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meanings of ancient symbols


The Greek Myths include many lessons sent in symbol by the wise sages of the past. The Staff of Aescepulus shows a central column of energy intertwined with two streams of energy (the Nadis).

The Staff of Aescepulus showing the two Nadis.

The Nadis

The two nadis, Ida and Pingala, intertwine around the central column, the sushumna and the seven major Chakras. When this occurs correctly then true healing happens and we become enlightened.

The Seven Chakras, the Central Channel, and the two Nadis.

Medical doctors of the present day have adopted this symbol without understanding its meaning which is that healing only happens when all the chakras are activated and working properly.

Real healing is the Integration of the Chakras

Bioenergy of many higher and higher frequencies is needed to perform healing. However, what is that healing whose eventual end can only be a so-called "natural" death? Real healing is the integration of the chakras with the Universal Energy Source or Enlightenment - Self Realisation - Understanding the Unity of Life.

In the spine, there are three streams of energy. A central column of energy and two others, one to the left and one to the right. Along the spine are seven major energy centres connected by the central column. The stream to the right of the central column is the male side controlling the sympathetic nervous system, the fight or flight reaction, the energy of action. The stream to the left is the female side controlling the Parasympathetic nervous system which, through the vagus nerve controls speed of the pulse beat from the heart. When the vagus nerve is activated the heart slows down and the body is relaxed.

Manic depression is common and occurs when the right and left energies are uncontrolled. When a person is stuck on the right, the male manic side, then the body becomes wiry and thin and heart attacks become prevalent. When stuck on the left, the female depressive side the person becomes lethargic and fat and easily depressed. The physical base of these energies is the perineum in the male and the vulva in the female. Their other control point is the left and right nostrils. Blocked nostrils and mucus show a blockage of these energies.

Activation of these energies means the normal energies flowing in the spine are increased due to correct connection, removal of blockages in the Energy Centres (chakras) and Channels, and strengthening of the spinal energy channels. Problems in the awakening can be due to any one of these three. This can be called the awakening of the Kundalini.

Kundalini activation of the Left channel activates the side of the brain awakens prophesy, intuition and prediction. Kundalini awakening of the Right channel awakens the side of the brain controlling healing and the giving of energy, control over nature, matter and the mind. However, Kundalini awakening of either the right or left channels alone is an unbalanced awakening and can lead to madness.

The balanced Kundalini awakening of the central channel, called in the Sanskrit Sushumna, means liberation from the dream of life and death. Liberation in this life. When the right and left energies are balanced, the central column can become activated and the person can then choose whether they want to be active or relaxed.

Then the male and female become balanced.