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Third Chakra Subjects


Anger is there to show when you are hitting the blockage between the Solar Plexus (third) chakra and the heart (fourth) chakra. It is only harmful when used with non-awareness. One can choose to be angry, then any harm comes from your intention.

It is said that one day, the Buddha brushed a fly from his face and then apologised to his guest because he had performed the action with unawareness. He insisted on then performing the action again, slowly.

For Example...

One day, the Samurai warrior, a Captain of the Kings guard, a leader of men, visited a famous Zen master. Now, the Samurai code is very hard. They renounce any fear of death so that they can best serve their master. They call that code the code of Bushido. They can be very fierce. They learn the art of weaponry, of swords for many years. And their art of the sword is so subtle and so strong, from hundreds of years of study of strategy, that it is said that they can cut a man in half with one blow.

So one thing. It is not wise to mess with a Samurai.

The Master asked what the Samurai wanted of him. The Samurai said that he was not frightened of death but he was curious.

"Show me the jaws of Heaven and Hell," he asked with his strong deep voice. "I have heard you are very powerful."

The Master replied that although it was in his power to do this, he could not do it for a mere Samurai because their senses were not subtle enough and their ancestry ....

As I said previously, one must be very careful with a Samurai. At the mention of these things, the fierce Samurai cried "Enough!" and with one swift motion drew and raised his sword. He was just about to strike in this position, with his sword raised above his head when the Master with all his power cried "STOP!...."

The Master said,

"Now, see the Jaws of Hell! Just because of a few words you have lost your awareness. Because of this you would strike me as if swatting a fly."

"Also, because you have stopped," and such was the power of the Masters voice, that he had stopped, with the sword raised above him. Stopped in mid swipe, "Now see the Gates of Heaven!"

The above example, is the way of anger for male, yang, energy. This energy can be used appropriately to break through resistance in a good cause. But even this is limited when considered that the solar plexus chakra should power the Heart Chakra.

Around a person with a properly functioning heart chakra, the power of compassion or universal, not personal, love is correctly expressed with awareness as in the example of Saint Francis of Assisi.

The way of female energy - Yin - is to hold it, unaware, inside. I am not talking about the gender of men and women because some women get externally angry, and some men hold it inside. I am talking about the pain and disease which can occur when this poison is held unaware, inside, and it is not allowed to be expressed when appropriate. Any anger unused remains in the Pancreas and the Gall Bladder. This poison; this bile; causes all disease in this area.

In prison many men fight, but in female prisons many women damage themselves. They cut many parts of their body with razors. They are called "Cutters."

This is Hell. This is the external action of repressed anger. All disease is Hell. We do not know how to handle our mind, our seven chakra system. We get no training in our schools.



Another form of anger is when our appointments for our desires are not met or we get an appointment with something that we are averse to! Then we may express our disappoinment as anger. This is because we are hoping to get our happiness from objects, people, events, and things. We place great emphasis on the outcomes of these expectations because we have not realised that we are happiness personlified. We get attached to our desires and aversions.

By opening the heart chakra and getting it working properly, we begin to place less and less emphasis on the satiation of selfish (egocentric) desires as our means to "attain" happiness. We begin to think, feel, and act in a more mature and humanistic manner. As we train our lower chakras and dissolve the ignorance, selfishness and childishness of the lower self, we begin to realise that;

"The happiest person is the one who brings happiness to others."

Opening the heart chakra and training the lower chakras is the subject of ENERGY ENHANCEMENT




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