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The Rays and the Initiations - Part One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation
These seven purposes might be called:

a. The unknown, unseen and unheard purpose of Sanat Kumara. It is the secret of life itself and is known only to Him alone. In its initial phase of this new expression, it works through the Manu and the Master Morya; it is that which veils the central mystery which all esoteric schools - if true to their inaugurating impulse - will eventually reveal. What that is we do not yet know, but it is hinted at in Rule XIII.

b. The purpose underlying revelation. This may be a somewhat new idea to you for you are apt to regard revelation as a goal in itself. You seldom consider it as an effect of the inner purpose of Sanat Kumara. The emphasis hitherto has been on the aspect of revelation, making it an effect of what the disciple has done with himself and by means of which he is enabled to be the recipient of revelation. Yet behind all the successive revelations of divinity down the ages is to be found one significant purpose; all of them are and will prove themselves to be aspects of the Great Revelation. It is through the processes of revelation that divinity is slowly dawning upon the human consciousness. It is a sevenfold revelation; each of the seven kingdoms in nature reveals one aspect of it, and each of these seven reaches revelation in seven or fourteen lesser revelations or phases.

Ponder on this and learn to distinguish between vision (which is as much of the divine current revelation as a disciple can grasp in time and space) and revelation which is the synthesis of the divine expressive purpose. This is related to the will-to-good which is, in its turn, a complete expression of the love nature of Deity.

c. The (as yet) unrecognized purpose which evoked the creative activity of our Planetary Logos. This brought the [242] third aspect of the divine Trinity into play. The usual reasons brought forward by the finite mind of man to account for what is called by us "manifestation," and to explain the dualism of all existence and the relation of spirit-matter, are by no means the real explanation of the divine purpose; they are based on man's own essential dualism; they are the highest explanation of his own divine nature which he can achieve at this time. This is a point to be remembered. They are his response to the second Ray of Mutual Attraction, which the Ray of Love-Wisdom is sometimes called. They are not an expression of his response to the Will of God, and only indicate the limitations of his definition of divine purpose. As you will note, they really define nothing. Nor can I help you to recognize this third aspect and the eternal purpose of the Lord of the World. Just as a soul seeks incarnation in order to carry forward some fixed design and to take one of the higher initiations, so Sanat Kumara came into incarnation through the medium of this planet in order to carry forward His fixed designs (known to Him as a cosmic Soul on cosmic mental levels), and to take one of the higher initiations which mark the Path of Initiation for these great informing Lives of planetary spheres. He could take this particular initiation through the experience to be gained in a vehicle constituted, expressive and at the special state of consciousness of our entire planetary manifestation. It required an instrument in which the cells and atoms of His body (all lives in all kingdoms), and the integrated organisms within that body (the various kingdoms of nature), were at the peculiar point in evolution at which they are all now to be found.

That is as far as I may go in giving you a hint, and you can see from this that in order to grasp more and comprehend more of His divine purpose you also will have to be in preparation for that particular initiation which for you - on your tiny level of awareness of fixed design - is the microcosmic parallel of His cosmic intention. Which that initiation is I may not state. The only service which these hints can render (as to the sevenfold divine purpose and [243] the consideration of them) is to develop in you, the disciple, the power to think abstractly - a much needed capacity before you can begin to tread the Way of the Higher Evolution; for this the five initiations open to humanity (as today constituted) prepare the human spirit.

d. The mysterious purpose which has necessitated the calling into activity the Principle of Pain. Suffering and Pain are essential requirements in order to carry this purpose to completion. The capacity to suffer, which is distinctive of humanity, is the outstanding conscious reaction to environment of the fourth kingdom in nature, the human. It is related to the power to think and consciously to relate cause and effect. It is a process on the way to something undreamt of today. And when I say this, my brother, I mean just exactly that. This same ability to respond through pain is not to be found (in the sense in which the human being comprehends it) in any of the subhuman kingdoms, nor in the superhuman kingdoms, any more than it was found in the previous solar system or will be found in the next. It is related to an aspect of the creative intelligence, an aspect and characteristic peculiar to humanity.

This aspect was not found in the previous solar system, in which the other aspects of the creative intelligence functioned. In this solar system, it has been developed and brought from latency to potency in connection with the substance of the human bodies through which the human soul is gaining experience. It holds the secret of beauty in manifestation, and its first expression can be seen in the creative perfection of certain phases of art for which man, and man alone, is responsible. No other kingdom in nature creates forms, produces color and sounds in harmonious relation, except the human; all of this type of creative art is the result of aeons of conflict, pain and suffering. The Jews, as a product of the humanity of the previous solar system, and as constituting the incarnating residue from that solar system, have run the gamut of suffering and are in the forefront of the creative arts at this time, particularly [244] in group production such as certain of the great motion pictures and  in the field of scientific discovery.

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