will follow later. The following ideas may serve to clarify the whole concept in your minds:

1. The entire technique of training disciples for initiation and of absorbing them into the various Ashrams which constitute the great Ashram of the Lord of the World has been altered. The Masters are no longer concerned with an individual, here or there, who endeavors to go forward on the Path, who evidences capacity and who is apparently ready for what has been called "the evocation of the initiate consciousness." It is becoming obvious to the Hierarchy that with the arrival of the Aquarian Age, group preparation, group initiation and group acceptance must and will supersede the older methods. These older methods, built around the direct relationship between a Master and a disciple, reached their highest point of usefulness early in the Piscean Age. For nearly two thousand years these methods have proved so successful that the intensity of humanity's response is such that hundreds are now ready "for absorption." This readiness and success present a difficulty and pose a problem for the Masters, necessitating a reorganization of Their plans and a readjustment of Their techniques.

2. Not only has the individual approach to the Hierarchy been superseded by a group approach, but it is now found to be possible to make a certain measure of the training objective and exoteric. Hence the establishment of the New Group of World Servers. This is primarily a group which, while working on the outer plane of daily, physical living, yet preserves a close ashramic integration; it thus provides a field of service for accepted disciples who are seeking service-expression, and it also provides a rallying point for all determined aspirants where they can be tried out and where their motives and persistence can be tested, prior to direct acceptance. This is something new, for it [240] shifts the responsibility of preparing aspirants for accepted discipleship onto the shoulders of the pledged disciple and away from the immediate attention of the accepting Master. He is thus freed for other fields of service. This, in itself, is one of the major indications of the success of the evolutionary process as applied to humanity. This "shift" was initiated by the Christ Himself; he worked with men very frequently through others, reaching humanity through the medium of His twelve Apostles, regarding Paul as substituting for Judas Iscariot. The Buddha tried the same system, but the relation of His group was, in the first instance, to Him and not so much to the world of men. Christ sent His Apostles out into the world to feed the sheep, to seek, to guide and to become "fishers of men." The relation of the disciples of the Christ was only secondarily to their Master, and primarily to a demanding world; that attitude still controls the Hierarchy, yet with no less of devotion to the Christ. What the Buddha had instituted symbolically and in embryo became factual and existent under the demands of the Piscean Age.

3. The third great change has been in the relation of the Hierarchy to Shamballa, and of this you can necessarily know and understand little. I could perhaps express the underlying significance to you in symbolic language. The energy, emanating from Shamballa, has been divided into two direct and distinctive streams. One stream, embodying the dynamic of purpose, is now pouring into the Hierarchy and into its seven major Ashrams; another stream, embodying the dynamic of determination or of enlightened enthusiastic will, is reaching humanity direct, via the New Group of World Servers. Hitherto a blended stream of Shamballa force has poured into the Hierarchy and has streamed, in its undifferentiated type and quality, into all the groups within the Hierarchy. Now the quality of determination, or of what the average person understands by the use of the word "Will," is pouring into the New Group of World Servers, whilst the energy of dynamic purpose, differentiated into seven diverging streams, is pouring into [241] each of the "seven points of reception," the Masters' Ashrams within the ring-pass-not of the Hierarchy. These seven types of purpose embody the seven energies which will reorganize and redefine the hierarchical undertakings, and thus inaugurate the New Age.

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