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 Egoism and Attention Seeking Behaviour

Why All These Strategies And Battles For Energy And Attention?

 The answer maybe;

  • Wrong understanding.
  • Wrong education.

One of the largest factors is definitely that the strategist feels unloved for who they actually are, and thus needs to rely upon outside agents - via attention - for their energy of Love. If the strategist can be shown that the universe loves them for who they are warts and all, then the need for inflated egoism and use of strategies will disappear in time. They will be back to normal, happy, healthy, loved and loving.

The chronic egoist and attention seeker basically feel unloved and unlovable. It is this root problem that they attempt to cover up, and it is also this root problem that any healer wishes to address, understand, and heal, so that the individual may learn to love and be loved.

Generally, most of us are born into situations where these strategies are already in full swing and this manner of behaving is called "normal" life. "It's just the way it is", so we are told.

We are born into the darkest of ignorance, then we are educated still further into ignorance. By the time we are in our early twenties, we are fully conditioned into certain ways of behaving and we appear to be supported by our society and associates - because everybody is playing "the games people play". We may be confused, bewildered, corrupted, miserable, or "on top of the world", a great "success", "the life and soul of the party".

Depending upon the strategies we use to gain our energy, our life will follow certain behavioural patterns.

For example, the victim strategist goes from bad to worse. Their lives become hellish and lonely. And the tyrant may begin as the school bully and end up the "boss from hell". Hell, hell, hell - there seems but one destination for the unillumined strategists. Hell for themselves and for other people.


  • because of conditioning and impressions built up as children and young adults
  • because of wrong-understanding
  • because of a lack of a useful and life enriching education
  • because we were not shown ways to feel whole and remain whole
  • because our "gestalt" (wholeness) tends to be actively disintegrated by the unenlightened environments that we are born into
  • because of the lack of meditation and soul honouring world vision
  • because we feel unloved and unloveable, and unable to give love, through lack of right education in this most important human quality
  • because of all this, we become split, prone to disease, insane, and therefore, to make ourselves feel better, we grasp at the attention of all around - and we are actively encouraged to do so by the influences surrounding us.


What are the answers to this awful situation?


  • right understanding
  • right education
  • meditation
  • healing

And a soul-honouring world vision.


How to we attain this? Well to start off with you could read 'The Energy Enhancement Book.' This is a step in the right direction. Then check out the links page on the Seeds of Light main contents page.


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